‘Average Andy’ with the Cast of Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA

[THEME MUSIC] (SINGING) He’s an executive
producer on the Ellen show. He works hard every day. He’s super duper
awesome at what he does, but he’s average
in every other way. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, we’re from the cast of
Luzia by Cirque Du Soleil. And I’m Andy. And I’m going to
circus with you people. [LAUGHING] All right. Alexei’s is our
contortionist in the show. And he’s the most
flexible man in the world. In the world? The simplest thing is the split. And then you can go this way. OK, yeah. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] The fold is how we call it. Someone should– I’m
sure the first time, someone helped you fold. What I’m saying is, maybe
you can help me fold. You’re a little bit
self-centered, Alexei. OK, go. OK. Is it enough? Is that as far as you were? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] OK. Oh that’s your– I thought
that was your back! Sorry. I thought that was your ass. I’m sorry. I thought I was slapping his– It’s an honest mistake, Alexei. I lost track exactly
what was front and back. I think we move on, because
we’re sort of dating now. This is going into the big top. So this is where the
show actually happens. What we have here is
some of our hoop divers. How do you feel about
rolls, in general? Not great. A forward roll? Like a somersault? Yeah. Oh, god. I’m literally dizzy. Come again. [INAUDIBLE] That’s so, so good, so good. Thank you. You’re going to jump like
that before [INAUDIBLE].. One, two, three. Oh! Oh, hi. You should know I’m
already seeing Alexei. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Is there any perfor– is there
any activity at the circus where I don’t have to be
intimate with another man? Or they’re all
sort of that theme? There are several. OK. Pull up, over, push. That, I can do. Awesome. OK, we got it. One. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I almost had it. We’ll do a little variation. You want to look up and back. Up and back? What do you– Just to see where your pole is. Oh, I see where it is. One, two, three. I just want you to hold me. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] That’s good. It’s almost a split. You’re really good at it. Bring me up! Yep, going up. And then you can play. OK, what do you want, what? Just play around. OK, let’s lower it. All right, now we’re in
the wardrobe department. Hi, Andy. Hi. I’m Ellen’s idiot. So, let’s get you in
costume, ready for a show. What am I? You’ll see. Your arms are going
to go through there. Come on out the front. Lift up? Yep. You can stand up. We’ve gone to a whole
different place, here. It’s great. This is– what’s this? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] This is not really
supposed to be here. This is a joke. OK, then go like this
for me, arms out. Can we move this? [LAUGHING] OK. You’re ready to go. You can, kind of,
do a cactus waddle. Yeah. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [AUDIENCE CHEERING] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] What are you guys talking about? OK. I’m acting. I’m acting. No, I know, I’m acting. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] OK, I don’t want to keep
hitting you with my thing. [MUSIC PLAYING] And we keep walking. Then we face them. And after, we’re going
to look at the two girls. Look at the two girls. [APPLAUSE] Thanks, Ellen. Thanks to the people from
Luzia here at Cirque du Soleil. I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ll see you back at
the studio, Ellen. Hi, Ellen! [THEME MUSIC] (SINGING) He’s average
in every other way.

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