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Antonio Reacts To Gentleman’s Gazette’s
[0:00:00] Gentlemen, today, I’m reacting to Raphael
Schneider’s video 19 Things a Man Should Never Wear. [Music] Okay. So, let’s get into this. [Music] Okay. Good intro. Good job. I love how he actually modeled what not to
wear. I need to do that, right? Raphael: I know some of you will say in this
day and age, I can wear whatever I want and you’re quite right. Today, you can wear whatever you want. At the same time, you can also inhale asbestos
or you can drink water from lead pipes. Antonio: [Laughs] I love his logic here. Yes, you can wear whatever you want, but you
can also inhale asbestos and you can drink water from lead pipes. Love it. Raphael: Well, just because you can, doesn’t
mean you should. Antonio: Just because you can do something,
doesn’t mean you should. Boom! Raphael knows his stuff. He’s probably been watching my channel. Raphael: The first thing you should never
wear as a man are sandals. They look particularly bad when you combine
them with socks. But, even on their own, there may be something
that people who really into outdoor stuff wear… Antonio: Now, I disagree with his first point. Sandals have been around for thousands of
years and I feel in the right circumstances very casual circumstances, you could pull
them off. But, I do agree no sandals with socks and
sandals in general I think are over played, there’s a lot of other options men should
look at. Raphael: The same goes for flip flops, unless
you’re at the pool… Antonio: And flip flops, come on, don’t
be so hard. You can wear them also in the shower. Raphael: It’s always easy to say what not
to wear, but what should you wear instead? Well, for summer I think an ideal shoe are
alparagatas… Antonio: Okay. So, he talks about alparagatas. 99.9% of men in the world do not even know
what those are. Raphael: They’re actually shoes that are
originally from Mallorca and they have a huge sole which some kind of a straw sometimes
they have some rubber added to it. Antonio: The shoes are from Mallorca. And, again, 99.9 of people in the world do
not even know where that’s at. Sorry, I’m apologizing in advance to you
guys over in Mallorca. Raphael: If you want to go a notch up in formality,
go with perforated punch holed leather shoes… Antonio: I agree. Perforated leather shoes are underrated and
are great options. Raphael: And it looks very summery and elegant. The second thing you should never wear are
cargo shorts. They just make you look like a douche bag
and… Antonio: I can’t believe it, he’s attacking
cargo shorts. Guys, you probably know I made an entire video
defending cargo shorts which I’ll link to down in the description. Go check it out. Now, to Raphael’s defense, he knows that
a lot of these items can be worn in certain situations, but he’s talking about, you
know, for the stylish man that wants to look good under normal situations. Raphael: My third men’s style pet peeve
is wearing a matching tie and a pocket square. Antonio: Matching tie and pocket square, agreed,
don’t do it. Raphael: My fourth style pet peeve is wearing
a suit with short socks. No one wants to see your hairy calves… Antonio: Raphael, what do you mean nobody
wants to see your hair calves? Come on, people want to see mine, right? And I love how he makes the point if you shave
your legs, it’s still not appropriate. [Laughs]
Raphael: The fifth thing you should never wear is a necktie with a dress shirt when
the top button of the dress shirt is unbuttoned. It just looks sloppy. And the sole purpose of wearing a tie is to
make you look more dapper and elegant. Antonio: I agree. If you’re going to wear a tie, have the
top button buttoned. Makes sense. Raphael: The seventh thing you should never
wear a square-toed shoes. Usually, it’s… Antonio: Agreed. Square-toed shoes are the devil. Do not wear them. Raphael: And they’re just plain ugly and
they showed everyone around you that you have no clue about dressing well. My eighth style pet peeve are tennis socks. Unless, you’re at the gym, there’s really
no reason you should ever wear them. Wearing white tennis socks with brogues or
with long pants or even with shorts in a public setting that is not the gym make you look
like a peasant. Antonio: Wearing white tennis socks makes
you look like a peasant. Raphael, you win the internet. I have never heard anyone use that word in
normal conversation. Raphael: The ninth thing you should never
wear is the Windsor tie knot. I know… Antonio: All right. So, never wear the Windsor tie knot, I disagree. If you’re a larger guy and if you wear a
quality necktie, it’s a great look. Raphael: You should never wear are satin silk
ties especially not for day wear. Maybe if you want something for the evening… Antonio: I agree. Satin ties not really a good idea. Raphael: My eleventh style pet peeves are
sports sunglasses. They’re just not something you should ever
wear with a formal wardrobe in public. Instead, go with classic sunglasses that have
stood the test of time… Antonio: I agree. Solid information. Good points on sunglasses. Raphael: Maybe wayfarers. My twelfth pet peeve is when grown men wear
jerseys in public. Antonio: Grown men wearing jerseys in public. Okay. This one is going to be interesting. Raphael: By that, I mean sports jerseys have
