adidas Running | UltraBOOST (X) All Terrain | Rain


  • My wife thinks i am little crazy cause i am run and when it rains 🙂 why not? i love it!

  • music?

  • whats the song?


  • whats the song?

  • Music ?

  • adidas is simply the best 🙂 very durable! truly worth for money

  • Im a somewhat serious runner, I average around 10k's a day, 6 days a week. The whole boost with prime knit tech is an awesome running shoe. I just wish they would stop using rappers and celebs as endorsers. I get it most people will probably use these for just lifestyle, but because they are mostly marketed for lifestyle their prices are way, way overpriced. I love the feel and fit its the best out there for us runners, but for those of us using them for mainly running it means that their life span is probably 20% to that of someone using them for just lifestyle. I mean for somewhat serious runners like myself who typically burn through running shoes roughly every 3 months, $180 USD for shoes every 3 months is just insane. Talk about mark up, fuck no wonder there is such a bootleg market of fakes coming out of Asia.

  • song name?

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