AQUAMAN vs Wonder Woman

Aquaman has netted a gigantic haul at the
box office with audiences and critics enjoying the stunning deep-sea adventure, but how does
the half-human half-Atlantean superhero measure up against DC’s previous critical and commercial
sensation, Wonder Woman? Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m comparing DC’s two most recent stand alone origin movies for Aquaman and
Wonder Woman. Keep watching to the end where I’ll reveal
the same animated easter egg that was snuck into both movies! And if you’ve got any other upcoming movies
you’d like me to compare, let me know in the comments below. If there’s one thing Aquaman and Wonder Woman
both succeed at, it’s the impressive scale of their world-building. In Aquaman, we get to visit all of the seven
kingdoms by the end of the movie, so there’s plenty of amazing underwater spectacle. What’s great about Aquaman is that unlike
some of DC’s previous cinematic releases, it feels like director James Wan has been
given much more free reign to indulge his imagination without too much studio meddling. And the scale of the world building makes
me think of epic fantasy flicks like Lord of The Rings, which is fitting as, according
to EW, Wan “considers Aquaman a fantasy film, not a superhero movie”. So, when we enter Atlantis for the first time,
the visuals are simply breath-taking – gotta give props for that to the film’s production
designer, art department, and VFX teams. There are plenty of arresting sights throughout
the movie, and just when you think it can’t get any more insane, it does! It’s like a weird fever dream of a film, with
so much to look at on screen, that at times you feel you can’t quite take it all in. While the movie clearly lays out its own individual
world, it’s impossible not to make some comparisons with other fantasy and sci-fi worlds like
Star Wars, which Wan cites as a major influence, and Atlantis’s gateway bridge and border control
remind me of Asgard’s Bifrost Bridge in the Thor movies. And the light, colourful tone of Aquaman isn’t
miles away from Thor: Ragnarok. The extensive travels we go on in Aquaman
mean we get quite a mix of genres, which I’ll talk about shortly, and they also set up some
cool moments like the multiple-wall-smashing action in Sicily, and the monstrous, portrait-like
shot of Arthur and Mera diving into the Trench with a lit flare. And then there’s the crazy hidden kingdom
full of dinosaurs at the centre of the Earth which, although inspired by comics, in the
film feels almost like Aquaman has briefly crossed over time and space and landed in
Jurassic Park. Wonder Woman’s world-building is, let’s be
honest, a good bit more restrained than Aquaman’s. There’s a lovely introduction to Themyscira
and the Amazons during the scenes where we watch Diana grow up and learn about the customs
of her warrior people, though we do also get some obvious green-screen moments such as
young Diana jumping off a wall. And Aquaman also suffers from some poor CGI
during flashbacks including the weird de-aging of Arthur’s father and Willem Dafoe’s Vulko. In some ways, it’s a shame the Wonder Woman
movie doesn’t spend longer on the paradise island, but the story, of course, needs Diana
to leave and defeat Ares, the God of War. Though the movie’s design and art teams certainly
do a marvellous job creating Diana’s worlds, the locations we visit in Wonder Woman are,
necessarily, more grounded in reality and their range isn’t quite as rich as in Aquaman. Where Wonder Woman did things better is in
exploring the mythology of Themyscira and the Amazons, rather than Aquaman’s somewhat
brief flashback to the formerly above-water world of Atlantis. Aquaman is a real whirlwind of genres; it’s
a bit like the filmmakers decided to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. There are moments that lean heavily into horror,
which isn’t surprising given that the co-creator of the Saw and Conjuring franchises is in
the director’s chair. There are action-adventure sequences in the
vein of Indiana Jones, The Mummy movies, and Romancing the Stone, with a touch of the Fast
& Furious franchise thrown in – remember that James Wan directed the seventh film in
that series. And the influence of creature features also
rears its ginormous head; in fact, Wan has talked of Aquaman being a horror-monster movie. On top of that, there’s a ton of Star Wars-esque
moments; as well as fantastical children’s stories and Arthurian legends thrown into
the blend. Some of these inspirations gel together better
than others; personally, I loved the horror-heavy Trench sequence. When it comes to Aquaman’s tone though, you
could certainly never accuse the movie of taking itself too seriously, which feels right
given the character’s history. Director Wan isn’t afraid to pile on the cheese
in an all-out effort to capture the kind of humorous moments found in old-school action
flicks. So, as well as bucketfuls of action and a
less-than-subtle ecological message, we also get a boat-load of jokes which, depending
on what makes you laugh, you’ll either find funny, groan-worthy, or a mix of both. “Permission to come aboard.” For me, the humour in Wonder Woman manages
to find its target and lands more often than not, giving it an overall better hit rate
than Aquaman. The interaction between Diana, who’s never
seen a man before, and Steve Trevor leads to some truly funny moments, as does Diana’s
innocence when it comes to life outside Themyscira and how she adjusts to the new world. Like Aquaman, Wonder Woman also blends a variety
of genres, taking us from swords and sandals territory, through screwball comedy, to a
war drama with added elements of spy thriller, and finishing with the obligatory big superhero
battle. Compared to how well so much of the rest of
the movie works, thanks in no small part to compelling performances from the lead and
supporting cast, the finale feels more generic, even if it does give us some memorable moments. As for its villains, Wonder Woman isn’t as
