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– What’s up everybody! Okay, are you ready to see what’s behind this door right here? Well, if you watched my house story, you kind of know where we’re at. Yes, the time has come for my closet tour. So come on. (happy music) So this is my closet! This is what you all
have been waiting for. This is where my everyday fashion happens and where I get ready. This is definitely the
best closet I’ve ever had. I’ve actually never had a walk-in closet, and I love the fact
that it’s his and hers. I am actually super organized
because I’m pretty OCD. The only time that this closet ends up looking a hot mess is, one, if I’m in a rush, and two, if I’m packing or unpacking. Which is kind of always. You guys know that I
absolutely love fashion so I spend so much time in this closet. I do fashion shows for myself. Am I the only one that gets bored and I’ll just be like,
okay I have some time I can actually put things together? I actually recommend it. When you have some downtime, that’s the time to try on the
things you haven’t tried on, try different outfits
on, put things together, so that when that moment
comes you got somewhere to go, you’re not stuck in that
moment trying to figure out really cute outfits with
what you have in your closet. You’ve already got them mapped out. Alright, so let’s take a look around. Let’s check out my shoes. (upbeat music) These are my shoes. Now, I know that a lot
of you don’t know this, but I have the smallest foot ever lived. I actually wear like a kids
two and half, three in shoes and they obviously only make women’s shoes starting with a five. So I have a real struggle
finding shoes that actually fit. Some people have actually
even made fun of the fact, or seen me on red carpets and been like, why don’t her shoes fit? I have a really small foot people. It’s not my fault. It’s actually better to have shoes that are bigger on you
than too small, ha ha. These were actually my wedding shoes, they have been run into the ground and they are my favorite,
favorite, favorite shoes. Now I know they don’t look
like a typical wedding shoe, because, they’re not. So I decided to wear with my gown, the tallest pair of shoes that I owned but that I also felt comfortable in. Because I knew no one
was going to see them. Now, the shoes that I
photographed in though, were these, which are these
Badgley Mischka’s right here. They actually were all
rose gold on the inside, which I loved because one of
my hashtags for my wedding was la vie en rose gold, because my engagement ring was rose gold and so is my wedding ring. I love, love, love seeing these every day they’re just a reminder of
my favorite day of life, duh. I also think color coordinating your shoes is super important ’cause it’s easy to help you find when you’re
like putting something together and you’re like,
I need a pop of color, you know where to go. This is clearly my row of color. I’m not big on like crazy colorful shoes, but these definitely would
have to be my favorite. They’re very Elvis Presley,
my blue suede shoes. And these were actually an amazing gift from my hair stylist Ray. He brought a little color to my life, so he brought a little
color to my closet too. Now ladies, every gal
needs a good house heel. This is like an essential
part of my wardrobe. These are from Agent Provocateur,
and I have them in white, and I also have them in black. I love, love, love these shoes. This is the kinda stuff
I lived for as a child. I know that sounds really weird, but I couldn’t wait to get older so that I could wear things like this. I was obsessed with Blanche
from the Golden Girls. And um, yeah I felt like they
just always walked around and were so fancy, and so that now I get a chance to do it as a grown woman, I thoroughly enjoy myself. Now we’re gonna get to the clothes. I definitely thing it’s
important to color coordinate and making things easily accessible. Like when you think about,
okay I want a blazer, there’s an entire blazer section. There’s jackets and they
are all color-coordinated. So, this is all my black stuff over here. Black blazers, on blazers, on blazers. And then my leather jacket. Love this jacket. Obsessed with it. You’ve probably seen it on my Instagram, I wore it while I was in Europe. It’s my fav. It actually was from Urban Outfitters. It is by Blank New York. I love a good white dress,
especially in the summertime. So these are all my little white summer jumpers and dresses, kinda like this. Uh, love this dress. Summer dresses, more summer dresses. Oh my gosh, I wore this on my house tour. We got rompers, on rompers, jumpers. This, I actually wore at Coachella. Love this little fun piece right here. I am more of a neutrals
and whites kinda gal, if you look around. I think it’s the New Yorker in me. I like extremes, I’m either
