Allen Edmonds Vs. Wolf & Shepherd: Shoe Brand Stompdown

– Hello, welcome to Bespoke Unit, in today’s stompdown video, we’re going to be looking at the difference between Allen
Edmonds and Wolf & Shepherd and if you should buy one over the other. (upbeat music) Hello, my name’s Paul Anthony. – And I’m CP – And in today’s video, as I mentioned in the introduction there, we’re gonna be looking at Allen Edmonds and Wolf & Shepherd and in a recent video, Charles-Philippe and I
coined the term stompdown as opposed to a showdown
between two shoes, real corny,
– I laughed (laughs) – but we’re gonna run with
it and see if we get any traction with it. (laughs)
– (laughs sarcastically) – Easy now, calm down,
it’s very late here, we’re getting delusional. – It’s kicking off. (both laugh) – I really can’t think of anything to come back to that one (laughs) anyway, the really interesting
thing about this comparison is that these shoes are in,
basically, a head-to-head. Or a toe-to-toe price
– Mmmmm (both laugh) – This is ridiculous (laughs) They’re in a toe-to-toe price packet, with Allen Edmonds probably
being around the $400 mark and the Wolf & Shepherds being 365 395 for their leather, kinda,
shoe and boot offerings. So, I’ll take it away on
the Allen Edmonds side. – Sure. – So, Allen Edmonds,
classic American maker here, made in the USA, Goodyear
welted construction, which is gonna give you
good resole ability, – Yeah – It’s gonna give you
good water protection and they’re obviously made
from very high quality leather uppers, leather
inners, the full shebang. Everyone, pretty much is comfortable and knows the pros and
cons of Allen Edmonds. There are links below where we talk about different
construction methods, Blake versus Goodyear,
however, the Wolf & Shepherds, as you’ll learn in a minute, are a hybrid, cemented,
Blake construction shoe, so – Indeed – I don’t even wanna take that away. – Well, a lot of shoe snobs
are probably going (groans) as they hear those words ’cause cemented shoes for $350 plus, wow that’s an interesting one and I think that these
guys have courted a very, quite unique market here, So, we’re looking at
construction that involves, as Paul mentioned, cemented
and Blake construction. Here we have a PhoenixTECH rubber soles, which are on each of their models, which is a very lightweight rubber and in the heel we’re
looking at an EVA heel, which is a very lightweight
and shock-absorbing material and on the inside you
have a memory foam footbed that cups the contours of your feet. It’s, as they say, “Walking on clouds.” – Sure, so the purpose of
this video is not to really go head-to-head or toe-to-toe
with the construction methods of the shoes, because I think
that’s been covered a lot. What we really want
you guys to think about is why you may buy either shoe. Currently, Allen Edmonds is
ranked, I think, number one in our best dress shoes under $400, especially as it’s an American-made shoe. And then, Wolf & Shepherd
is ranked number one in our most comfortable dress shoes, pretty much at any price point because it is very difficult to find a comfortable dress shoe. – This is true.
– At any price point that doesn’t look like you’re
gonna be walking on the moon. So, with that being said, why would you buy an Allen Edmond? Well, you’re gonna buy an Edmond because you want a
classically constructed shoe that looks great.
– Yep – I own many Allen Edmonds, I think they’re great for the office, obviously depending on
the style and the color. They’re gonna offer a great variety. – Very versatile, very
robust and enduring shoe. – So, this is really gonna be, the Allen Edmond is pretty much when you’re gonna talk about any kind of Goodyear welted shoe. But I think, more importantly, is why would you buy a
Wolf & Shepherd shoe? – Well, I’m a guy, for example, who tends to complain a lot
and even to his wife a lot about his foot pain when he’s walking around
the streets of Paris. Doing some shopping, or
running all the errands. – That’s not a random name drop,
he actually lives in Paris. – Oh, yeah, by the way, sorry, I’m not trying to be a snob here, I actually do. I’m a guy who also has quite low arches, my feet tend to pronate,
which means they rotate because of the low arches
and the weak arches too. And so, because of this, I
do have a lot of frustrations when I’m wearing traditional dress shoes. Since I’ve been wearing Wolf & Shepherd and I’ve been wearing they
for about three months, really taking these
boots, the Breakaway boots as far as I possibly can. (background noise drowns out sound) – even walkin’ the dogs in them. – Oh yeah, for sure, I mean I’m tempted to use
these for playing tennis. (laughing)
Y’know see how they – Well, a guy did run a
half-marathon in them. – Yeah, he did.
– Y’know, so. – And I’m actually pleasantly surprised, at first, I was very skeptical but I started to really
appreciate the way these, the way the memory foam kinda
cups the contours of my feet, supports my arches and
gives me a lot of relief after a long day, for example, you were saying earlier about, y’know, going to meetings in New York. – Yeah, so I actually
