Air Jordan 1: Leather Quality Different on Each Pair?

My name is Brad Hall today’s show is going
to be it is going to be something else. I’ve got with me the Michael Air Jordan 1
UNC or Obsidian. I’ve actually got three pairs of them today
and later on I am going to be comparing the leather on all three of them. Before I get to that I’m going to be talking
about the shoe. You can’t go wrong with the Michael Air Jordan
1 especially when it’s in such a good looking colorway. This UNC colorway. It is just. It is stunning. I love mixing the two shades of blue and I’m
always a sucker for that Carolina blue. It’s just this nice little pop of it around
your heel area. Something that is absolutely critical to point
out on this shoe. These sections. Right here. Those are actually sail. They are not white. And that adds this really classy aged look
to it. It’s like they were a trophy sitting on your
mantle for awhile. You’re too afraid to touch them because it’s
such a good looking shoe. Right now I’m going to show you the leather
on three separate pairs of the same shoe. Now this toebox very similar on all three
of them. All soft. This part. Smooth. Not as soft and plush but very smooth. And very consistent on all three of these. This is the same material from that toebox. Carolina blue. Also very similar on all three. Oh yeah. Again and on more time. Very soft. And it’s got a lot of texture. A little less texture. But still textured. And in a similar way. Look at this one. It is totally different than the first two. It’s got some texture. But the texture is a different texture. A little crinkling almost. And then there’s a lot more smoothness going
on. So this is a smoothy. This one for comparison. Not as smooth. So what exactly does all of this mean? Just looking at them. I can’t say that one is better quality than
the other. But they do look dramatically different. So I think it’s really important to keep that
in mind when you’re going to style this shoe. I mocked up a couple of looks based on what
I would think about when styling. Contrast is always important so if I went
with the smooth I would go with a textured pair of pants. Maybe a wool. Maybe a corduroy. Maybe something else. And if you got that more textured pair of
leather, I would go with something smooth. So it was good to have the Michael Air Jordan
1 UNC. We did a lot today. I think there was a lot of good stuff to share
with you. Tune in again.

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