wondrous as it could be since its baddies are drawn rather broadly so not especially
compelling. Danny Huston’s Ludendorff is largely forgettable
while Elena Anaya makes a bit more of an impression as Dr Maru, aka Doctor Poison. Given the story’s twists and turns, David
Thewlis gets a few more shades to play with, though ultimately, we’re still left with a
pretty typical CGI-filled end battle. In Aquaman, the villainy is really personal
from the get-go – the main antagonist is Arthur’s half-brother Orm, and the movie’s
secondary antagonist, David Kane, aka Black Manta, also has a personal, family-based beef
with Aquaman. Patrick Wilson’s Orm gets more screen time
then the individual villains in Wonder Woman, so in theory he gets the opportunity to make
more of an impression, but in reality, like many of the characters in Aquaman, Orm has
a heck of a lot of not-very-scintillating exposition to deliver in his dialogue. Still, opposite Jason Momoa’s hard-drinking,
tough but chill vibe as Aquaman, the fact that Wilson plays Orm with all the gravitas
and self-importance of a character straight out of a Shakespeare drama seems strangely
fitting. As for Black Manta, we only get so much of
him and his comic-book accurate costume this time as he’s basically there to be introduced
and built up as an important future foe. The Aquaman movie certainly doesn’t skimp
on fights or battle scenes, showing us a vast range of confrontations both below water and
on land, including submarines taken over by pirates, gladiatorial-style challenges featuring
a drum-playing octopus, weaponised wine bottles, storm-tossed ships and deep-sea dives, as
well as a humongous sea-monster voiced by Julie Andrews, and that’s all before we even
get to the final big underwater battle! During that climactic clash of the undersea
titans, we hear a character say ‘we are going to give them a fight they will never forget’,
which feels like a lot of pressure to put on the movie’s finale, but there are definitely
some extremely eye-popping visuals in this sequence. There’s Arthur rising up out of the ocean
floor astride the Karathen, Orm riding a mosasaur that chomps up a colossal crustacean, and
then there’s an army of laser-shooting sharks, plus a huge array of other crazy creatures. Basically, Aquaman doesn’t just embrace excess,
it positively revels in it. It’s like the film is asking the question,
why have less when you can have more, more, more?! As much as fun as this is, it still falls
into the same trap of many such films by going on a touch too long in the final stretch,
especially as the scenes are almost entirely CGI and the longer that’s on screen, the more
it starts to look noticeable. Sadly, Wonder Woman is also guilty of that
overly-long final CGI showdown with some ropey VFX when Diana goes up against Ares. However, there are some really cool fight
scenes in Wonder Woman that are especially memorable for their dramatic settings. The Superman-inspired alleyway fight where
Diana saves Steve with her bracelets is a delightful scene. And there are some beautiful balletic, martial-arts-style
moments in the battle between the German soldiers and the Amazons, even though some of the effects
may be flawed. But Diana striding out on to No Man’s Land
is the movie’s stand-out action scene. Nothing in Aquaman is quite as visceral, moving,
and awe-inspiring as that moment. And the absolutely, mind-blowingly amazing
thing about that scene is that it was very nearly removed from the movie as initially
the studio executives couldn’t get their heads around who Diana was meant to be fighting
in the scene as it’s not about just one specific big bad. Now, you know I love my superhero movies,
but one thing about them I’m not so keen on, is their romantic subplots because they often
feel shoehorned into the story, and the romantic interests frequently have less-than-interesting
roles with not a lot to do other than be saved by and swoon over the heroic lead. While Amber Heard’s Mera does get some cool
moments in the Aquaman movie, holding back waves and kicking some ass, a big part of
her role is to relay information to Aquaman/Arthur, and by extension, to us in the audience. Although Mera’s engaged to Arthur’s half-brother
Orm, most of her scenes are alongside Jason Momoa. So, it’s unfortunate that Momoa and Heard’s
on-screen chemistry isn’t exactly sizzling. It’s not like there’s zero spark between them,
it’s more that their eventual kiss doesn’t really feel earned but rather simply inevitable
because that’s what happens in scripts like this. And that’s why the way their relationship’s
depicted can’t compare to Diana and Steve in Wonder Woman. Thanks to Gal Gadot and Chris Pine’s line
delivery and obvious chemistry, Patty Jenkins’ direction, and Allan Heinberg’s script, Wonder
Woman takes small, quiet moments like Diana and Steve’s boat journey or dancing together
after saving a war-torn village and turns them into humorous or touching scenes that
reveal a lot to us about them as individuals and potential partners. So, when Steve tells Diana he loves her in
the final act, it’s not a throwaway moment that’s inevitable because that’s what these
movies do, instead the script has worked to build their characters to this point and earned
that moment. Much like her fellow sea-based red-head, Ariel
in The Little Mermaid, Mera gets several literal fish out of water moments where she’s faced
with the strange, new world of the surface-dwellers. Curiously, Diana has her own Ariel moment
in Wonder Woman when she drags Steve Trevor from the sea in a scene that clearly pays
homage to Disney’s animated feature. OK, Now it’s your turn to decide whether you
think Aquaman or Wonder Woman is the better movie! I’ve added a poll where you can vote – just
tap in the top right of this video and after you’ve cast your vote you’ll be able to see
the results. Let me know what you think in the comments
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  • Have you seen Aquaman and did you dig it?! 😁🔱

