Ask A Girl: Dudes In Sandals Or Nah

Jesus could get it so maybe he had something
going on. I don’t know man. I don’t like boys’ feet. I got 99 problems but sandals are not an issue
for me. I mean objectively I think he probably could
get it. I don’t wanna see your toes. See here’s the thing guys. Your toes have hair. If they have nice feet and um geographically
they’re near the ocean. He can have one pair of sandals for the beach. He was a carpenter. Worked with his hands. Spread the good word. You can’t go to a nice place in sandals and
boys do this all the time. Lot of really casual sneakers you can do without
socks you can get a nice breezy feel. My husband doesn’t own any sandals and whenever
we go to the beach I have so much anxiety about how much sand is getting into his sneakers. I shouldn’t judge anybody cause I’m gonna
wear sandals one day. But no one wants to see your hairy un-manicured

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  • That goes for you ladies too! No sandals no heels, for the love of god please. It's nasty lol thanks

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