adidas Running | adidas x Parley UltraBOOST

In jedem Paar Ultraboost Parley stecken ungefähr 11 Plastikflaschen, die sonst ins Meer gelangt wären


  • #Greenwashing Your product is complete BS. You are producing those shoes overseas in far east, maybe in sweatshops and give zero f***s on environmental protection. The real problem oceans are faced with is not particularly the waste found along shorelines, but the fine tiny pieces of microplastic, that endanger sea population in all its variety.

  • Why they are so expensive then? Adidas i can bring u eleven bottles and u make some new shoes for me?^.^ hahaha

  • Made in China for 2$ szszszszszszszsz

  • Coole Aktion??

  • Nice

  • Ihr haltet euch auch für die größten Wohltäter, oder? 11 Flaschen pro Paar Schuhe für 180€ HAHA.
    Leute, wenn euch der Planet am Herzen liegt, dann spendet doch einfach 100€ an eine Organisation, die sich aufs Säubern der Meere spezialisiert und kauft euch von den restlichen 80€ 'nen anderen Sportschuh….
    Das wäre ein richtiger Meilenstein, nur wird das niemand machen, weil man dann keine Adidas-Schuhe zum Angeben hätte.

  • ❤Adidas❤> Nike

  • Geht es um Plastik und die Rettung der Meere oder um Profit?

  • 200 Euro is way too much.

  • adidas has not good quality like nike. the comfort is very nice but quality ??no go.

  • Wo ist mohamed salh bro

  • Kann man die dann auch mit Plastikflaschen bezahlen ? ha ha

  • Dieser Moment wenn man sich selbst Schuhe aus Müll nicht leisten kann……

  • I have Ultraboost Parley

  • 170$ for 11 bottles

  • Ich habe dazu mal eine Frage es gibt doch tausende Arten von Plastik und es gibt doch auch nur sehr wenige die sich für Laufschuhe eignen ihr könnt doch nicht wahllos irgendwelche alten Plastikflaschen und Plastik Packungen zusammenmischen einschmelzen und erwarten dass daraus ein qualitativ hochwertiges Garn wird

  • 60$ would be great but 200 is way too much, for a little percentage of bottle plastic in these shoes…

  • Fuck this

  • Nike!!!

  • Drecks Firma. Das Recyceln macht ihr nur weil's billiger ist. Daraus auch noch Profit schlagen zu wollen ist lächerlich und rückt euch keinerlei in ein gutes Licht. Wenn ihr das Projekt wirklich ernst meinen würdet, würden die Schuhe kaum 200€ kosten. Heuchler!

  • You sell this product as "environment cleaner" for 180 Euro per pair, das ist ein bisschen happig für den Aufwand die 11 Flaschen vom Strand zu sammeln… Mal anders asked: Why dont you reuse your waste garments and dont just throw it away? Then you would do more for the ocean then just these eleven bottles…

  • Nice idea ??

  • I have me nix the shoes

  • sitztanz

  • Erschreckend wie viele Leute auf so eine linke Profittaktik von Adidas positiv reagieren!!!

  • I will gönn mir die Schuhe

  • nise and cool

  • it locks so sexy

  • The ugliest shoe I ever seen in my life

  • I own Ultra Boost Shoooes and that are very nice

  • Polyurethan ?

  • Hab auch

  • Hab mir welche gekauft sehr bequem

  • All Marketing

  • This project is great ??

  • Aesthetic.

  • Cheeki Breeki

  • That's very cool but it's too expensive!

  • I Will the shoos

  • Geht doch auf'n Flohmarkt eure 15€ Air Max kaufen wenn ihr kein Geld habt die Schuhe zu kaufen.
    Und was meint ihr wie die Schuhe hergestellt werden die machen da kein "DIY plastic bottle running shoe".

  • Lol

  • Nice Projekt ? the others should do this too

  • steffi Grieser

  • Who knows the Song?

  • Well, okay, maybe you may clean the oceans a little bit but i think that the pollution that you create is still more than you decrease soooo, ?

  • And i learnt that i am not even rich enough to buy 11 bottles of water , life sucks?

  • Hi

  • Triple white still my Favorit

  • ???

  • Omg the whistle … sounds to 100% stolen from Teen Tops song :what’s problem ……why?????

  • Why should i buy shoes that cost 200 $, either they are out if plastic bottles that aren't more worth than 1$.