  • Aquaman is better. Wonder Woman started doing things right, but Aquaman really got the whole package right.

  • I loved the humor in Wonder Woman. Plus Wonder Woman herself doesn’t disappoint

  • Aquaman was boring story wise, 2.5 hours was way too long. Better visuals than Wonderwoman, but a forgettable movie overall.

  • “The ring of fire” scene is one of my favorite scene in the movie, the tension between arthur and orm is breathtaking for me

  • Aquaman wins

  • Wonder Woman was a better film – for me. But, Aquaman was big, epic and fun!

  • objectively, aquaman is a better film imo, but personally, i still prefer WW

  • Wonder Woman is a better all around movie. Aquaman is a better Superhero movie. Both are fantastic at different things which is said in this video. I don't know if I can pick one over the other though.

  • Aquaman is way too awesome 😎
    Permission to come abroad ? Jason mamoa killed it , agree ?

  • Love Aquaman but.. Wonder Woman takes the cake for this one.

  • There’s no comparison between the two other than the fact they are both super hero movies. While the amazons secluded themselves from the world and didn’t progress much past their own past culture, Atlantis has had seven kingdoms to progress culturally from. Both movies are great in their own regard and suspension of disbelief is a must when watching either. Both get my vote.

  • Wonder Woman!!!

  • She is a bad ass.

  • Both are good but Wonder Woman wins for me.

  • I think Wonder Woman is a better movie but I enjoyed Aquaman much more. That was some of the best action I’ve ever seen in a movie

  • I gotta give you credit for acknowledging WB meddling in previous DCEU movies, b/c it seems like a lot of bloggers "film critics" act like Zack Snyder and David Ayer set out to destroyed these DC characters when a lot of it has to do with WB execs. WB meddled in Man Of Steel, BvS, Suicide Squad, and Josstice League. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut The lesson to be learned from Wonder Woman and Aquaman is that WB should stop meddling in their DC properties and allow their directors to tell these stories.

  • They were both good but I liked Aquaman a little more

  • While Aquaman was fun to watch and had great visuals, he had to fight a gay ocean master, and a big lobster or crab.
    While wonderwoman killed the God of war and she still even have no idea of her full power .
    For me aquaman was grerat till the Mcgyver black manta part which was beyond dumb .
    Btw Jason mamoa thinks ww is better.

  • Wonder Woman was the better film. Aquaman was cool though. I’m glad DC is starting to get their shit together, I just hope it’s not too late.

  • Aquaman is a bigger spectacle. Wonder Woman is more focused.

  • Both

  • like this video described…aquaman had too much cgi. it did not feel like a superhero film just fantasy. something gets lost when you overdo certain aspects. wonderwoman is a better film. jason and amber did not have chemistry.

  • I guess people like Aquaman's movie more coz of a sweet happy ending with Mera? 😬

  • I liked Wonder Woman more.


  • While Aquaman and Mera's romantic relationship felt kind of tagged on, I thought Momoa and Heard worked solidly well together playing equals on an adventure.

  • I wish Aquaman should had been before Justice League DC would be in a better place than now.

