Allen Edmonds Cordovan Review: Park Avenue Cap-Toe Dress Shoes In Cordovan | Kirby Allison

Hi I’m Kirby Allison and we love to help the well-dressed
acquire and care for their wardrobes in this video. I’m really excited to be
reviewing one of Allen Edmonds flagship shoes the Park Avenue in cordovan recognizing us as one of the leading
authorities on luxury men’s dress shoe
worldwide. Allen Edmonds has graciously agreed to give us access to their entire
collection of shoes to review for you on this YouTube channel. The reason our reviews are special and different than everyone else’s
is because of this access to Allen Edmonds
complete catalog which will allow us to film the most extensive and comprehensive collection of dress shoe reviews of these shoes side by side. If you have any questions or thoughts please ask them in the
comments section below. I tried to get back to all questions personally. Allen Edmonds makes an excellent
goodyear welted leather dress shoe that a properly polished and resoled can last a lifetime. For many of our viewers Allen
Edmonds is their first experience with a high quality goodyear welted leather dress shoe. In short an investment in the
lasting quality that for many has fostered a lifetime of
appreciation of fine footwear and there is no better place to
start them than the Allen Edmonds Park
Avenue. This simple cap to Oxford is a
classic, a staple that belongs in almost every closet and there’s no surprise that the
Park Avenue is easily Allen Edmonds number one selling dress shoe. Another thing about this amazing
shoe is that it is available in 18 sizes nine widths six colors a calfskin three colors of cordavon. And we have them all here today to review for you. Immediately you can see the classic proportions of the Allen Edmond and Park Avenues. A plain cap Captain Oxford, the Park Avenue is the most formal style of business dress you can purchase. Incredibly versatile they can be worn during the day or evening casually or formally. The shoe features a soft round cap toe with classic proportions. The Park Avenues, in cordovan, are very special shoes and made to an even higher standard than Allen Edmonds standard calfskin shoes. These retail for six hundred ninety five dollars which is a 270 dollar premium over the same shoe made in calfskin. However the price is totally substantiated by the cost of the premium materials used in
this shoe that we’ll discuss later. The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue is a
beautiful elegant and traditional design. It features a three piece pattern in
construction toe cap vamp back quarters with an elegant single double and triple stitching that gives the shoe additional visual detail. The Park Avenue features a
traditional round shape for which Allen Edmonds is famous. The Park Avenue is further
differentiated as one of only a couple styles with six eyelets which beautifully elongates the silhouette. This is also a classic American style. The cap on the Park Avenue has a forward balance and slight puff which has several benefits. One it reduces the risk of the CAP flexing due to any sizing or fit issues which eliminates the risk of any mirror shine applied to the cap toe from cracking. But second it also elongates the side profile of this shoe which is quite elegant. One of the other elements of the
style of the Park Avenue that’s unique to Allen
Edmonds is their use of single double and triple stitching in order to
create visual interest. You’ll see that along the border and the perimeter of some of the
pieces you have an elegant clean single stitching but on the cap you have double
stitching and around the vamp and the tongue you have triple
stitching. This design detail is totally unique to each shoemakers personal style and preference and there’s one of the things that
makes this Allen Edmonds totally unique. The Park Avenue also features a nice square waist which adds to its stability durability and comfort. The Cordavon Park Avenues also have
a beautifully finished soul that shows an additional degree of attention and craftsmanship above the standard
line. JR Rendenbach oak bark tanned
leather households are exclusively used for the court
of shoes and is another point of differentiation and distinction. But you also see a nice dovetail heel with beautiful brass nailing the heel also features a full second rubber layer which again further increases its comfort and durability. There’s no question that the Allen
Edmonds Park Avenue and especially the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue and cordovan is designed for many years if not a lifetime of great use. But first let’s talk about Cordovan. I had an opportunity to personally
organize a private tour of the Horween
tannery in Chicago with Skip Horween and factory manager John Cullerton Horween as a multilevel factory
that’s like being transported back in time. Where traditional craftsmanship and quality reigns supreme in the old way of doing things stands the test of time. In addition to making Cordovan and chromexcel leather, Horween makes all the leather for
the official NBA and NFL game balls. Shell cordovan leather is a
specialty skin known for its durability and distinct luster. Highly collectible, Allen Edmonds Cordovan shoes have
something of a cult following. Cordovan isn’t actually leather. It’s a membrane found underneath the skin of the
hindquarters or rear shells of a horse. Because of this Cordovan leather
does not have the traditional poor
structure found an open grain calfskin. Only one pair of shoes can be made from each shell membrane. The tanning process takes upwards of
six months and is highly unique. So unique that there are only a
couple of tanneries left in the world that
are able to tan codovan leather. Shell cordovan is no doubt a very rare and special material that is
difficult to source and available only in limited quantities. All of Allen Edmonds court even this
source from Horween leather in Chicago the only cordovan leather tanning
factory left in the Western Hemisphere. One of the unique characteristics of
Cordovan leather and that’s one of the
characteristics that has really endeared Cordovan to so many people and one of my favorite is the unique luster, the natural luster, of Cordovan leather. You can see with no polishing it has a nice satin luster to it that makes it much shinier naturally than a pair of calfskin. With just a little bit of brushing,