in black or I’m in white. Cue the Michael Jackson song. But I will say, I went
to Hawaii last year, and I got a bunch of floral pieces that I actually still love
and that I’ve been rocking. Ooh, this DVF pink pajama
type set was my fav. It comes with pants too. I actually think I wore this on The Real. These are my shirts. I truly believe that a woman can never have too many
white button-down shirts. So I literally have like a million. Check this out. Like Literally, white button-down shirt, white button-down shirt, white button-down shirt. But they’re different types
of white button-down shirts, they’re not the same. Not all white button down
shirts are created equal. This is a linen white button down shirt, which I’m really obsessed
with ’cause it’s oversize. This is is Israel’s. This is not even my linen shirt. This is in the wrong section! Hold on. No, Seriously where is
my linen one though? I just got a linen one and
I’m kind of obsessed with it. But it pretty much looks like this one, but this one’s Israel’s, not mine. I’ll be walking over there
and putting it in his section. I was like, oh its oversized! Girl, this is a dress. In general, let’s be honest. As women we can walk into our closet and it can be completely
full and you’ll be like, I have nothing to wear. It’s just that those are the
pieces that you’re just over. And I think when you’re over those pieces you’ve gotta get them out of your closet or else you’re just gonna
keep walking in frustrated. So I believe in cleaning out your closet, making sure that everything you actually have in there is wearable. Like right now, I’m not lying, I’m looking at a few of these pieces and I’m like, why is this still in my closet? Exhibit A. Why is this see-through? Where am I going? It still has tags on it. Oh, that’s why I got it, it was 13 bucks. I thought that was a really good steal. Is that cute or is that ugly? Comment below. I don’t know
if I should keep this or not. In this little section
we’ve got my dress pants, some leather pants, and then
my skirts, and shorts as well. So like dress shorts, these
are a bunch of pants in here, some of them are like pants sets. Love this, it’s a little crop top. Once the body is summer 2018 ready, we’ll break her out. Now, on to my bags. I know this is gonna be hard to believe, but I hate carrying a purse. I’m the kind of girl that literally will grab my little wallet and a lip gloss and make my husband hold
both of them for me. These are some of my favorite bags that allow me to be
hands free, that I love. They’re like classic pieces that I feel like are investment pieces. Some of them get a little pricey, but they are definitely
long-term investments, and I can’t wait to pass them down to hopefully, some daughters. This Gucci purse, I love a light purse, and again, it’s a cross-body. So this is so easy to just throw and I can run around and do some errands. I also love, love, love my Gucci pouch. Some of my favorite classics. You can’t go wrong with Chanel and it’s a cross-body as well. This is actually one of my first gifts that I got from Israel. When you’re 4’11” like
myself it is so necessary to have a stool in your closet. So I’ve got this one, I actually love. I ordered this online, I think on Amazon. And it’s actually the same wood color as the rest of my closet. So, I’m gonna show you some of my other favorites that are up here. Love this collector’s piece. This is a Chanel bag, my red Chanel. Love, love, love that. I actually got this bag in Paris two weeks before I got married. I would like to say that
it’s a beautiful Givenchy bag that I’ve never worn a day in my life. Why, because it’s bigger than me. Now my newest purchase is
this little Alexander Wang bag that I’m kind of obsessed with. It’s blush and has studs all over it, and it’s tiny, and I’m in love with it. And I actually have my
beauty products in it. Love, love, love this little bag. I think when you’re organizing your closet it’s also important to just
make it aesthetically pleasing. You want it to feel like
your own little boutique. So I actually have my clutches up here, and this is probably my favorite. And this was actually my wedding clutch. And, I know I keep going
back to my wedding stuff, but I just like it ’cause
it’s a friendly reminder. But crazy thing is I
needed something blue. My clutch was the something blue, and I actually got this at
ASOS and it was like, 25 bucks. This is definitely one of the
weirdest things in my closet, and it is this chic little clutch. Which looks super fancy schmancy, right? But guess what. Boom. Its got a full mirror
in it, but crazy enough, it’s actually a speaker. This plays music, this
can connect to Bluetooth, make phone calls, turn the volume up. Let’s see. – Goodbye.
