Altra Footwear Lone Peak 4 Mid RSM SKU: 9082595

Hey, what’s up everybody! It’s Clayton here at and today we’re checking out the Lone Peak 4 Mid RSM from Altra Footwear this awesome trail running shoe is built for the neutral to under pronator with moderate cushioning lots of flex and a 0 millimeter heel to toe
drop You’ve got the upper made from a lightweight event which is give me you waterproof protection and breathability for the ultimate comfortable protection you’ve got the cool mountain design on the side there which is also a little reflective to keep you comfy and safe in those low-light times you’ve got the foot shaped toe box which allows your toes to display naturally to keep you comfy out on the trail you’ve got the dual layer EVA midsole which is extra flexible it’s gonna give you lots of rebound energy with that A-Bound™ top leg you’ve got the awesome 4 point Gator trap which actually allows you to secure a gator to your shoe that having to strap it to your outsole there are lots of cushion up around the ankle and support with that super soft mesh materials which is gonna keep it nice and breathable to keep your comfy on the trail and down below, you’ve got that comfy insert it’s gonna give you lots of cushion and breathability with those perps and it’s all sitting on top of the DuraThread™ Rubber with TrailClaw™ canted lugs beneath the metatarsals there to give you reduce impact net spring to your step So make your way to the top and style with these ones from Altra Footwear

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