he shoe is able to maintain this sopped shine throughout its entire lifetime. The two most important components of
the shoe are the upper leather and the outsoles. On Allen Edmonds Cordovan shoes, not only are they using the finest cordovan leather available in the
world but they’re also using the finest
outsole material. All of Allen Edmonds cordovan shoes are exclusively made with JR Rendenbach, oak bark tanned, leather outsoles and heels. Hans Rendenbach, the fourth generation owner of JR Rendenbach, flew me and my film crew to trea Germany for an extensive multiday tour of their tannery which was as
impressive as our Horween experience. It is not lost upon us that both of these world leading companies are fourth and fifth generation family owned companies where quality is paramount. JR Rendenbach oak bark tanned
leather outsoles are simply the best and are four to five times more expensive than those commonly found on most factory made shoes. Their leather our souls are tanned
using 5, 100 percent natural tree barks layered and pits for up to nine months. That tanning process is totally natural. The result is an incredibly durable and water resistant outsold that
last two to three times longer than
standard leather outsoles. The fact that Allen Edmonds uses JR Rendenbach oak bark tanned
leather outsoles exclusively for the record of shoes is just another subtle point of distinction that further differentiates these
shoes and makes them special. Furthermore it is a testament to
their commitment to quality in this shoe. Allen Edmonds is best known for
their full 360 degree goodyear welted construction which allows the leather dress shoes
to be easily resold without compromising the integrity of the shoe. The welt is that thin strip of
leather that is sewn to the unsold. The council is then stitch to the welt. This allows the outsoles to be
pulled off and replaced without damaging
the construction of the uppers. Goodyear welting also allows a much thicker and longer lasting outsold to be used than in Blake Stich
construction. The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue
cordovan cap to Oxford comes in three
finishes Black, Brown and the iconic Horween Cordovan number 8 which they call Burgundy. You cannot go wrong with any of these finishes and you couldn’t go wrong with owning them all. But the cordovan coloured number
eight or Burgundy is the iconic color most widely associated with cordovan leather. If you’re looking to buy your first
pair of Allen Edmonds Cordovan shoes and you want to go for the color
that most frequently represents cordovan and you can’t go wrong with the traditional Horween number eight or burgundy. This is the color that is most
widely associated with cordovan and has developed a cult following. Another great feature of the Allied
Edmonds, aside from the quality of their
shoes, is their incredible range of
available sizes. All of Allen Edmonds shoes can be
purchased from sizes 6 to 16 and in nine different widths. The breadth and scope of sizing is unprecedented. Allen Edmonds generally fits true to size and because of how ubiquitous they
are are often the benchmark for sizing. If you have any questions on sizing Allen Edmonds has an extensive
network of stores around the country where
you can try them on. But of course they can also be
purchased online with the customer friendly 90 day return policy. Because Cordovan is such a unique
material it has to be cared for differently than
traditional calfskin shoes. Please take a look at our extensive
shoe care tutorials on the care and nurturing of cordovan leather
shoes. Cordovan has a beautiful natural satin patina that is very easily carried for. Minimal maintenance is required. Other than frequent brushing and conditioning with our cordovan cream polishes. The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue and cordovan is a truly iconic American made shoe not just made in America but made with material also tanned in America. They’re constructed with the highest quality materials
made anywhere in the world at six hundred ninety five dollars. There are certainly an investment but one well worth it. These Allen Edmonds Park Avenues and Cordovan I can wholeheartedly recommend. And if you’re looking to purchase a
pair of Allen Edmonds that will truly be special and unique. There is no better representation of the quality and craftsmanship that Allen Edmonds
represents than their Park Avenue in Cordovan. If you own a pair of Allen Edmonds or a pair of Allen Edmonds and cordovan please take a
photograph of them on Instagram and hash tag with hash tag Kirby Allison and hash tag hanger project. We’d love to see your shoes. If you have any questions or comments about anything we
discussed in this video. Please ask them in the
comments section below. I enjoyed reading them personally and trying to get back to as many as
possible. I’m Kirby Allison and thanks for joining me for this
review of the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in cordovan. The first in a comprehensive series of reviews on the entire collection of Allen Edmonds shoes. If you enjoyed this video give us a
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  • We want to thank Allen Edmonds for loaning us their entire collection of Park Avenue Dress Shoes to review and hope that you enjoy our first installment of a new series on in-depth shoe reviews on our channel. Do you have a pair of Allen Edmonds in Cordovan? Let us know.

    In this review series, we seek to review brands we admire and and that we think are good at various price points for our viewers and then explain what we think is good about them. We will not select a brand to review if we think it is no good in the first place (many approach us). They have merely loaned us the shoes, which we appreciate and return after the video is filmed, and have no financial relationship, or affiliate partnership, whatsoever.

    If you are looking for a review that trashes brands, this series is not for you. This series is for us to recommend what we think are great shoes all taken within the obvious context of the price point. There are many shoe brands that we are not able to recommend, and you will, subsequently, never find them on this channel. We are in the business of selling shoe polish, hangers, accessories for the well-dressed, which is how we fund our channel, not selling reviews.

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