Asolo Men’s Jumla Trekking Boots

Designed as an approach shoe or as an option
for via ferrata routes, the Asolo men’s Jumla has the functionality that lets it perform
well on rock or alpine terrain or on the trail. Let’s take a closer look at its features. Starting with the upper the Asolo Jumla is
stocked with a suede leather upper all the way around, so a really nice durable material.
It is not a waterproof material, but it is highly water resistant. So if you are expecting
to get rained on or to be in wet terrain, I wouldn’t necessarily think that this might
be the greatest option, but, again, it is meant for rock or alpine terrain, highly water
resistant so it is durable there. Around the toe you can see we have got a fully
wrapped toe rand. Now since this is an approach style shoe it is designed to give you extra
protection and durability in that climbing zone, just in case you were to rub up against
rocks or any sharper objects. Looking at the lacing system that is a pretty
nice feature here. We have got a to-the-toe lacing system. So for climbing and for anything
of that nature it is going to let you really dial in the fit all the way down until the
ends of your toes. That this going to provide a lot more stability and precision when you
are on those smaller edges or smaller holds that you may be getting on with a shoe of
this type. The lining of the shoe is made with a velveteen
synthetic lining. So it is really good at moisture wicking. It is going to pull the
sweat away from your foot allowing you to feel a little bit more dry and comfortable
throughout your trek or your climb. Going down to the midsole we have got a micro
porous dual density mid sole, which is going to be soft, but supportive. And there is also
this PU anti-shock insert. So that is re-ally good for impact absorption and shock resistance.
Combining these two factors with the vibram outsole you are going to get a very soft,
flexible, but supportive overall fit. So I do want to mention that the mid sole,
this shoe is board lasted. So it is going to provide that light weight stiffness that
you would want in an approach style shoe. Now going down to that vibram outsole we have
got one of vibram’s approach outsoles. So you don’t have really beefy, really big
lugs. It is a lot of smaller lugs. They are going to provide much better grip, much better
flexible grip over smoother or rocky surfaces. So they form around different features there
and they are going to provide a really comfortable, confident traction. In the toes you have got a really nice flat
climbing zone. So these are going to be really great for those smaller edges or potentially
those smaller holds that you may be getting on to if you are approaching an alpine climb
or if you are in that rocky alpine terrain. So overall it is a really nice sole that is
very grippy, flexible, but also supportive and it is stiff where it needs to be. I could see this shoe being a great option
for somebody who wants a nice approach shoe for fourth class or maybe even some easy fifth
class climbs. You know, great of getting up to the rock, maybe potentially doing some
easier climbs. You know, they are nice, sturdy, grippy and supportive, but they are not so
heavy that they will weigh you down. There you have it. It is the Asolo men’s
Jumla. It is a great approach style shoe, great for alpine approaches, light weight
easy climbs or even just all around use.

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  • Do they still offer the brown version seen in this video?

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