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Good morning to all runners. All crews. Early birds. Lights in the dark. Rising pioneers. Oh … and World Record Holder. We all have our reasons to run … and a place to forget them all.


  • The girl voice resemble that voice-over at the Gianni Versace tribute fashion show.

  • run run and some more running

  • World record holder?

  • Cool

  • nice ad

  • name of music track?

  • SONG????

  • song? please.. someone 🙁

  • Song??? ??

  • What is the place in the end of the video?

  • plaza am-7 edif a-10 interior 8 colonia agua santa puebla de zaragoza el jusi jale coto y demas bandita mas de 3000 neta bandita ya ce la sabanas pa que cobijas ha por cierto pacen el flayer ya casi es mi cumple bandita de todo ufff

  • Song: Apashe – Battle Royale (Instrumental)

  • LIBERTY ?✨

  • Is that the girl from America’s next top model

  • . . c bvnzc

  • That bearded guy is cool!

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