adidas PREDATOR 20+ Test and Review

New is always better than old. That’s what Barney Stinson said… welcome to another boot review! Today, thanks to SPORT 2000 and, there is the brand new Adidas Predator 20+ in the review. What many of you are wondering is whether the new so-called Demonskin Upper really works or just looks cool? And I can clearly say that the grip of the new Predator 20+ is really excellent. If you run your hand over the Demonskin you can already feel how good the flu is. n general, the Predator is again much softer than the Predator 19 and therefore conveys a direct touch with incredibly good grip! Now we come to the fit in the adidas Predator 20+. For narrow and medium-sized feet, the Predator 20+ offers a very good look down and pleasant wearing comfort. As already mentioned, the Adidas Predator has become softer again, which is why you have a sock-like feeling and the shoe can adapt better to your foot. What should also be mentioned positively is the heel which is much more comfortable in the previous model. Of course, the Demonskin upper also raises the question of whether durability can keep up with functionality. t first I had in mind that the spikes come off or buckle after a certain time. However, I have to say that this was not the case and that the Predator 20 and its predecessor, the Predator 19, have very good durability and workmanship! That should have been the review about the adidas predator. At this point, thanks again to SPORT 2000 and for providing the shoe! Now your opinion is asked, what do you say about the Adidas predator 20+? Leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe, so you won’t miss any more videos in the future! Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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