AZ GOP Flip Flop On Disaster Aid – Political Maniacs

you are looking at three Republicans who
oppose any relief in are now demanding disaster on long as
a result of him senator jeff Flake a prominent political
maniac Senator John McCain and Representative
Paul Gosar who all voted against emergency relief
funding after super sort staying superstorm sandy ravaged much of New
jersey-new York earlier this year now following arizona
fire a wildfire the same trio is vocally
complaining that FEMA is not doing enough 8 to their stay Richard what do you
think about these flip floppers wait a minute with John McCain last
year’s me echo the year yet Wow John you’re the 1i here a big year last year got the the at
this year not so much publicity you know I think john turned the corner mean you
are the few republican senator that came out so we look at the Stand Your Ground
law to know he is a maverick give him credit
for is very maverick E I would say the man everybody is a
maverick key tendencies the tens to be a maverick yeah so does that time no i i think with this
is us hypocrisy at its finest right you’re not
for Sandy relief pitcher for really put it in your state if the bow this is like all those things they say
all politics are local the mean that so a member of congress arizona’s a less
likely to vote for Sandy relief bill because it doesn’t affect Arizona when it comes with you know when the
going gets tough in your neighborhood you want your money and so they flip
flop and it’s very sad they flip flop but it’s the truth yeah
I’m with you on that one Richard re: what are these republicans expect
you gotta need to you need to think outside the box is
this one like they all understand that will when
people are asking for say for eight you know it’s because they
have constituents that they need to take care of and then none of these republican your
members of Congress are able to say well maybe I would once in a if I was
put in that position in my district well that’s it that’s all part of the
problem right like Vaizey if they do you think you know do
as I say not what I do type of thing it’s like well the problem is so simple
we just don’t give them any money and will save money and you will cut the
deficit or whatever but then when it comes to having an
actual disaster and their constituents are freaking out and you know maybe they won’t get
reelected there have been some second thoughts I that’s why I think that’s exactly it
they have second thoughts because now affecting their constituents and before
was it and now they are not up frankly its
effect could be affecting their money when he meows how so if their
constituents are pissed off because they feel that they did not know them
doing of they’ve allowed they don’t like them John McCain doesn’t get I don’t think
John McCain really care like John McCain is not the story about money John McCain is bridge like to thank you
for it I don’t know how Chris flake is I don’t know about flip I can
talk about flex personal that I kept I ran out but John McCain jeff Flake in some other guy for this artist they’re not as
important as the other two or your first three maniacs welcome

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