adidas Running Alpha Bounce SKU: #8733995

What’s happening guys, my name is Richard and today we’re checking out Alpha Bounce from adidas Running These guys not only look awesome but they’re gonna keep your feet feeling fantastic as well while you’re out there on your next run They’re super lightweight, have excellent response Got this really flexible design throughout the midsole here We’ve got that nice little ridge look, super thick as you can see so provide you plenty of shock absorption and comfort Got this easy slip-on bootie style construction around the top There is no tongue, you slip your foot in, lace up and you are good to go The inside lining is textile so they’ll be very smooth and comfortable with that really sturdy rubber outsole on bottom that will help keep you steady no matter where you are running It’s great pair of shoes, so go ahead and start running today, they’re from adidas

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  • I hate those

  • How much price bro

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