Amuri Barefoot Sandal Adjustment – Xero Shoes Tarahumara Huaraches

Hello, Steven Sashen , or more accurately Stephen Sashen’s feet, with, we’re gonna smooth that out, and I’m here to show you how to adjust
your Amuri Venture or Amuri Cloud to get the perfect fit. Now just so you
know, once you get the right fit you can slide these on and… uh, this is tricky to do at this angle; slide ’em on, slide ’em off in just a second, and then you’re ready
to go for anything from taking a walk to running a 100 mile ultramarathon. There are a number things that you can do to
adjust these for the right fit. The first is the position of the knot. You can move it forward, you can move it back, and this is really a personal
preference; you can see that I kinda prefer mine sort of the two-thirds spot. By the way,
something someone show me, it wasn’t my idea is that they move the knot forward just for the purpose of getting
into the shoe a little easier and then they slip back into place.
Clever idea. I’ve never actually found that necessary cuz you can see you can
get these on and off pretty quickly without that, but something, if you feel the need you can play with.
So the knot’s the first thing. The second thing is the angle at the toe strap. You can make this go straight across
from the toe post to the outside ankle hole, or a little straighter back. It’s a
personal preference you can see that I tend… well actually I usually go for more
that angle. And the way you do that simple; if you want this a little
straighter you just take the lace, feed it through
and put it this way. If you want the lace to be more straight
that way you take the extra here, feed it through that hole and pull that way. So that way you can change the angle of
things to get the right fit. By the way speaking of “right fit” you’ll know you have
the right fit when it feels snug but comfortable. You
don’t want it so loose that you’re flopping around. But you don’t want it so tight that it’s cutting off circulation being really uncomfortable. You’ll find what we call the sweet spot
attention. Some people get it right on the first try. Some people it takes them a day or so
of tweaking until they get it, but either way once you have the right tension it’ll feel really comfortable, and yet
secure at the same time. That’s the combination you’re looking for. The next thing you want to adjust
especially if you’ve polls next release back through here is the tension around
the heel and the way you do that let’s see I’m gonna take these off I’m there’s two things you can do
obviously you can’t make this tighter or you can he get looser so here’s a nigga tighter the gist is
that you need to pull the black lace in this case that way and the green lace that way but
with these tensioners in place you can just pull on the ends so what you have to do is feed a lace
through the tensioner and then pull them so if you wanna make it tighter I must
say hi do that it’s kinda kinda BZ the first thing I do actually
is it looks like I unless things the wrong way some polling the lace and that way you’ll see one
second certainly do that on both sides and I do that just so I can get a grip
on the lace because now all I wanna do is Paul in
this direction so on polling least that way and a black
lace this way so that claims the whole thing just give
me a good grip and then I just poll that all the way through and
pull that all the way through I I know these are all along right now
no talk about that a second if you wanna make things looser it’s
basically the exact opposite just poll that back poll that back and then I just since the tensioner at the same
time surely that put the tensioner that way and then
we’ve made everything looser use their real looser if you got on a lot area: he got a whole lot of extra
lace on this side run either side that’s dragging or
getting the way you want it really that it’s actually really simple to do this
is the first hack for the sensory sorry the Amaury venture or
clout you need a sharp or not sharp wrister through thin
pointy something I’m using that screwdriver runners
recovers from my many leatherman and you’re gonna put in that little slit
thats in the lace and and pried open 30 books so the pride that open little clam
shell and then you’re just gonna tram the lace Pierce Israel do he pukey do not use scissors that you’ve
given to a child to play with I’m I don’t know what the hell happened
in those and then take a later and just seal the ends be careful what you do
this the polyester lace a retains heat really
well so you don’t wanna on do anything silly and then huge gonna snap this back over those ans a you may need or want pliers just a really like that
in place and you’ll see it it snaps in place and
then you’re done so that’s how you adjust the links above
the entire lease if you need to and you are ready to go so enjoy feel the world have fun


  • Thank you!  Just did this to mine and now they fit perfectly :).

  • Thanks! I'll try these tips out later!

  • the xero basic tying style is great. It can be tightened by pulling on the loose lace in front. don't cut that too short

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