  • Nun, Adidas: 11 Flaschen – Steht das im Zusammenhang mit aktuellen sportlichen Ereignissen?

  • 200€ for shoes ? Nope !

  • Coole Action?aber zu teuer?

  • aj lajk dys men

  • I can't even afford fucking trash fished out of the ocean.

  • I hope this PR will take a huge backlash, because buying a pair of 200€ shoes won't clean our oceans.
    It's like every other major company trying to act ecological by "saving" our planet, but Adidas and all the others are just fooling the customers.

  • It's a normal price for a running shoe these days, so stop being so salty goddamn, just cuz y'all came up with a great joke UUHH I cAnT aFfOrD TrAsH UHHH

    Great Project, Adidas !!

  • Warum machen sie die schuhe nicht aus den fanartikeln der bei der wm ausgeschiedenen mannschaften , die kartonweise im hächsler landen?
    Alles nur imagepolitur und verarsche , wie das grüne logo von mc donald.

  • warum machen die daslers keine schuhe aus den fanartikeln der bei der wm ausgeschiedenen mannschaften, die kartonweise im schredder landen?
    Alles nur imagepolitur , wie das grüne logo von mc donald.
    lasst euch nicht verarschen Leute!

  • H

  • what that song ??

  • The music is awesome ?! Someone know ?

  • anyone know the song?

  • What is this song?!

  • What is the music from ad ?

  • uglyes commercial I have ssen this year !
    I like a lot of adidas products

  • song name ?

  • am i the only one who rewind it again and again only for listening to the song??

  • Song: Move it Tia P

  • wait sorry but i feel like the song was from teentop what’s problem and im shOok

  • anyone know the name of the song?

  • So if I collect 11 plastic bottles will you make me a pair of shoes for free?

  • dejend e hacer espam hijos de puta

  • Song Name please ?

  • song? ty

  • Dafür sind sie echt teuer das sie nur 11 Wasserflaschen sind

  • Link song plss!!

  • Song name ?

  • THIS SONG IS NOT KSHMR – Sounds of KSHMR (Vol 2.)!!!!? Someone remix? pls tell me the right version !!!!

  • I don't care about the product but i love this ad .. I don't know why but i specially searched for this ad.. HATSOFF ad makers .. U nailed it.

  • Song?

  • What Song?

  • Make products that are made out of recycled plastic and affordable to the common masses if you really care about the oceans so much…

  • Or, just take 11 bottles yourself!
    Trust me, it is way cheaper

  • I will wait for the price to drop, I am not spending 100 on a pair of trainers.

  • ?

  • this song sounds like what’s problem by teen top lmfao

  • What song is this

  • The name of the song? Please

  • Hope they release the song

  • What is the Name of the song?

  • People are saying that it is too much for a shoe made of trash… but this shoe is the same as any other ultra boost comfort, durability and PRICE wise so by getting these u r paying the same price but also helping the environment, sure it doesn't help that much but everything helps. I got this shoe yesterday

  • die Schuhe würde ich gern auf meinem Kanal meinen jungen Zuschauern einmal vorstellen

  • Nice to see the change in comments . 180 trash shoes are good for evil trash firm but not for nature or you and me .

  • bull shit, try only use recycle materials and stop launching hundreds of same stupid sneakers in "new" colors every year. This is not helping at all, garbage.

  • So adidas is selling the ultra boost, alpha bounce, solar boost and the ones using the P.O.D system for about €100-175, all of them are made of expensive technology and give a great performance, but a shoe made from "ocean plastic", a plastic they literally get for free, isn't giving great performance and is literally priced for rich hippies, it's not worth your €220s. Just get the new lace less ultra boosts (€180) and you're set for life

  • I look at these people who say 180 is expensive for a pair of shoes. Well if someone did the cost of manufacturing, the cost of labor, the fact that it has to go from plastic into a fiber, along with shipping and importing costs, and the fact that you still have to pay to manufacture the item itself. 180 isn’t that expensive, especially if it is for a good cause; I would rather spend 180 to save some seals than watch some seals die just because I didn’t spend 180. Sure there are people that are in Africa and such. But the main issue is that we caused the trash in the ocean, did we cause Africa, which by any chance contribute to one of the main sources of food/along with biodiversity to deteriorate.

  • where're u nike air mag

  • plastic destroys our planet

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