AskAW 12 – Why I Dislike Anson Belts, Shoes For Shorter Men, Long Necks

(triumphant orchestra music) Hi, welcome back to my AskAW show, where I answer all of your
questions about style, dating, grooming, etiquette, et cetera! Whatever questions you
have, I will answer! Be sure to leave your questions though, down in the comment section below or visit the link in
the video description. Because it’s been a minute since we’ve been doing the AskAW episodes, we’ve just had such a buildup
with questions from you guys, so we’re doing another
episode with Dorian! – Hello. – Who are you? What’s your relation to this? – I’m Dorian, but I’m also this one’s
fiance and part time model. You might see me in some of the episodes. For longer details, go
check out the other video that we did a little bit ago. Coincidentally, it looks
like we’re in the same outfit but it was totally shot on different days. – Alright! So first question is
from Mike and he asked: “I am 5’5″ and wear a size six in shoes. I tried sizing up to a seven but a size seven looks
too big for my body type and all the dress shoes I found in my size are square-toed and very wide. What type of dress shoes do you
recommend for shorter guys?” I think I’ve already actually
answered this question in a previous AskAW episode, but man, does that drive me crazy! We get so many emails from men that are on the shorter side that say, oh is there a specific type of clothing or shoes that I should wear to make me look taller? No, there is not. There’s no type of clothing or shoes that you should be wearing differently from say, a tall guy. Yes, of course just the
way the clothes should fit in terms of how they get tailored
are a little bit different but that’s it! There’s no different styles that only short guys should be wearing. Or a style of shoe that only
short guys should be wearing. Stick with some Oxfords! Oxfords in your size. Nice round toe, Oxford classic items. You can still wear Oxfords, monk-straps, Brogues, wingtips, boots. You can wear all of these items. Now, your size is definitely very tough. A size six, including
someone that was a size 14, these are very… – They’re the extremes. – They’re the extremes, yes. And they’re more specialty items and you will pay more for these items because it’s just the
size is not available for a lot of brands. So, for more budget-friendly shoes that are available in your size six, I would recommend Johnston & Murphy. And then for a higher end,
that I’m always a big fan of and I’ve recommended on the show, Allen Edmonds does make size six shoes. We’re doing good so far! – Alright. – Rust asked. Russ, Russ. Not rust. “I recently devoured your article on matching fall and winter colors. I have super pale skin and I’m wondering if the same rules apply to spring and summer colors
like pastel pinks and blues. Should they still have a neutral color between them and my skin, like what you said in the
fall and winter intro series?” Oh, first off, I just want to say any shade
of blue is completely fine whether you are a pale or super dark guy so that has nothing to do with it. It’s the burgundies, pinks, reds, oranges, anything that has pink or red tones in it. Those are the colors that you have to be a bit more careful with. The reason why it works for
the fall and winter colors is because they’re darker,
deeper, richer colors and so they still have a
nice contrast with your skin. With spring and summer colors, they tend to be a little
bit on the lighter side, so even if you do team
it with a neutral color between the layers, so say you’re wearing a light pink sweater with a white collared shirt, but you’re still a pale guy, there’s not enough contrast
between those colors. So between your skin, the neutral shirt, and the pale pink sweater. It’s just all light colors and it just really washes you out. And I know Dorian has to be really careful because he gets pretty pale in the winter. – I have this. – Slash, all year! – Winter? Pale in the winter, I wish! – All year actually. – This is me year ’round. – Yeah, so you really want to just avoid any kind of light pinks,
red tones, oranges, in the spring and summer. That’s just not going to
be a good color for you. But on the flip side you get to go wear darker
versions of that color and it’ll look really great. I’ve got another question
by Pierre, and he’s asked, “There’s been a lot of talk
about Anson Belt & Buckle in the YouTube style community lately, and everybody seems to be in
love with their belt system. But while I must admit
that the idea of adjustable belt length and interchangeable
buckles sounds amazing, I can’t get over the fact that the buckles look quite different from
the traditional buckle design that you recommend in
your videos and articles. What is your opinion on these, especially when it comes
to semi-formal outfits incorporating leather belts? I’m fully aware that the
buckles won’t ever be suitable for any kind of business/black
tie, etc. event.” – Can I take this one? – Yeah, you can take it. – Okay. – You answer this. – So I get the emails
