Asics Gel Nimbus 17 Review

Wow it sure feels weird to come back into
my studio again and talk to you guys through YouTube, through my camera. I have been traveling for the past 50ish days. Now I just got back, and I am ready to get
back into this video making world. And of course, as always, welcome back to
my channel. This is Average Dude 604 and today I am coming
at you with a brand new performance review and this time it is on a pair of Asics runners,
which is the Gel Nimbus 17. Not the 18. This is not the newest Gel Nimbus 18 but the
Gel Nimbus 17. As of today I think I have been running in
the Gel Nimbus 17 for a little bit over a week right now. So lets start off this review by talking about
the things that I like and dislike, of course, about the Gel Nimbus 17. Starting off with my first like of the Gel
Nimbus 17, I must say I really enjoy how the upper fits and the upper material in general. The Gel Nimbus 17, same as the Gel Nimbus
18, actually features a full on engineered mesh upper with TPU. Which is you know, melted plastic overlays
to give you structure and support in the areas that you need such as the toe cap and the
midfoot section. Now this upper is very very comfortable and
form fitting to your feet. An upper construction like this really allows
the material to really hug your feet and not give you any hot spots that overlays might
cause. When I was trying on this shoe with my true
size, I really enjoyed how the upper material forms to my feet. The mesh upper on the Gel Nimbus 17 is a high
quality mesh that is decently padded. However due to the thickness of the upper,
it is not as breathable as it looks to be. Overall, I really enjoyed the upper of the
Gel Nimbus 17. I really enjoyed how they form around my feet
and how they perform during the runs. So my first like, therefore, goes to the upper
on the Gel Nimbus 17. Within all the Asics runners, the Nimbus line
is know to be the well cushioned neutral runner that Asics has to offer and thats exactly
what my second like is going to be which is cushioning on the Gel Nimbus 17. To break it down for you guys, the Gel Nimbus
17 have three layers of cushioning. The first layer, as you can see, is the black
foam right here. This is your softer foam that sits directly
under your feet. The second layer is the gel system right here. However, dont be mistaken that these two Gels
over here. These two giant Gel patches over here are
actually only to showcase the technology. The actual working Gel is actually within
the midsole itself. It is not visible and it is quite small. It is definitely not as gigantic as it looks
on the lateral side of the shoe. Now this bottom layer foam right here is going
to be offering you a different density then your black foam. Therefore providing you with that dual density
set up to give you a cushioned ride. I must say I really enjoyed the cushioning
of the Gel Nimbus 17. It is not my favorite source of cushioning,
however, I have no complaints when it comes to impact protection. I think the Gel Nimbus 17 is definitely a
very very mushy, and very very excellent shoe at impact absorption only. It is not very responsive. I will get into that point in the things that
I dont like section. Now the third positive thing that I want to
mention about the Gel Nimbus 17 is the fit and lockdown of the shoe. Now in previous sections I have already mentioned
that the Gel Nimbus 17 has a great fitting upper and it is very comfortable, very form
fitting to my feet. However, I did not mention that it also have
a huge and very very heavily padded ankle collar or ankle pillows. This thing right here is to keep your heel
locked into place, and working with the heel counter, the plastic heel counter back here,
to provide you with excellent excellent heel lockdown so you are not…you know your shoe
is not… it doesn’t feel like it is coming off of your feet when you stride. If you guys know what I mean. Working together with the plastic shanks at
the bottom of your feet, which provides torsional support, I must say the lock down system and
support system on the Gel Nimbus 17 really gets the job done extremely well. I have no problem with heel slippage, or I
have no problem with feeling unsupportive during my runs. Although the shoe is a very very squishy shoe. I think the shoe has a great amount of stability
inside. Maybe not so much if you are looking for a
stability specific shoe, however it is definitely enough for me or anybody as a daily trainer
interms of stability. Therefore, my third plus, or third like goes
to the lock down and support of the Gel Nimbus 17. That should take care of it for the things
that I really like about the Gel Nimbus 17. Now lets talk about some of the fall backs,
or negatives things, or things that I dont like as much of the Gel Nimbus 17. The first dislike that I want to mention,
again, is the cushioning. Personally, I am the type of person that likes
to go fast. I dont really enjoy it as much when the shoe
is very mushy. I feel like it is sucking my energy out of
my feet. Therefore the cushioning on the Gel Nimbus
17 is not very fitting for me. Im not saying its not good cushioning. It is just not exactly what I like. And if you are a guy or a girl that likes
to go fast in your shoe and you are looking for a fast shoe, this shoe is definitely not
for you. The second negative I want to mention about
the Gel Nimbus 17 is its weight. This shoe is quite heavy. I like something thats light on my feet such
as the New Balance 1400 V4. The Gel Nimbus 17 is just slightly little
bit too heavy for me as a daily trainer. I can definitely feel the weight on my feet
when I am wearing this shoe and running in this shoe. However, thats only again a personal thing. If you are going on your longer and slower
jogs where you are not lifting your feet as high as I am..You are probably gonna be fine. In fact I was fine when I was running in this
shoe on the longer runs because the cushioning is just so enjoyable. It is very sensational to the point that you
forget about its weight. The last and final piece of negative that
I want to mention regarding this shoe right here is the price of this shoe and I am talking
about the regular retail price which was 200 dollars in Canada for a pair of runners and
for that reason I only got this shoe because it was on sale for 130 Canadian after tax. If it was regular price, I wouldn’t even consider
something like this because it is just too expensive. Alright guys, that should take care of it
for the review on the Gel Nimbus 17. To conclude this review, I would like to say
that this shoe is built for your longer and slower runs and it is not very fitting for
your shorter and faster runs. This shoe is a excellent excellent marathon
trainer and personally as of right now I am using this as my long run, marathon training
shoe. However this is not my first choice when I
go on that 5k, 10k speed workout. For that reason, I would like to recommend
the Gel Nimbus 17 to anybody that is aiming to buy a long run, slow run trainer or a marathon
trainer. And the Gel Nimbus 17 itself, since it is
last years model, it is probably on sale right now and you can scoop these up for a decent price


  • 我在us的footlocker上买了xxx1banned,你要买吗,我年底去美国,可以帮你带回来。

  • it looks very durable. is it durable??

  • Damn 200 just got em for 90 boi

  • i had the 15s?? had a problem with toe poke throughs. Switched to the Ghost since. any problems with these?

  • How's the spacing on this? kayanos are too tight for me. are these any better?

  • i bought mine for $58

  • i would never buy shoes for $200

  • Terrible shoe for running. Far too cushioned- like running on sand.

  • Coming in a few months late here, but i love these shoes. I ran 256 miles on them with no problems at all. 5/5 in my opinion

  • Can you use your hands a little more?

  • The new 19 shoe is not the same like the 17 and the 18 buying all the 18 I can get

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