Asolo Men’s Revert GV Hiking Boot

Offering traction you can count on, a comfortable
fit and a Gore-Tex waterproof, breath-able lining, the Asolo men’s Revert GV is a great
option for long days on the trail. Let’s take a look at its features. The upper of this boot is constructed with
a suede and Cordura hybrid construction. It is going to give it nice durability and comfort
without too much stiffness. So you will get good flex as well as those durable Cordura
and suede materials. It does have a water-proof lining on the inside. It is a Gore-Tex, waterproof,
breathable lining. So you can get confident weather protection in all seasons. It comes
up to about where the gusseted tongue finishes, so just under the last two eyelets there. There is also a rubber toe cap on the front.
So if you find yourself, you know, kicking rocks or dragging your toes a little bit,
this is going to give you some extra protection in the toe portion of the boot. And another nice feature is that it comes
up a little bit higher. So it is going to cover more of the ankle, giving you some extra
support and the materials are still pliable enough that you can get a comfortable fit
without too much stiffness. Another neat, fun fact about Asolo is that
100 percent of their production is done in European Asolo owned factories and 99 percent
of the materials are also sourced in Europe, so fun fact there. Moving down the midsole we have got a molded
EVA midsole that is going to give you nice cushion and comfort throughout your days on
the trail. This shoe is lasted on an Asolo flex lasting board, which is matched to the
actual last of the shoe itself. It gives a custom stiffness and flex pattern for the
gender and size of the footwear. So it is a nice feature there. It is going to provide
some stiffness, while still being light weight. It gives a little bit of insulation and a
lot of durability. So some nice features in that Asolo flex lasting board. Finally, moving down to the outsole we have
got a nice Vibram outsole. It has got some good durable lugs here, give you some confident
traction and comfort with some extra durability there. A neat feature about this particular out sole
is that it has got Asolo’s Aso-brake system. So there is some really aggressive and big
lugs right at the start of heel of the footwear. And that is really going to provide ample
braking control and stopping power when you are going to down steep descents or kind of
rough descents. So, you know, a nice feature there in the outsole. Another fun fact about Asolo shoes is every
shoe is easily resoled. So if you really like these guys, if they break in, if they fit
you well and you wear the soles down, you can get those replaced pretty easily. So there you have it. Coming from a family
owned Italian company, the Asolo men’s Revert GV offers confident, comfortable traction
for long days on the trail.



  • Simple question. Revert or Drifter? I assume the Revert is more flexible than the Drifter. 30-pounds of camera gear on a 180 pound guy. Thanks for the reply.

  • Hi. Is there a big difference between man revert and women revert?

  • I wear these shoes when climbing Mount Carstensz, good shoes

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