Arreglarđź‘™chanclas rotas, ojota rota, sandalias rotas, arrange beach flip-flop broken

Today we will fix the typical break
a flip-flop beach. As you can see most break
with the front. Which goes between the toes, to solve this little break
all you will need is a screwdriver, a screw and
small washer. The first thing we do, is the
hole in the stud flip-flops it is party, we must try to do
right and that does not protrude any side. Once the hole made,
We spent the stud through the hole and We proceed to screw the screw, before there
place the washer and what we press a screwdriver
stop Threading observe quite strong. Washer fit into its housing and we have arranged our chancla
for a long time. And the most important It is that we have little money saved. East
video you’ve seen why fix it …. potatoes. Subscribe to my channel and if you like and dale like now know foot.

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