adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Fast X Mid Gtx Trail Shoe

We are going to take a look at the adidas
Outdoor Terrex Fast X Mid GTX trail shoe. Its a kind of a do it all multi-sport trail
shoe, its really going to shine for folks who are looking to go light and fast so fast
packers, through hikers, day hikers anybody who just wants to go out and scramble around
where the trails are going to be rough and rugged, definitely want to consider this shoe. The uppers is made out synthetic leather and
synthetic mesh so it’s going to offer a good fit, it’s going to make the shoe a little
bit lighter than having a full leather upper, so you have got a light weight here, a good
fit combined with some excellent durability on the outside of the shoe. And you do have a very interesting unique
lacing system here as well that is going to work with that fit, you see the traditional
three strip adidas logo on the side here, it’s actually incorporated into some of the
support and fit of the shoe, anchors into the lacing system and the side of the shoe
so the mid foot is really wrapped and supported here. So some of the really unique technology
on this shoe come in on the mid sole and out sole, adidas is using there adida-prim plus,
through here, so you are getting this good support and comfort and some cushion at the
same time. They are using there out sole it’s called
traction, its a really really durable gripy rubber and you can see here they have actually
wrapped it up over the body of the shoe and a couple of points for the anticipated that
you need extra traction for folks who are going to be scrambling on trail with loose
rock. The bottom of the sole gives you a really nice warm pattern and this heel piece we are
going to talk about, this is their fore-motion technology and its kind of the most unique
piece of the shoe. Fore-motion technology refers to this piece
on the heel and I am going to going to refer to this as a hinged heel, you can see here
where there is kind of a separation between the heel piece and the and the rest of the
bottom of the shoe that does run across the bottom of the entire shoe. It works independently from the rest of out
sole of the shoe, you do have break bars, and that traction out-sole so you do have
really good grip on loose surfaces but what that actually does it allows that heel part
of the shoe work independently from the rest of the out-sole. So most folks when they are walking are going
to plant their heel first especially in a downhill, it allows this piece to offer some
kind of balance and support there without affecting the way the rest of the shoe works So excellent support excellent balance out
of this piece as well as good traction is going to make this excel on any loose rugged
rocky trail. This lacing system, we will go through this a little bit intricate to use
here except that it is going to be a faster and quicker in line to do all kind of adjustments
on the fly once you get it down. adidas has this kind of a quick lace system,
there’s a little bungy cord here with the locks you can, basically be pulling on the
this to tighten it, it’s currently tight so we are going to unlock it here, loosen it
up, one side unlocks quick lace, the other side as you can see here is completely anchored
in, it allows you to loosen this up, you can open the shoe, slide your foot in there, but
you get a really good wrap [0:03:05.3] then you wrap this piece back over the top of that,
synch the whole thing down and there is a bungy lace lock here. So this whole piece that’s kind of extravagant
here at that point you can kind of tuck it in there and keep it all the way and it just
becomes something that’s not going catch a lot of things but offers this really great
adjustability as well as a comfortable fit to the top of the frame.


  • good review 🙂

  • So these are vegan (cruelty free) right?

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