adidas Running Cosmic 2 SL SKU: 8897428

What’s going on everybody, I’m Joe from Zappos and this is the Cosmic 2 SL from adidas Now these running shoes are keeping it pretty simple They’re lightweight, they’ve used a breathable mesh here on the upper to keep your feet cool There’s pretty much no seams all the way out here and in the front We’ve got a nice heel support back here in the back as well as some extra padding up around the collar area They’ve used ortholite® cushioning on the removable footbed, super good stuff there and they’ve used cloudfoam here in the midsole that’s what’s gonna keep the weight down Give you a performance that you need out there on the road And of course they use that durable ADIWEAR™ rubber here on the outsole to give you plenty of miles Now you could take your running game to other galaxies, to the cosmos, to… Just trying to get astrological here and it’s not working out so well but I’m trying to say is it’s just really great comfortable running shoes I think you’re gonna like but from adidas


  • how to check its original or fake

  • What's the difference between the cosmic 2 and the cosmic 2 SL?

  • adidas nebular 2 is really similar to this.. please make a video of its review

  • Can we use these shoes on roads or hard tracks??

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