  • 3:11
    r-really? that's not how you forge a weapon._. that will just create a trident with only one side and the other side will be flat

  • Wonder woman was forced and aquaman just got to be awesome

  • Despite all the amazingness of Aquaman there is something special about Wonder Woman.I mean Diana has all these innocence and sense of justice and incredible chemistry with Steve Trevor.I can never love anyone else more…she is unique both internally and externally…Arthur was also the incredible and the movie, although I hate to admit, was more breathtaking than wonder woman and that kiss with Mera…just WOW.. and I screamed in the hall when I saw his mother was alive do you guys remember the last part about how Arthur's parents love save the world at last.This is also the message of Wonder Woman….that it's not what we deserve but what we believe and Diana chose to believe in Love …❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I love wonder woman than

  • I’m all for aquaman because we have the same name

  • I will have to choose Aquaman for its reach story telling. Yes I loved wonder woman's story but it's close to that of Aquaman. Besides, his story was almost new to me and so amazing.

  • Aquaman was way better than Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was boring. The climax was a dud. The movie was a period piece. That automatically made it less interesting.

  • Who made more money Aquaman not WW.This is a real Superhero movie except for Black Panther and IW this is better over everything else from Marvel hate if u want.

  • Oh and for u Guardians lover's Aquaman already has more $$$$$$$$💪💪💪

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  • Wonder women is overrated as hell

  • Aquaman wins for sure

  • Wonder Woman was muchhhh better…
    The plot, the storyline, the chemistry, the emotions, the elegance and the final message made it sooooo good…

  • Aquaman forever live a like if you agree

  • why are the FeMaLeS the only one saying Ww was better than aquaman

  • It's hard to pick because both have so many good aspects. Aquaman was definitely a great adventure to see because we rarely see films that the setting is mostly underwater.

  • Wonder woman's Amazons seems very vulnerable to me. I mean,the ww1 soldiers could have massacred them all with machine guns. I wish they have more power than that. Bows and arrows can even do nothing against pre historic guns from ww1. Just imagine if a fighter jet going to Diana's homeland or let's say a 1000 armed soldiers?or nuke them? there should have been better barriers from the outside world than what they have.
    Old ares as a villain is meh.

    Now,imagine the ocean decided to tsunami all the surface land simultaneously. Give Orm and the rest of the bad guys in the ocean an hour to submerge us in water. Nah,we wouldn't even last half an hour. They'll wipe us out without even lefting a finger. They don't even need to send their soldiers on the land to kill us.

  • Pound for pound, WW was better in terms of character chemistry/romance, humour. Up to the final battle; which really felt out of place, and not in keeping with the reality the movie had built up to that point. So this is where aqua man really shines, the grandiose end sequence was every bit believable given what we had been introduced to in previous scenes. Also note worthy were the "pseudo-horror movie" notes with all the jump scares in aqua man. Lastly the MVP in terms of a romance was Arthurs mom and dad with him waiting by the harbour every morning for 20 years for her to return. NB- some real issues for them to resolve with her getting married and having a kid behind his back, just saying.

  • The problem with Wonder Woman is the fact that they killed most the Gods thereby limiting whatever world building potential WW has. This is why Aquaman is superior. Orm and Manta are both alive and they haven't explored the whole kingdom of Atlantis. Maybe in the sequel we will see what Mera's kingdom – Xebel, looks like.

  • aquaman! to change UNDERWATER PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Battle underwater love i!!!!!!!
    ending love it sooo much!¡

  • Wonder woman was better ✋ down 🆗

  • Aquaman💖💖💖

  • Aquaman💖💖💖

  • Aquaman💖mera

  • Guys…. what if Aquaman is like TPM? It’s stunning but that blinds our opinion?

  • Wonder woman is better, but I still loved Aquaman.

  • Wonder woman is better but i like aquaman

  • Really though, both have very different tones and styles, but both are really great

  • happy with both of them, ww give me a very feminist power and aquaman is such a great entertaining movie, go DC

  • I like both, but I think Wonder Woman is more complete.

  • Aquaman was better! Love both.

  • Either way I dig both. I love Wonder Woman for the fact after 40 some years she has a movie of her own. Being of fan the I was a kid seeing Lynda Carter on TV then Gal Gadot on Big Screen taking that role and just took it like this Wonder Woman. As a Woman have a Super Hero some who truly a good person but can kick ass. As for Aqaman we know he sucked Prior before they redid the Justice League. They made him so much cooler bad ass. Jason Moma OMG….🤤🤤🤤🤤. What a man… From Game of Thorns to Seeing him on Frontier on Netflix….🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤.

