ARION Smart Insoles – Review // Transform your running technique πŸƒπŸ»

What’s up people, this is ARION, a digital running coach
that will help you to run farther, faster and safer I do the marketing for this product and in this video
I’m going to tell you a bit more about ARION Let’s open up the box first, which by the way looks
really nice and is designed by my colleague Jurian ARION is a smart insole
with pressure-sensitive sensors that accurately measure the interaction
between your feet and the ground The footpods are connected to the insoles These have GPS and Bluetooth on board, and all kinds of
sensors that measure the exact movement of your feet All this data goes in the ARION app and is processed
to create your personal running profile The metrics go really deep, for example footstrike,
the first point of contact with the ground Step length, which is the distance between your feet and cadence, the amount of steps per minute You can analyze this data on your own
or let your coach or physio analyze it The data can be quite overwhelming,
so that’s why we created the digital coach which automatically analyzes your running profile and
based on that gives you advice on how to improve Even though I work for ARION I am by no means
a running expert so I’ll let ARION coach me Go to the coached tab and follow the instructions Your first session with ARION will be a baseline run run for at least 10 minutes and ARION has enough data
to create your personal running profile Starting from your next training session ARION
will give you a technique training with targets to aim for Based on your personal running profile
you’ll get a certain target for example to stay between
170 and 215 steps per minute While running you’ll receive audio feedback, you’ll hear
feedback when you’re above or below your target “Your cadence is too low,
try to slightly increase your stride frequency” This is super useful so you can make
real-time changes to your running technique When your running technique is progressing
you will change the type of technique training and the targets per training session ARION is not a one size fits all program, it adapts
every time to your personal progression and goals The insoles are ultra-thin and flexible and sit underneath your existing
running shoe insole so you won’t notice it and the performance of the shoe
is exactly the same Make a tip of the insole make sure the insole is flat
and connects well put your existing running shoe insole back on top This is how you connect the clips to your shoes Open it up slightly, put it on
the thin end of your shoe and slide it down When the footpod is on the clip it is waterproof,
so you can safely run in the rain Connect the footpods via Bluetooth
and you’re ready to start running That’s the summary of the product,
it’s time to go for a run now Here you’ll find the route you’ve taken
and review your performance step by step your goals, splits per kilometer The initial point of contact for an average step
and your gait line all metrics that ARION measured and the biomechanical loading, this is the impact
your running technique has on your body Visit our website at if you’re looking
for more information on ARION I’ve built this website myself so
it would be nice if you’d check it out Because I’ve made this website myself
I can also make discount codes so if you’re interested in purchasing ARION you can use
my discount code ‘DEUGD10’ for 10% off That’s it for this video, in the next video
I’m going to London with ARION We’ll be showcasing ARION
at the London Marathon Expo Thanks for watching
and I’ll see you in the next video!

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