America’s Got Talent 2019 Auditions! | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global


  • Sees guy doing card magic and skips to next act. I mean really, it's been done to death already.

  • 34:50 broke my heart because their so good and deserve better, I didn’t watch all of them but this for sure caught my eye so far I skipped lots. I’ll watch it all now

  • I want to be kodi’s friend :,)

  • that 15-year kid got no flow whatsoever.

  • There's this feeling that when one of the judges press the golden buzzer you'll just get teary eyed

  • why did ppl dislike???


  • Act 3 is a total insult to the classical music and simon is a jerk

  • OMG!!! Cody was and is wonderfull&amazing.
    It made ME so happy.
    Thank You Cody.

  • The Indians are amazing. They deserve it.

  • سلام برشما بزرگوار ان از پیام میدهم امیدوارم پیامم رابخوانید دارای صدای خوبی هستم واز ایزد منان سپاسگزارم میخواهم دربرنامه شما شرکت کنم اما حیف

  • № 1 unique person!!!

  • OOOOOO MMMMMM GGGGGGG!!!! I'm crying very much! WTF!!!

  • Music is a balm for everyone. All. Thank you!

  • 38:00 they use this child like a projectile xD

  • The blind kid playing the piano and singing made me cry so much.

  • can't even watch any video for 5minutes without crying

  • i always need a box of tissues when watching matter how much i lie to myself that they wont be any drop of tears

  • Magic shows, jokes, made me unsubscribe to this channel. I wish it was music only.

  • The 7th grade song made me cry

  • 7th grade is straight 21 pilots style .. do a calab

  • W…O…W…

  • Wow beautiful voice. U make me crying…god bless you.

  • Got talen loco mía Camilo sesto. Viejitas pero. Hermosas es un de unos y unas. Ok me digan. Uy toma music. Baile. Esto. Mundo. Te. Call mw espage. Tirol. Mundo ok grc grc grc.

  • Teneis medios para. Ello ok uno dos. Tres. An de trua. Guan. Chu. Fri aplauso. Te tirol. Eurovision. Viña allí. Lata caña tronko. Ok orray okey grc grc grc. Te. Call me espage.

  • 😟😟😰😍😍😍

  • Wow it is amazing

  • That last performance though💕😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bombay India The Best

  • anyone notice the guy in the blue shirt at 7:53 is wearing a black panther necklace lol so cool

  • Someone once said: If god had a voice he would sound like Andrea Bocelli. They should change that to Kodi lee

  • Ciao

  • 60% of comments are about Lodi
    And other is 40% is about all other performance

  • What a dirty India Mumbai

  • o.m.g

  • You r amazing!!

  • I love how he says “I’m CODYYY”😂 made my heart smile!

  • V Unbeatable deserved a gold buzzer for sure!!!!!

  • best america

  • My dude at 18:10 is really a wizard and is hard flexing on all us normies isn't he?

  • Kodi truly has inspired me I'm so happy God gave him this gift! what an icon!

  • How can ANYONE press 👎🏻 ??? WTF is wrong with people

  • الهنود كول شوادي مو بشر لما يقفزون 😨

  • I would have loved it if Kodi won Americas got talent
    This is how many people love and support him


  • india ❤

  • Amazing woooo

  • For kodi I cry more best of lock god bless you

  • the kids from MUMBAI are AWESOOOOOMEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Patrizio and I love Italy.

  • Im was in tears with cody, hes just Amazin 💕💕

  • Omg the first one was so sad but it made me smile 💕😍I felt goosebumps when they pressed the gold button.

  • I totally believe Eric himself does have real magic

  • I almost cried so heart warming

  • I can’t tell if the guy who shot himself out of a crossbow on fire is incredibly brave or incredibly stupid

  • The first one broke me into myriad pieces with tears and love. This guy teaches that Life is wonderful✨😍

  • muy bonita canción canta este chico

  • Neither Shin Lim or Eric can't do anything without their magic table.

  • we review the video of the magician, We see that he push the card down to see to everyone that there is nothing in his hands but we see it… its okay that is magic,

  • Hii

  • Nice

  • 7

  • SENSACIONAL … brutal ries lloras gritas ries te encojes te emocionas … wau… esto es SHOW VITAL señ[email protected]

  • Cho mình xin link bài hát ở phút thứ 7 với ạ.

  • its already like a happy sad moment with Kodi to the point where you're crying, then they add sad music and slomos of their happiness lol. i bout broke down

  • So many people abort children like Kodi because they think they don't deserve to live. Thanks Kodi's mom for raising this remarkable person. Sad that other people like him won't have a chance to enrich our lives.

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  • They are highly technical.

  • Mermão doido, chorei nessa misera

  • ALL THESE CONTESTANTS ARE AMAZING!one day im gonna be on it UwU if i have a Talent

  • 👍👍👍👍✋✋✋

  • O primeiro que cego e autista que talento maravilhoso !!

  • 4:21 can u tell me the name of the song please!!

  • The human fuse guy is the proof that white people are fucking crazy.

  • Thex very much Gabriela for giving Cody golden bozz you will be a nice mather

  • X lo menos lo puede poner sustitulado

  • I really liked the last one. It was so entertaining! Loved it!

  • I already love Cody and his voice, I'm crying 😢😢 you deserve it

  • I wasn't expecting the 3rd guy 😂😂

  • Hi im David jett ,im schedualed for Americas got Tallent at the civic center in Dalias tex.December 14  for my audition.i cant find the list. why?

  • wouldent that be week 1

  • oops !I mean 2

  • 2

  • I miss mel b and Heidi

  • 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Isso mostra q mesmo vc deficiente tem estrela pois nois todos tem uma estrela dentro de nos basta crer e buscar de toda alma ela brilha Deus e maravilhos sucesso varao

  • The “Bring it On” girl is beautiful.

  • what is the name of the song in the last performance ?

  • Omg the fist time I heard cody's voice I burst in tears…hes deserves everything in the world he proved that even if your blind, autistic,mute or any disease you can do need to believe in your self and have some esteem in yourself❤🥀🔥😘

  • Im from mumbai. Its hard. Sorry

    Well thats yes

  • The best, the voice is magical

  • Ultimate voice 😊 he is a rock..,

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  • Love from India

  • God at work miracles happening 🙏🙏

  • Its a reminder of humanity can be found and have comparison

  • Me encantan ver estos videos pero no le entiendo al ingles y yo que dice 😭😭😭😭 los que hablan español reportense o soy la única


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  • Well. I'm simply in love with Patricio. 🤷

  • The Indian group is seriously insane to like watch because they’re so amazing 👏🏽👌🏽💛

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