Ankle Boot Pairings

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Wendy’s Lookbook.
We are in San Diego today at Balboa Park, which is home to the San Diego Zoo, museums
and botanical garden. Today, we’re dedicating this pairing episode to one
of my favorite wardrobe pieces: shoes. We’re going to have a lot of fun playing with ankle boots. Yay! Ankle boots are the great transitional piece
from summer to fall. I got these boots from Asos for $77,
but they’re really available at any price point. Target has some for $13, Aldo has some for $90, and the infamous Isabelle
Marant boots are available for $600. They’re super casual and fun. And just like how nude
pumps help elongate the legs, I also look for boots that are nude to serve the same
purpose. But, they’re so much fun and I cannot wait to play with some pairings. Yay ๐Ÿ™‚ And we are in the Casa Del Prado area of Balboa
Park. And the architecture here is stunning, so beautiful. And here is our first pairing as we enjoy our architecture.
To give the boots a casual, fun vibe, I like pairing it
with a tank dress. And here I have this tank dress I picked up from the thrift store. And
our friendly denim jacket is coming back. Our boots, our baggy and we’re ready to go! We are at the Natural History Museum. There’s
live music, there’s a fountain and people are just relaxing. The weather’s dropping
a little bit so I have my trusty scarf with me But this outfit is perfect for late summer
onto early fall. We have some shorts on. And our long tunic. our trusty leopard scarf, our shoes and we’re ready to go. Wherever we are, we always find ourselves
a rose garden. I think they’re secretly following us. But this garden is really unique, it has
over 2500 roses and with more than 180 different varieties. To borrow from our pink pastel
friend, here I have a rose color fuzzy sweater from H&M. And some grey skinny jeans. This
color combination works really well with brown boots, I find. It’s very comfortable and very
warm, perfect for a back to school look and casual Friday to just hang out with friends.
We’re going to explore this secret garden. This is after hours at Balboa Park, and this
place gets filled up with lights. Our boots are the perfect companion, going from
day to night. To play with the chic, rocker edgy look, I paired black pants, with a grey tee I got from Forever 21,
our moto jacket, chain bag, and the reason I wanted to keep this
color palate dark is to use our boots as accent colors. Thank you so much for being with me, I hope
you had fun with our ankle boot pairings. Balboa Park has so many treasures to explore.
So if you’re ever in San Diego, make sure to drop by. It’s getting late and I’m a little
tired, so I’m going to head home. Thank you so much for being with me again and I’ll see
you soon on Youtube-land. Bye!


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  • If I haven't said it before I'll say it again, I LOVE your vids! I love the way they're shot, I love the music, I especially love the outfits and then pairings and I think you're awesome (^_^) no homo though. Keep it coming!

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