Are Socks with Sandals Ok? – Agree to Disagree

There was a month where I also
wore socks with sandals. During that month,
I had sex with a woman, and I got my nipple pierced.
I didn’t know who I was. Now, I just know who I am. Socks with sandals. Okay?
Or not okay? Not okay. Okay. Not okay. Okay. I think we can agree
we all like sandals. But what’s so nice
about socks with sandals, is that you can
wear sandals longer. Look at his feet right now. I think they look fine. I mean, his are goofier
than most. He looks like a pedophile
at a fifth graders’ soccer game, just walking around
with binoculars. It’s true. It’s true.
I mean, aesthetically … I don’t think that’s true. Aesthetically, are we
on board with this? I really like it.
I think it’s … one, I think it’s functional.
It looks good. I feel like I could be on
a Patagonia magazine cover, if they made a magazine. This is like … I like it
because it’s anti-style. Yeah. And that’s kind of cool,
these days. That’s the problem. I think you guys are both
falling for the trend. Right? Because it’s been
popularized by Justin Bieber. Tyler, the Creator. Tyler Creator. Yeah.
David Beckham. Kanye.
Kanye. Right. Oh, all when they’re all having
their mental breakdowns. Here’s the thing: rich people
can do whatever they want. You, sir, cannot. Also, David Beckham looks good,
because he’s got that face. That’s …
you’re falling for it. You’re like, it looks good. He’s got a great face. He’s got the face, and …
Jordan. Hello. Yes. Jordan’s unattractive.
Okay? Fine. Yeah. That doesn’t mean
that he can’t wear- Not true. Yes. Okay, come on. Well, we’ll let the commenters
decide how good looking I am. Sure. Okay. I trust in the commenters. Socks with sandals
is for everyone. If anything,
it’s a unisex outfit. Okay? Anybody, man, woman,
gender fluid- Don’t. Please do not use
the word sex, associated with those, at all.
Because that has never happened. Sorry, when was the last time
you got laid? You don’t have to answer that.
No, he does. When was the last time
you had I’d happily answer that. Full penetration with someone,
with your sexual preference? Well, I personally,
I count going solo. So I’m going to say
this morning. Thank you for making
my argument. And what’s wrong
with having sex with yourself? Yeah, that’s a choice you made,
just like those socks and shoes. And just like that hair.
Those are your choices. There as a month, where I also
wore socks with sandals. During that month, I had sex with a woman,
and I got my nipple pierced. I didn’t know who I was.
Now, I just know who I am. Conceptually, this doesn’t
make any sense. Would you wear a thong
over your leggings? That’s what it
looks like to me. [crosstalk] that’s what it
looks like to me, every time I see this. It’s like
a thong’s over yoga pants. I’ve never worn a thong
in my life. You never wore a thong
in your life? Never a thong
in my life. And you’re going to wear
a thong on your foot? Yes. As someone who wears
granny panties daily, I don’t expect you
to understand aesthetic. How do you know
I wear granny panties? Because you don’t wear thongs.
Oh you just go- Oh, I don’t wear underwear. That’s disgusting. I wear two pants. You must have the worst rashes. No, they’re fine. Her rashes are fine. A topical cream, twice a day. That’s a lot. You could avoid that,
by just wearing one pant. No. Two. Poop stains in your pants? Do I have poop stains
in my pants? No.
No. I shit in my underwear,
like a grown adult. I put in on the floor,
and I shit in the underwear. That’s wrong. Oh, I’m sorry I don’t use
modern plumbing. How are we supposed to trust
your opinions on modern day fashion, and what’s right
and what’s wrong, if you are shitting
on the floor, on the underwear? That’s right. I’m shitting
on the underwear. That doesn’t make it any better. The underwear
is for shitting in. I understand how it works. Can you shit in thong underwear?
No. So, you’re dumb. Who hasn’t shit on their own
underwear before? Mm-hmm (affirmative). We all have lived- Raise your hand if you’ve shit
on your underwear. No one. No. No one has ever done that. Studies show, 50% have shit
on their underwear, so. Yeah. Studies. This study. You two are children.
And this is a child. This is a child.
This is a child- We’re young at heart, thank you. That is not a child.
But if you want children, I’m telling you I can provide.
I can send you samples, or … Samples? You’ll send me samples?
Of what? Your DNA? Test tubes, yeah.
Like, warm test tubes. Of what? Of my Jordy juice. Your Jordy juice?
Yeah. I can’t believe
he just said that. It’s what comes out,
when I do happy time. Okay, just date Jordan. You can cut the sexual
tension with a knife. A scientific study shows
that 50% of people want you to date Jordan. Just date him. Okay, I will have sex with you,
if you suck my big toe. Right here? Right now. I … oh, wow. You have to suck the big toe. Which one is the big one?
How do you know? Are you …? Fuck you. I mean, that one’s larger
than the other … No it’s … the big toe. It’s usually bigger. You don’t know
what the big toe is? Well, girth-wise,
this one’s bigger. But this one’s taller. That’s so mean. And you have a little- Okay, just suck my toe,
and I’ll suck your dick. Let’s go. Okay. Do it.
Okay, here I go. Yeah, here you go. Just do it. I’ll do more, if you want. That’s enough. Sorry. How was that? It was actually really …
It was good. I really liked it. If you think about it,
you couldn’t have done that if she was wearing socks. Which, for me, would be a plus. I feel like I could’ve maybe
gotten in more pleasure out of sucking
on the sock as well. So it’s sort of like a strip
tease, kind of, in a way. Where it’s like, you don’t want
to suck on a titty right away. You want to suck
on the outside of the bra. I don’t … Well, that’s … you signed up
for that, so get ready. Ultimately, shoes
without socks are bad, because your feet smell
like crazy. Sandals without socks are bad, because your feet
get super cold. But the perfect,
beautiful union, like you and Jordan will soon
have, is socks with sandals. That is a marriage that will
stand the test of time. Yeah. Thank you. You’re welcome. Okay, just because Jordan’s
unattractive, doesn’t mean …
I shit my underwear. Who hasn’t shit on their own
underwear before? On it? I’m having an out of body
experience. Should I lick your vagina first? What? Let’s pause there.

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