Aladdin – Ep 337 – Full Episode – 29th November 2019

Ms. Ruksaar. Ms. Ruksaar. I can’t see you in pain
like this, Ruksaar. I want to see you
in more amount of pain than this. You have tried to mess
with me. You see for yourself that is what happens
to people who mess with me. Rather much worse than this. What is happening here? What is going on here? I don’t have much time. I have to reach
to the gold tower. And open the second gate
of secret chamber and save myself from
the snow storm. And I am here. And master is among
so many people that I can’t reach to him. What do I do? Ms. Ruksaar. Princess,
shall I inform the people that the celebrations
are over? No. Ms. Ruksaar’s prayers
are not done. And the moon has not
come out. But.. She seems so weak. Am I right or wrong? You all tell me. This women left the prayers
in the middle. I am telling the truth. Now she is the one
who made a mistake and we will be the ones
to get punished by God. Shame! It’s quite clear
if a killer’s mother is assigned to do
such holy deeds then what else will happen? Chief! Yes, princess, tell me. Yes, chief is right. He is right! He is right! He is right! It’s her fault. He is right. Master, control yourself. It’s Ruksaar’s fault. It’s her fault! It’s her fault! Keep quiet. This is God’s home here there is no profit
or loss the only thing which
matters here is your heart. And we are nobody to take
decisions for her. Only God can take a decision for her. We can only pray. And we all will pray. Only Ms. Ruksaar will complete
the prayers of ‘Shab-e-Barat’. Until then nobody will leave
this place. I promise to you that will I not
your apology letter and prayers go in vain. She will wake up
and finish the prayers. ‘I have to stop Zafar anyhow.’ Princess. Princess, before the crowd
becomes out of control and they start pushing
each other we will have to maximize
the security at the ‘Dargah’. Actually, nobody care dare
to do anything until the time
the chief is here. Isn’t it, chief? I understand what you mean,
officer Gulbadan. Thank you.
– Sure, Chief?
– Yes. Until the time
the celebrations end and the prayers are done it is your responsibility
to take care of every person present here. This is my order }and I want you to obey
my orders. ‘If this man is responsible’ ‘for Ms. Ruksaar’s
this condition’ ‘then my thousands of years
of experience and magic’ ‘will disclose his strategies.’ I swear on the gold coins. Shouting women, just scream
once more and kill Ruksaar. After that I promise I will not trouble you.
Okay? Lady Ruksaar’s ear
has turned blue! Lady Ruksaar! Why has the
royal physician not come yet? Lady Ruksaar! Oh, my god! If anyone has a problem
with my mother it is this scoundrel! I am sure that all
this is happening because of this scoundrel. I will kill him!
– Master. Chandu, Jhumru,
I will not spare this Zafar! Master,
Zafar is not behind this. What are you trying to say? Then who
else is behind this? Master, I have put my
experience of 1,500 years and my magic to work. By it, I have realised that
Zafar is not behind this. What! Master, your mother’s
ears have turned blue. By this, I feel that it
is some kind of sound which is troubling her. You are right, Chandu. This is not
Zafar’s handiwork. Lady Ruksaar! Lady Ruksaar! Lady Ruksaar,
what happened to you? Mother! What is wrong with her?
Lady Ruksaar! ‘Everyone is engrossed in
the drama going on here.’ ‘Before the princess assigns
me any other responsibility’ ‘let me go and
meet my genie.’ Good that you came here. You can thank your
stars later for that. Only half an hour is
left to open the second door leading to the secret universe. Leave immediately. I will join you at the
first opportunity I get. – Okay. I will be waiting for you. Genie of the lamp! I.. I am leaving. I am leaving. Ruksaar will not
regain consciousness even if you make her
smell the expensive onions or the sandals
stolen by husband. Because she has not fainted. She is in this condition because of the horrible
screams of the evil spirit. Wonderful! Where is the brother of
the Prime Minister going? My next move is to
pray, to sing praise of god for his sake, to please
the Prime Minister. Now,
I will have to follow him. So that I can
please him as well. Junaid. Junaid. Where are you headed? Greetings.
– ‘This fatso is born to’ ‘waste people’s time.’ ‘I have to do the work my
master has assigned to me.’ ‘I.. I will not look in
her direction at all.’ I swear on the gold coins.
He is being so rude to me! This scoundrel is not even
looking in my direction. Junaid,
in what thoughts are you lost? Listen to me. Oh, God.. I see black smoke
instead of his legs! God, have mercy on me. I hope no one has done black magic on Mr. Junaid. Poor guy!
Let me have a look. Please open your eyes, Mother..
Wake up. There is truth
in my mother’s voice. There is love and trust
in her voice. I will not let
anyone snatch away her voice as long as I am alive. I will not let any harm
come to mother. Lord Allah! “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah!” “Have mercy on me, Lord..” “Perform your duty.” “Lord Allah!” My mother always
used to tell me that you do justice
to everyone. But what kind of justice
is this? You separated my father
from her. You separated
Genu and me from her. And today,
you snatched away her voice! And that too,
when she was serving fast and seeking forgiveness
on behalf of her children for the mistakes
that I had never done. You hurt my mother all her life. She did not stop
worshipping you. But now, you have stopped
supporting her. Mother was wrong. You make people suffer,
and not do justice to them. You just make them suffer.. Otherwise, prove me wrong. You will be subjected
to trials and tribulations. Today, my mother
worshipped you and thanked you despite shedding tears
all her life. Today, I want to see
how you are going to help her. Today, her respect
and reputation is in your hands. “Lord Allah!” “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah!” “Have mercy on me, Lord..” “Perform your duty..” “Have mercy on me, Lord..” “Perform your duty..” “Lord Allah!” “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah..” “Lord Allah!” Oh, my.. What is wrong with Mr. Junaid? The minister might
not be aware of this. It’s all right.
I’ll inform him. And the minister will make me
his confidant. But I need to follow Junaid
in order to do that. I shall do it. The entire city is at the dargah that’s why I couldn’t perform
magic over there. But here.. No one is here. I can perform magic over here. The entire world prays to You. If You have heard our prayers please protect my mother
against black magic and evil spirits. Please help her recover so that she can pray
for her sons. If You do not help us today then I will not lose today. My mother, honesty,
righteousness and You will be defeated. “Almighty Lord..” “My beloved Prophet..” “Please accept our prayers.” “My Lord..” – ‘Dear Lord, please
help Aladdin and his mother.’ “My beloved Prophet..” “Please accept our prayers.” “Almighty Lord,
my beloved Prophet..” “Please accept our prayers.” “Oh, Lord, shower us with Your
benevolence and mercy.” “Let us fulfil our destiny,
my Lord.” ‘The strength does not lie
in animate objects.’ ‘But the strength lies
in a person’s motive.’ ‘That’s why, the sheet brought
with a pure intention’ ‘it became a means
to help Ms. Ruksaar recover.’ ‘I have learnt
from my experience’ ‘Almighty Lord
will help the ones’ ‘who are truthful and loving.’ ‘Now, no one can stop Genie
from returning to us.’


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