– Oh, goodbye. – Hello.
– Whoa, this is a boombox. This is the classiest boombox
I’ve ever seen in my life. Now let’s talk jeans. I’ve got two different go-to style jeans that I love, love, love. One is the mom jean right now,
which is super high waist, and a really good stretch
denim, that’s high waist with good stretch. The key is stretch. My hips have to fit in these jeans. I do have a cute collection of jeans. I’ve got boyfriend jeans. I’ve got skinny jeans. Then under here we’ve got white jeans, colorful jeans, and black jeans. This actually just makes it
super easy to locate them. I really love the fact
that stores like Zara, H&M, Topshop, really have
incredible quality jeans. And I love that they
change with the times, ’cause I have a hard time
spending tons of money on a pair of jeans and I
know that the next season, they’re just gonna be like, Oh this is now the hot thing to wear. So find a classic jean that you love. One of my favorites is
the Jamie from Topshop. Favorite, favorite high waist, skinny jean that has a lotta stretch and I think it makes the booty look good. Each side of the closet
has a vanity section. So Israel has one just like this as well. I love it cause it
allows me a place to put some of my perfumes, my Cartier boxes, my Christian Louboutin red nail polish, all the little things that
I just love to look at. I got this as a gift,
this little Tiffany frame. It’s just a really cute place to put all your favorite little things. I love it, I clearly own
way too many sunglasses. So, that’s over here. This is actually one of
my favorite little things. It was my mom’s and it’s a Chanel cuff. Clearly not in season
right now, but I love it, and it’s just nice and
fuzzy, and it’s pretty. So it just kinda stays there. Organization is super
important in your closet so I love these kind of drawers that allow you to kinda see what you’re
accessories got goin on. You have options. More sunglasses, it’s a problem. We’ve got racks. I kinda can take them apart
and they’re kind of organized. My vintage Chanel earrings are
some of my favorite pieces. Love these. This awesome Chanel
pin, my Chanel necklace. When it comes to bags or shoes, I would say jewelry is
my favorite accessory. I love some of the stuff I’ve
collected over the years, like these really cool Louis
Vuitton bangles that are fun. Guys, I even have a grill. Yes, I have a diamond grill. Oh god. I can’t talk with it. I wore this to a Jay-Z concert, and I definitely talked
like this the entire night. And I acted like there was nothing wrong, I suddenly had a lisp. I can’t talk with it in,
that’s the only problem. But I think it looks fly. I just gotta be silent Sam. Just look really cute
but don’t say anything. The end. I think it’s super important
to have even your underclothes and lingerie be perfectly organized. It just makes it easier in the morning, and I’m the weird girl that
actually always has to match my panties and my bras. So this definitely helps
to keep things organized. Black, white, I have a lot of nude bras. I just feel like there’s
so many different kinds, and nude goes with everything. You already know that I
love everything monogrammed, so I actually went on
the Ralph Lauren website and they have the cutest, this is so dumb, I love Audrey Hepburn and one
day somebody on my Instagram was like, do you know that now you have the same initials as Audrey Hepburn? And I was like what! It just blew my mind. How did I not realize that before? So then I went on an
entire spree of buying tons of pajamas like
this that had A.H. on it. Everything was like it. It was an obsession. So I have tons of pajamas
that are all monogrammed A.H., in my mind it’s for Audrey Hepburn. Adrienne Houghton, same diff. But like, how did I
not notice that before? That was reason alone to get married. Just kidding. Ooh, another fun thing! Ladies, this is a lavender sachet that I bought in Paris
on the side of the road. They actually were selling them and it still smells absolutely incredible. And I just think it’s something
really sexy and romantic to have inside of your pajama drawer or your underwear drawer. It makes me feel very Parisian. This is just dramatic. But I’m here for it. You know, why not ladies, why not? Ya know, a little Anna Sui
in your life, a little teddy? I bought this for myself
when I was single. When you’re single, I think that’s when you really should purchase lingerie because it really makes
