Asolo Men’s Reston WP Hiking Boot

Built on a natural shape that mirrors the
anatomy of the foot, the Asolo men’s Reston waterproof is a lightweight flexible option
for hiking or lightweight backpacking. Let’s take a look at its features. The Reston has a hybrid construction of leather,
suede leather and a synthetic material. So that is going to give it some durability and
rigidity without giving it too much stiffness. So it will be a nice, lightweight, flexible
option. It has got some overlay here to provide some extra durability as well. Around the toe we have got a wrapped toe rand,
so if you are getting into some sharper objects or pointing rocks, it is going to give you
some extra protection around the toe portion of the shoe. It is a lot more flexible, as
I said. So it is going to give you less break in time than a traditional hiking boot. So
that is a nice feature when you just want to go for a hike right out of the box. These
guys are good to go, nice and supple, but still supportive. It does have Asolo waterproof lining inside.
So it is going to be a waterproof, breathable piece of footwear. It comes up to about the
ankle portion of the shoe where the gusseted tongue kind of finishes off. So you do get
nice trustworthy waterproof protection throughout the shoe. Now Asolo does make 100 percent of their footwear
in their European owned factories. So it is Asolo European factories and 99 percent of
the materials they use are also source din Europe. So there are some neat facts about
Asolo there. Moving down to the midsole, the Reston has
a molded EVA midsole. It is going to help give you some cushioning as well as some support
throughout your hike. Asolo is using an Aso-flex lasting board, which is matched to the shoe’s
last. It gives a stiffness and flex pattern that is customized for the size and gender
of the footwear. So that is a pretty nice feature there. It is going to make these lightweight
and give you protection as well as keeping them flexible throughout your hike. Moving down to the outsole we have got a nice
Vibram low profile outsole. It is going to give you some nice grip and durability on
the trail as well as, you know, keeping that low profile. It is going to promote a natural
stride. So it has got a nice shaping to it, some durable lugs and some directional grip
there. Also a neat feature about Asolo boots is they are all easily resoled. So in the
event that these soles wear down, you can get them re-soled if you want to hang on to
them a little bit longer. So there you have it. Coming from a family
owned Italian company, the Asolo men’s Reston waterproof is a lightweight and durable option
for hiking or lighter weight backpacking.

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