usually only wear if you go to a sporting event and you want to support your team. Otherwise, they’re wholly inappropriate
and just always make you look very immature. Thirteenth. In the same vein, go slogan t-shirts. It just makes you look like a thirteen-year
old boy who wants to express himself, but doesn’t know quite how and… Antonio: All right. So, he was pretty hard on wearing jerseys
and slogan t-shirts in public, but to be honest, he’s right. [0:05:01]
Raphael: My fourteenth style pet peeve is when men wear regular neckties for black tie
events. You’ll see it on the red carpet in Hollywood
every year around The Oscars and it’s just plain wrong. It’s a formal dress code and it looks like
you don’t know what you’re doing. Antonio: All right. So, he’s got a good point about black tie. Black tie, you are allowed to change up one
thing, but there are rules there for a reason and I think that black tie rules should be
observed. Raphael: The fifteenth thing you should never
wear is a belt with a vest. A vest should be either worn with just side
adjusters or suspenders because a belt will create a gap between your waistband or your
pants and your… Antonio: All right. So, he makes a good point about the belt and
vest, but from a practical perspective I know a lot of you guys don’t have suspenders
or side adjusters. So, in that case, just simply take the belt
off and wear the trousers without a belt. It will actually still look pretty good. Raphael: My sixteenth style pet peeve are
backpacks. I think only school boys should wear backpacks,
otherwise there’s no place for them in public, unless you go hiking or to a… Antonio: All right. So, I disagree with Raphael here on backpacks. I think he’s a little bit too harsh on them. I do think a man can wear a professional backpack
made of leather or a particular type of synthetic material if it’s got a nice design. Really, you don’t want to wear it with a
suit or a sports jacket because you can damage the shoulders right here. But, you know for some guys they’re getting
in and out of buses, they’re moving around, they don’t want to carry a bag on their
side because it kind of offsets and some guys have complained about back or shoulder issues. So, I get this why some men would want a backpack. Raphael: My seventeenth style pet peeve are
men who wear ties that are way too long. The problem is, they come underneath their
jacket and if you don’t wear a jacket, they even accentuate your balls which is just not
where you want people to look at. Antonio: I agree with Raphael on the length
of your tie. It needs to be right a long tie, yes, as Raphael
said will point at your balls. Raphael: My eighteenth pet peeve are large
armholes in a suit or a jacket. Not only they make you look like a football
player, but they’re… Antonio: Now, that’s being really nitpicky
talking about armholes because I know for most guys they’re buying off-the-rack, so
it’s something you’re really going to look and find a brand that works for your
particular body type. The thing with large armholes is it’s made
to fit a wide variety of people, you’re going to want to go with a particular brand
that, again, works for your body type or go custom. Raphael: The nineteenth thing you should never
wear as self-respecting man are big gaudy wristwatches that just scream for attention. Antonio: So, don’t wear big watches that
scream for attention. Raphael, you got a problem with this? Is that big enough for you, Raphael? Yeah. How about I jump in my truck and go show you
in person? Yeah, let’s do it. All right, guys. So, let’s find out what does Raphael think
of this watch. What do you think, Raphael? Is this too gaudy? Raphael: This is obnoxiously big. [Laughs]
Antonio: This is obnoxious? This is not obnoxious watch. Raphael: No, it’s actually it looks very
new. Antonio: Thanks. Raphael: It looks brand spanking new. Antonio: It’s a year old. Raphael: Antonio takes good care of his stuff. Antonio: Yeah. One of my daughters is just looking back there. Raphael: Oh, yeah? Antonio: Yeah. In case you guys didn’t know, we’re great
friends. Get out to Menfluential and meet this guy. Raphael: Absolutely. I’ll be there. He’ll be there. Lots of people over there. We’ll have a blast. Antonio: All right. Take care, guys. Raphael: Bye. Antonio: All right, gents. So hopefully you enjoyed today’s video. I’m linking to Raphael’s channel and some
of his best videos down in the description of this video. Go check him out. He’s got an amazing channel. He’s a great friend and I am proud to support
him. And, if you didn’t know, guys, Raphael speaks
at my conference in Atlanta, Georgia that I invite you to which is Menfluential. Guys, if you haven’t checked out this conference,
you want to go do it, I’m going to link to it as well down in the description. But, this is a two-day event that can help
you become the man you know yourself to be. Guys, your favorite YouTubers are going to
be there. We’re talking Aaron Marino, Jose Zuniga. You’re going to see Baron over at the Effortless
Gent, Brock over at the Modest Man. Gents, too many amazing people to list, but
if you want to see the full list of speakers, again, I’m linking it down in the description. Go check out, it’s an awesome event. I’m proud to put it on for you. And now, gents, it your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments
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