All Branded Shoes in Wholesale & Retail, Directly from Zemini Warehouse,Like Nike, Fila,Reebok

Here friends will come to ShOE STREAKS it’s the first time I am showing you my go down my office my warehouse I Am having my V arouse encounter with repetition you P East The pin code of here is two zero eight zero one two you can sell it on Google and My firm name is YASH trading and engineering We are having all kind of branded shoes LIKE Reebok NIKE ADIDAS You can see we are having a variety of shoes You will get tired, but we will not because we are having extreme We also deal in flip kart snap deal. You can see there is a returning person We are also having our own brand is a meaning Ximena slippers a famous encounter Now it’s a school time actually it’s a month of Apple, and the it’s a season of the school shoes Yes, we are talking about campus, it’s a best running shoe It’s mostly in high demand let me show you one sample of it You can see There is a memory foam inside Campus is known to be the best running. Shoe as well as the bestseller Campus is only the brand who has the potential to sell the maximum products Now these are all things are of lesser brands heads egos and other things also Leigh Cooper is one of the top brands There is red chief sparks You can see Ximena We are having a lot of zooming Liberty sparks Lee Cooper It’s a cool appearance tab Its manufacturing contour You can see there are variety of brands let me show you one of its offer a chief It’s elective sandal made up of genuine leather


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