from viewers and readers, as well as from the company itself, asking us if we want to work together. And every time I show Ash, I’m like Ash, are you interested in this? Is this something of your image? She’s like no, what’s
wrong with current belts? And I gotta agree, I look
at that and you’re like, what do you need a belt system? I don’t understand. I’m trying to think of a scenario, and I asked you the same thing, when have I ever been putting
on a belt and been like, oh, if only it was this much different. Or, it’s like well then I’d just go to the next hole up or down. So, I find it really,
pardon my French, shitty. It looks shitty and anytime you say that anywhere else they’re being paid to promote that, so keep that in mind. That always just hits me right in the gut. I feel icky about it. – I did take a look at their belts and I always have a thing
that with your belts you want it to be as subtle as possible and that means the buckle needs to be as thin and subtle as possible. They have very bulky belt buckles, so I do not, I wouldn’t
recommend that to you guys. And why spend your money on
this kind of gimmicky product when you could just get
a classic dress belt that fits the bill, that looks great, and will disappear in your clothing. Next up! We’ve got Toon. – Toon? – Toon. Toon! – I wonder where that name is from. – I don’t know. – T-O-O-N. If his first name– – Toon Towns! – If his middle name is like… – Mickey? – Town, or something like that. – Toon asked. It’s a great name, we’re
not making fun of you. Toon asked, “I’m six feet tall,” And he’s slim, and he has a long neck, like you, which he’s a little embarrassed about. Don’t be. Tall, slim guys have this issue. “Is there any styling tips you can give to not draw attention to my neck? I really love the tips about turtlenecks and to not wear v-neck sweaters
without a collared shirt.” So I’m throwing this to you because you suffer from this. – If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a long-necked fellow myself. – You’re 6’3″ and pretty thin. – Yeah, I’m 6’3″ and pretty thin, but everything else is also. – Alright, let’s go, Come on. – So you just have to
be a little bit careful. You can’t wear long V-necks. Look, I’m wearing like a super shallow. No… – That’s not a V-neck! – I’m wearing a crew neck. – You’re not wearing a V-neck! I thought it was a V-neck! Normally I have a shallow
V-neck that goes here, but to have a long V-neck or deep V, it just looks like I’m– – All neck. – You know like a dinosaur, basically, just all neck. So you just have to be a little careful. I like to wear shawl collars, or standing collar things a lot, to kind of just add proportion to my neck. Wearing things like crew neck sweaters is okay for the most part, but I’ll pair it with a
dress shirt underneath. Just something to kind
of break up this length. – So, standing collars
are your best friend. Dorian wears a lot of jackets
that have standing collars. Like his Harrington jackets, and sometimes even with his blazers, if it’s a nice thick wool blazer he’ll just flip up the
collar a little bit. – In a casual setting. Not in a suit and tie setting. – Yeah, but standing
collars help just break up the length of your neck. So it just makes it
look a little less long. And then in terms of dress shirts. I have to sneeze. One sec. Sorry! My nose is getting tickled. (sniffles softly) Okay, nevermind. That was fake. – Alright. – So with dress shirts and collared shirts you actually, you forgot to mention this, but he actually wears
shirts that have two buttons on the collar. – Yeah. – So it just helps, it sits a little bit higher up on the neck as opposed to most
traditional dress shirts that only have the one button right here, which sits like maybe right here. – Yeah, yeah. – So it’s better to kind
of have your dress shirt, the collar sit a little bit higher because again, it just
breaks up your neck. – They’re not easy to find, but you can find them out there, or you can get them made
to measure or Bespoke. For dress shirts, sometimes
you can find them pretty cheap. if you get it made custom like that. Hope that helps! Stay strong, long neck brother! – And that’s it! – Oh, nice! – You were done. I don’t think we’ll have
you any more on these AskAW. – Okay, I’ll never see you again. You’ll just see me in
pictures from now on. – No! So, that’s all the questions
I wanted to get to. I mean we’ve got so many more to answer and I will be sure to be doing
these AskAWs more regularly. But thank you again for tuning in, and thank you for coming on here. – You’re welcome. – And helping answer
some of these questions. – You know, it’s tough, tough being in front of
the camera these days. – Good answers! Some useless, but some really good. – Hope that wasn’t too
long winded and boring and now I’m long winded and
boring in my sign-off, so. Bye! – See you in the next one! Bye! (triumphant orchestra music)

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