Altra King MT 1.5

The Altra King MT 1.5 is named after the highest point in Utah, King’s Peak. And Altra really likes to excel and get to the top. And that’s what this shoe does. It is kind of the extreme trail shoe from Altra. The way we do that is through multiple levels. Starting with the outsole. This is Altra’s most aggressive outsole. It’s using Vibram MegaGrip. It’s got our traditional TrailClaw outsole Molded downhill lugs, uphill lugs. Strongest canted lugs right here over the metatarsal joints. Over 6 millimeters in depth here. It is really going through mud, scree, just really nasty conditions. It does have Altra’s EGO midsole compound. So it’s going to be soft. It’s going to give energy return. And, it’s very very durable. It does have a Stoneguard throughout the shoe, which gives it a little bit more rigidity than most of the other trail shoes of this low-profile. The upper has TPU overlays throughout. They’re scattered through that’s going to give it a really secure fit and feel, as well as added durability. The velcro strap is fantastic on the top. This is for those of you who are doing steeplechase runs or mud runs, and you need to adjust on the fly based on the uphill or downhill, or the conditions that the shoe gets through. So that’s there to customize. It wraps all the way down to the side here, so you’re able to get a really custom midfoot wrap that you can adjust during the run. I like to call this shoe Altra’s off-trail trail shoe, right? This is going to excel in mud, in scree, in peak bagging, fell running, really nasty, gnarly conditions. Of course, it has Altra’s Gaiter Trap with the velcro on the back so you can put Gaiters over the shoe and connect it to keep a lot of those rocks, and debris, and so forth out of the shoe. But really when you’re going through trail conditions that require and extreme shoe, that’s the Altra King MT 1.5.


  • we are waiting for the Lone Peak 4.0

  • Love these!

  • Love my Superiors and Lone Peaks. On my third pair of Superiors and they are edging the Lone Peaks out as my faves. I just may have to give the King MT's a try here at some point.

  • Sold! Oh wait haven’t got my size in the UK and not importing any more? Back to Hoka then 😒

  • True to size or has that never ending plague of Altras couldnt get their sizing right? Shame my feet never had injured with zero drop and i can only buy em online to get better deals

  • Are there some Easter eggs hidden in that background? I like the new color hiit xt, lone peak 4!

  • I hope this isn't a silly question but could I use the MT's on just a dirt trail? I don't doubt they're for more intense 'hiking' and I plan to do rockier trails but I don't think my Altra ONE's will keep me from slipping around on dirt trails as I jog.. Anyone's thoughts are invited 🙂 THANK YOU!!!

  • When you guys putting EGO in everything? Asking for a friend…

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