Asics Netburner Ballistic FF – Review Handballschuhe 2019/20

Hello and welcome to a new review on! Today with the Netburner FF from Asics. Actually a volleyball shoe, but meanwhile also very well established as a handball shoe. The next season will be played by Steffen Fäth from the Rhein-Neckar-Löwen. We look at what the shoe can do and what it can’t do – now in detail. We are currently looking at the details of the men’s version. Here in black with the yellow applications and the orange laces and the white midsole. We want to start with that right away. This is the Flyte Foam cushioning – formerly a gel sole for years. The Flyte Foam is used as a midsole, goes once through the complete shoe and consists partly of biofibers, which above all after the load back to the original state. That means, it is a very durable cushioning and very light. Almost 50% lighter than the current industry standard in EVA cushioning. You have a long-lasting good damping with very light weight. The upper material is not very spectacular. A flexible upper material, here as mesh material with PU struts, which keeps the shoe a bit stabile. The heel entry is relatively comfortable and stabile – here at the heel reinforced with a heel cage. Otherwise, the sole construction continues spectacularly. You may not see it quite in perspective, but the sole is designed a bit as a concave bend, so you have a lot of grip on the outer edges when you’re acting on the forefoot and as soon as there’s more weight on the forefoot you push the sole down and then these three pivot points come into play, where you have a lot of flexibility on the forefoot and are very flexible in the turning movements. When you are then in lateral movements, these hard outer edges are used and you have a lot of stability in the outer foot. This is really important, because as a volleyball shoe you always act in this direction and not so much in the fast and many sideways movements. They retrofitted it and the shoe now does that very well. The Netburner FF can actually be used very well as a handball shoe and is currently doing so. As already mentioned in the intro, Steffen Fäth, next year in the backcourt and well known as a throwing and duel player, plays in this shoe. That means good stability in the midfoot, top cushioning – this Flyte Foam cushioning is light, durable and yet very comfortable to wear. Grip in the forefoot top. Turning points still allow flexibility with all turning movements. I would see it as an allrounder. To see in the backcourt with rather flexible backcourt players but perhaps also on the wings. Not to be used at the pivot and in the goal. Top shoe, good workmanship, top cushioning. If you are the same opinion, write us on Otherwise of course also via facebook, via our YouTube-Channel or here via IGTV.


  • Was ist der Unterschied zum Sky Elite? Ich finde die ähneln sich schon sehr. Aber wir immer ein top Video.

  • Hi, I'm 1.81 and 76kg. I play in all back positions (and sometimes on the wing) I engage a lot in 1v1s and need a shoe that is quick yet stable in all directions. Im thinking about the crazyflight x3, wave mirage 3, wave stealth 5 or the viper 5. You can of course recommend other shoes as well. Thanks in advance!

    I currently have the Fireblast 2.

  • Was habt ihr für Empfehlungen für mich? Bin 1,85m groß, wiege ca 78kg und spiele Linksaußen, Mitte und Rückraum links. Vielen Dank!

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