Antique Mall BoHo Dress ~ Finding Vintage Clothes at Antique Stores

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I know that most people think about going to antique malls to get home decorations and
home decorating ideas, and they’re great places for that, I love doing that too. But, I have found over the years that you
can find really good vintage and resale clothes at antique malls and that’s what I’m going
to show you today. But first, thank you so much for watching. If you’re a regular watcher and subscriber,
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it’s just a button down below and it’s free and it means a lot me. We’re on all the social media outlets as
well @thedressupmom #thedressupmom where I post outfits and other things during the week. I’m upset because the antique mall near
us is closing, it’s one of my favorite places. A furniture is buying them out and they’re
closing, so, I’m going to go there one last time, they have a bunch of good sales going
on, and see if we can find something fun before they close. Here we are. As you can see, it’s closing, so I’m going
to try to get some good deals. [Music] Check out this antique dress. It’s sheer, beautiful lace that you definitely
wear something under. This is gorgeous. It goes all the way to the floor. Look at this beautiful vintage wedding gown,
that looks really nice. You could take the sleeves off and everything
off of this, it’s very cool. [Music] Look at this cute little vintage bag. It’s all beaded up. I think it’s really cute, and also my colors. [Music] Fabulous Hawaiian shirts. Love those two, I’ll be taking a look at
those. Oh, my God, here it is. I’ve struck gold. Look at this. Vintage, hand-crafted caftan. This is beautiful and in excellent shape. Check out the sleeves. All the colors. It fits, so this is coming home. I’m going to wear it with some boots. It’s going to be stunning. I love it. I don’t know if you can see this on, but
here it is. I think it’s so cool. I even have a pair of boots that I’m wearing
right now. It’s going to be 20% off. I’ll show it to you when I get home too,
but the back is also all embroidered and beautiful. I’ll try it on again when I get home for
you, but I’m so excited about this and it’s going to be a great price too. So, here is how that dress turned when I got
it home and styled it the way I wanted to style it. I think it’s just amazing. The front and the back of it. All of the detailing. Very Boho, but wearable. I found out it’s from the 70s from India,
a Caftan, handmade, I mean, just incredible. So, antique malls, if you have them, think
about them for vintage clothes and for resale clothes. Most people don’t and I have found some
incredibly great finds. I’m going to have to go find another, now
that my favorite place is closing, but I will do that. I would love to hear about some of the antique
finds that you have found that are clothes related. If you could share those in the comments,
that would be great. Thank you so much for watching, and until
next time, dress it up a little. END OF RECORDING

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