Altra Solstice

So today we’re gonna be talking about the Altra Solstice. The Altra Solstice is Altra’s new do everything road shoe. It’s fantastic in the winter for gym use. It’s great in the summer for road racing. We like to call it our café racer. So it is very light, it’s flexible, a little bit firmer midsole which makes it great on a lot of fronts. Like I said, for gyms, if you’re gonna go five miles on the treadmill and then go do some weights and so forth, it’s fantastic but it’s light enough and flexible enough you can go out and do a great 10k or half marathon. So it’s very stylish as well so
you can wear it around town etc. Of course it has Altra’s signature ZeroDrop balanced heel and forefoot. It’s got a FootShape Toe Box. It also has an engineered mesh that’s light, breathable, and just really comfortable. It’s got a great price point. It is a fantastic do-everything shoe and we’re really excited to launch this new Altra Solstice.

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