  • I actually thoroughly enjoyed the final fight scenes in both movies.

  • 1:43 did you mean Rainbow Bridge???

  • Wonder Woman 👍

  • I think a lot of people hype wonder woman up because it was the first truly good dc film in years. Don't get me wrong I like wonder woman but it doesn't come close to Aquaman in terms of quality and entertainment.

  • It's like comparing apples and oranges. I like them both, for different reasons. I can't choose one over the other, it's just not possible. Which leg would you rather have cut off?

  • Wonder Woman is better end of story.

  • Aquaman is obviously the better movie overall, but nothing in Aquaman compares to that “No mans land” scene in Wonder Woman. That scene is one of the most brilliant scenes I have ever seen.

  • Why do movie critics always see expositional dialogue as something bad? I'm not saying I like exposition. I just want to know why they see it that way.

  • Wonder Woman( WW) told a good story but Aquaman was visually better and more entertaining than WW

  • Aquaman has better entertainment value and better action. Wonder Woman is better in everything else. I love both movies, but WW makes you feel things.

  • I just really loved both of them..

  • The king vs the queen and no one care about the critics

  • I loved both but I liked Wonder Woman more.

  • Saw both at the cinema and I saw Aquaman twice. It's just better in every way. Love WW though.

  • They are both amazing I'm just happy the DC Universe is moving on the correct path… Winning 😁 In my opinion its like Action Comics Inspired brought to life which I like 🤨 Wonder Women didn't really have alot of humour because of the time period. Diana doent get the full history of how she came to be…BUT there is so much quesions left Is Steve Trevor Alive?

  • Wonder Woman is much better than Aquaman hands down.

  • Aquaman is more enjoyable to watch ,but Wonder Woman is the better written script.

  • WW stands in different league compared with Aquaman, but both are very good franchise.

  • I liked Wonder Woman, but one things that others point out is right on. The final battle of Aquaman is overpowering it shatters the final battle in Wonder Woman. They both are great films and enjoyed both a ton. I think the world that Aquaman brings you to is so rich in looks that it just draws you in. As I said that final battle just adds to that rich world. You see them fighting ways that no real DC film has. Heck, it made every final fight in a comic book film come off weaker than its own final battle. I never once liked any aquaman comic, but man it made me want to go buy a comic after.

  • Wonder Woman had better chemistry between characters and humor. Plus the movie was more heart jerking and emotion inducing than Aquaman.

    Aquaman though, had better VFX and more of a "fun factor" to it than WW, which was more serious.

    I liked both, but in my opinion I prefer WW. Aquaman is a great movie for the kids and a fun movie to watch. Wonder Woman is more serious movie with a deeper meaning and sense of empowerment and justice. However I'm happy for both because DC is getting better and better.

  • I seriously don’t get how Wonder Woman is overrated. It just told the tale of one of the most beloved and iconic superhero story really well. Fans and critics were happy to see this character on the silver screen have her story told. It was just a great film. Aquaman is very fun though. But both films were in different kinds of directions and feel

  • Aquaman is the better movie

  • Congratulations Jason.

  • David Thewlis is one of my favorite actors!

  • I love both movies, but Aquaman holds a special place for me. I have always had a deep fascination with the oceans and all of the life in it. That being said, I also love Greek Mythology. My favorite Greek God is Poseidon, so that is another reason I love Aquaman so much.

  • I enjoyed both movies, but Aquaman blows everything away.

  • Aquaman definitely better than Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman should have had the first hour chopped off and then start from there. I think having Julie Andrews as a monster was a great way to think outside of the box.

  • WW is a better movie. Aquaman is a better superhero movie.

  • I loved aquaman though Wonder Woman was good

  • I wish they would add some new aquaman lore

  • Gal and Jason just need to make beautiful beautiful babies

  • Dangdut

  • The scene where Wonder Woman saves Steve, I half expected her to break into song. Lol

  • Wonder woman is better and stronger

  • I think they were both amazing personally I would like to see a combo movie with theses two, because I feel like out of the justice league Aquaman and Wonder Woman are the most similar in the sense that they bot royals and god like!! I think a buddy movie would be really cool !!!!!

  • The question was: "AQUAMAN vs Wonder Woman" So…that is basically a God vs a fish. I know who I would bet on in that fight.

  • I thought Wonder Woman was a better movie, but I enjoyed both. WW is also probably my favorite superhero, so that undoubtedly had a bit of influence.

  • Aquaman is way better than Wonder Woman

  • I fell asleep in aquaman. To much spectacle and way to long. Wonder Woman is way better.

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