Allen Edmonds – An American Original

We’re Allen Edmonds. And we’ve been
handcrafting quality men’s shoes on the shores of Lake
Michigan since 1922. Some of us have been here for decades…
Some of us are third generation. A few of us are newcomers. But one
thing’s for sure… Each one of us is committed to quality, craftsmanship and the art of shoemaking…the American way. Two hundred and twelve steps – no shortcuts and meticulous attention to every detail. At a time when some folks are
out-sourcing, offshoring and corner-cutting, we’re doubling down on the people, the place, and the values that
got us here. Because to us, American craftsmanship matters. Sure, it’s about jobs, over 500 right here in Port Washington.
But it’s also about doing things the right way…Working with the very best
materials, mastering the classics, creating new designs. And always being there for each other, and for our customers. We’re Allen Edmonds – each one of us, an American Original.


  • Too bad you now make shoes overseas. 

  • It is nice PV!!  I would like to see Woodlore`s similar to this.

  • The finest shoes in the world from AE. Please send in my thank you and gratitude to all the employees and management for producing world class fine shoes. Let's keep the "Made in USA" tags for centuries to come.  Love from Canada.

  • Allen Edmonds is my preferred shoe of choice. I have owned and own many pairs and have never been disappointed in quality, fit, style or wear. I introduced my 5 sons to Allen Edmonds as they became teens. My youngest son bought the "Fifth Avenue" in black for his Wedding last May. When asked about shoemakers, Allen Edmonds is my 1st and only recommendation.

  • I've worn AE shoes for over 30 years.  I've never been disappointed with the quality.  They last for years and years with good care, and their styles are classic, not quick come-and-go fads. 

  • From the time I discovered AE about 20 years ago, I have remained loyal.  wouldn't think of wearing another shoe. 

  • Best Shoes Ever!  Bar NONE!

  • Great video — makes me want to buy a 4th pair!

  • 3 chinese dont like this vid

  • The best company EVER

  • Very Nice my favoritos beatiful my name julio temoche mackliff and the Guayaquil ecuador shoes fantastic very good

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