live here in Philadelphia and I go to New York fairly frequently and when I do go to New York, as many of you who may
have been to New York, it’s actually easier to
probably walk between meetings, as opposed to gettin’ on the subway or jumping from cab-to-cab or Uber to lift or whatever it may be. So, many times I’m in New York, I may walk five plus miles a day and when the weight of a shoe and the distance that
you’re walkin’ in a shoe becomes a factor, then definitely a Wolf & Shepherd is gonna be a contender. – Yeah – So, I think that’s what
it really boils down to is kind of coming up with,
your use-case scenarios. Would I get married in a Wolf & Shepherd? Probably not.
– Yeah, it’s not good – If I’m going to be
beatin’ the streets all day that’s probably when I’m gonna
wanna wear a Wolf & Shepherd. If you guys are commuting long distances and you’re gonna be walking
to and from the office, put yourself into a trainer stroke sneaker or tennis shoe. Once you get off the train and
walk a mile back to the house no one likes that look
if you’re in a suit, Wolf & Shepherd have really addressed that corner of the market and
that’s something you can do. If, for example, like when
I drive into Philadelphia, I live out in the ‘burbs currently. And I drive downtown,
I’m usually jumpin’ out from the carpark I’m out and
only walk a couple blocks. Then a Goodyear shoe that’s
a little bit heavier, a little bit stiffer
isn’t a problem for me. – No, not at all.
– In that scenario. So, for my particular
use-case, I actually have both Allen Edmonds and
Wolf & Shepherds as well. – That’s right – So, again, I don’t have a
regular kind of office job where I go in to the same
location every single day. I have kind of more a virtual schedule when I’m dividing between, working from home, working in New York, working in Philly and I will pick footwear based off what location and how much activity I’m
gonna be doing that day. – Yeah, while I admire the craftsmanship and the quality materials used for making Allen Edmonds
footwear, Wolf & Shepherd, for me, is more of a tool that
I use for a particular usage. This is something that I find is very well adapted to certain needs, but not necessarily all my
most diverse footwear needs. – Sure, so if you’re a shoe-snob, it may be worth trying
out the Wolf & Shepherds – Try it (mumbles) give it a shot. – Yeah, definitely give
it a go, you never know. The one counter-argument I think, that you can maybe get a half size extra in an Allen Edmonds you could put an inner-sole in, but that doesn’t negate the fact that one a break-in time,
of a Goodyear welted shoe and two the fact that the shoes are heavy. So that’s probably kind
of the one big question I always kind of get thrown up, especially in shoe communities and stuff. So, again, definitely
worth givin’ ’em a try. We actually love both brands here, so it’s not a buy this or don’t buy that. There are many other great shoe brands that we actually review here, on Bespoken, such as Beckett Simonon, which is a Blake shoe, that
comes in at well under $200. So, everyone’s got
different budgetary needs, everyone’s got different lifestyle needs, and I think guys here
in the US and in the UK definitely need to expand
their footwear knowledge and collections to suit
their particular needs. – Absolutely – With all that being said,
love to hear your comments and questions below, whether
you think you should buy only Wolf & Shepherd, only Allen Edmonds or you agree with our stance that it’s probably good to have
different tools for the job, depending on your lifestyle needs. Also, you can suggest different
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– You did? – But you can read
– Well, let’s just add that again – Again, we put a lot of time and effort and research into these videos and we definitely want to
grow the community here and share what we’re
learning with you guys and please give us feedback. As that’s always very constructive for us. With all that being said,
my name’s Paul Anthony. – I’m CP – And we’ll see you next time. – Take care. (upbeat music)


  • You're British but you seem to cover a lot of American shoes that become very expensive once you add import duties.

  • The issue with Allen Edmonds in recent years is the lack in quality. I purchased a pair last year that had to be returned three times due to defects. They have unfortunately significantly degraded to the point where I would sooner look at some manufacturer's in Germany before purchasing anything from AE.

  • Do Wolf & Shepherd have the same resoling guarantee that Allen Edmonds does? AE will resole your shoes for less than half the cost of a new pair.

  • How does Wolf & Shepherd compare to existing comfort-focused dress shoes designed by Cole Haan such as their Grand OS line?

  • You guys talk too much, get to it

  • Los Angeles based. Gotta love it. Visited the store in Century City this week to try them on. Allen Edmonds is right around the corner. Talk about competition. Will be purchasing the WS cap toe in Spanish red. Nice video ?

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