Altra Olympus 3.0

The Olympus 3 has been completely revamped and I couldn’t be more excited about this new update. It is mega grip meets max cushion.
The Vibram MegaGrip TrailClaw outsole really allows this shoe to grip in any terrain. It is aggressive. It is grippy. It has fantastic traction. Of course it has our max-cushion midsole but we actually lowered it a little bit. So the previous model was 36 millimeters. This one is 33 millimeters. It’s also much lighter weight. We’ve taken nearly two ounces out of this shoe so it’s lighter, it’s more flexible, and it’s more stable. Several reasons it’s more stable.
Of course, a little lower to the ground but we really widened the back of the heel here. We took this split right here and widened it out. So it’s a very nice, wide, stable platform for you to go through any trail terrain. Its got the great upper here: very durable, protective. We’re really excited about this shoe. It has all of the characteristics that make Altra, Altra which is ZeroDrop midsole, FootShape Toe Box, and our Fit4Her last. So in testing, I just ran a 50 mile trail race in this a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. It was one of my fastest 50 mile times yet and I really think this shoe was perfect for that terrain. The Olympus 3 features Altra’s new 4-point gaiter system. Now all Altra trail shoes do come with a GaiterTrap velcro on the back as well as a loop at the front. This is for our custom gaiters that just attached great to the shoe. And what we’ve done is add a 4-point gaiter now with two additional attached points right down the side. So now with those four attachment points, you’re able to get a really secure fit around the ankle to keep out and reduce the amount of sand, rocks, dust, debrise, snow, and ice that can get into your shoe.


  • I love the new Olympus 3.0! After wearing and racing in the previous models, this is big improvement with the wider rear and lower height. I ran a few races this year and performed well. More stability.

  • I have been using this shoe for road long runs of 30 and 35 km. The cushion is on point and doesn't suffer from cushion fatigue like the Duo and Torin 2.0 did . Would love to see this cushioning on the DUO 2.0 in future if possible, because a lightweight racing version of the olympus 3 for roads would make another high cushion shoe manufacturer very worried.

  • Looks perfect for ultras especially for road to trails . I have the 2.5 and it is a great shoe almost on its limit though.

  • is this shoe made any more or are they always sold out on your site?

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