Art and his family rejoice because of his newfound power | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Thank you very much,
Judge Padua, for accepting the position. I will ask the Commission
on Appointments to take care of the necessary
documents immediately. Mister President, I’m the one
who should be thanking you. You’re entrusting me with
a very delicate position in your cabinet. Thank you very much. I know this position
will not be easy, but with faith and trust… I know you can do it. Well, sir… I promise you once again that I will be working
very, very hard for you, that we may fulfill your dream of making this nation
great once again. This makes me happy. You know, Oscar… I can see that you two
will get along. Well… President Hidalgo has fired
Diana from her position. And so, in short, you are now looking
at the new… Executive Secretary
to the President. – Wow! My husband is amazing!
– [CHEERING] Oh my gosh! Wow, Dad!
We’re big time now! Of course! More branded shoes for me! Maybe we can have some
connections in the Customs so we can get
car parts cheaper. Not so fast, my boy. Why, Dad? Aren’t you going to use
your position for our gain? [CLEARS THROAT] We have to make
some minor adjustments. My gosh! We need to
spend less now that you’re in a better
government position? I didn’t say that. I’m just reminding you that we have to be careful
with everything we do. We need to project a good image
in front of the media. Be careful with your
transactions and side hustles. Sure! I’m sure Dalisay and his
group will be surprised to replace their friend as
the Executive Secretary. Oh, I’m already
expecting that. But isn’t that dangerous? What if they go after us? They don’t have
any power anymore. I guess you’re right. You are now the President’s
closest ally. Correct. That’s why Dalisay and
his family are powerless now that I’ve taken the person who
has supported them for so long. Congratulations again,
Executive Secretary Padua. Well, thank you. But we both know this is
all thanks to you. I know. Any news from the Palace? They’ve found
a replacement for you. The President chose
Judge Arturo Padua to become his new
executive secretary. Judge Padua?! Well, is there something
I can help you with? You don’t have to do
anything for now. I just want you to make sure
that you’ll do your job well, and that we won’t get caught. You can count on me. I’ll do my best and I’ll protect this position
like my life depends on it. I met Judge Arturo Padua when he visited
the Palace before. They’ve been planning this
for a long time now. We’re worried for
the President, ma’am. He listens to no one
but the First Lady. All the more that we have
to do something to save the President
and our country.


  • Ganito sa Pinas Political Power

  • Wag nyo na iligtas ang pangulo total malapit narin nman kayo mag sasara

  • Napakapangit ang takbo ng kwento ng Ang Probinsyano tungkol sa gobyerno (presidente, executive secretary, military, ombudsman, etc.) at parang tinutukoy ang kasalukuyang pamahalaan ng bansa. Cguro kaya gustong isara ng presidente ang ABSCBN.

  • Birahin na yang si Lilly

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