you feel beautiful. At night, take an incredible shower, put on great body lotion that’s scented, and body splashes, light
candles, play a good record, a little Frank Sinatra in your life, and put on the lin-ger-ee. Up in this section is just
t-shirts, Adidas tracksuits, comfy clothes, this is
way more my casual stuff. If I’m looking for a random t-shirt. Oh I love this, it’s like
my little Adidas body suit. Random little things like this. Selena outfits, you
know, the miscellaneous. It’s important to utilize all
of the space in your closet so I even use the top, top shelves like up here to store bags,
my carry-ons, backpacks, little Louis Vuitton in there. And I also have on these rows,
and up-top, some more hats. I love hats, especially
for the summertime. Actually, that’s a lie,
I wear a lotta hats during the wintertime. This winter I was obsessed
with little frenchy hats. And I can’t wait, one of my
favs that I can’t wait to rock, is this little beachy
turban that I just got. I haven’t worn it yet but
I’m super excited about it. Prepare to see this all summer long. It’s very cheetah-licious. Speaking of hats guess
who else loves them. My husband. So let me take you on over
to his side of the closet. So, right here are some of his hats. A lot of the other ones
are in hat boxes above, from Goorin Brothers. He like literally collects
hats so, they’re everywhere. I always say that Israel has a uniform. It’s a button-down shirt
and a pair of jeans. I swear the first year we dated
he only wore denim on denim, and it’s actually my favorite
thing for him to wear. Little denim on denim but he’s got tons. Like, how many denim button-down
shirts could you have? One, two, three, four, oh my god, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13. Now you know that’s ridiculous,
13 denim button-downs. I know that you’re wondering,
how the heck did Israel end up with the side that
allows for more shoes? Because, I swear to
you my husband actually has more clothing than I do. He loves to shop. I like trendier things that are, you know little cheapy cute things that you can wear a few times
and then keep it pushin. Israel actually likes way more
expensive stuff than I do. Like, he has YSL boots, all
his sneakers are name brand. These are Louboutin
sneakers, Gucci sneakers. He’s got all name brand stuff. Even the stuff that looks super simple, like just a white t-shirt, will be like Balenciaga, Givenchy. I’m like boo, you are too fancy for me. That all rhymed. These are really cool
racks that Israel uses. I actually might bring them
on over to my side as well. Because they’re pretty nifty, and they allow you to put a
lot of clothing on one rack and they lay pretty flat. So he puts all of his t-shirts on these. So, this is literally all gray shirts. Literally babe, really, how many cream shirts could you have? He’s all about, oh my god babe, I found the softest shirt ever. He’s all about quality. Me, I’m like, does it look cute? Can I wear it at least
twice and keep it pushin. Another awesome thing is,
we just got this luggage. He actually gave it to me as a gift. This is his, it says IDH
here and this is Away Luggage which is our favorite
right now for traveling. It actually allows you to lock your stuff, you can get it customized. You know I love everything personalized, with my initials on it. This is the best part,
check this back out. Do you see this? This is an actual charging station. How amazing is that? You’ll never have a dead
phone traveling with this bag. I think that’s so innovative. Like duh, create luggage
that has built in chargers. So awesome. I actually love sharing
a closet with my husband ’cause even when him
getting ready we compare. I’m like, okay, what are
you wearing over there? Okay, I’ve got that, you’ve got this. I just love it. We’re just good at sharing space together. Alright, so that was my closet. You had been asking to see it, and I was so excited to share it with you. I can’t wait to hear all your thoughts. Let me know what else you wanna see. I literally love reading your comments, whether it’s advice on other
really cool organization tips, tell me what you do to
keep your closet organized. Do you share a closet with
your husband like I do? Please give some tips on that as well. Love, love, love reading
all your comments. Keep them coming in and
don’t forget to subscribe. Until next time. Muah, besitos. (bright music)


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