Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Fast R Mid GTX Hiking Boots

If light and fast is your goal, then the Adidas
Men’s Terrex Fast R Mid GTX can deliver. With its lightweight and flexible materials,
but full boot protection, this is a great option for those light and fast backpackers
or day hikers. Let’s take a closer look at its features. Starting with the upper of the footwear, we
have got a full synthetic material with some durable, synthetic overlay as well. So you
have got really nice abrasion resistance and du-rability in those areas where you may need
a little extra protection. So around the bottom just before the mid sole you have got good
protection. Around the toe we have got a rein-forced section here, so we have got really nice durability,
but really great flex and move-ment as well. As the name suggests, it is a Gore-Tex piece
of footwear, so it does have a Gore-Tex extended comfort lining. So fully waterproof and breathable
throughout the upper, really nice weather protection and confident weather protection
at that. So you have got Gore-Tex, guaranteed to keep you dry. It is nice, waterproof and
breathable as well as being durable with those synthetic materials. You have got a really neat lacing system here.
It is a very simple, quick lace system. So you have got a single pull to tighten it down.
You can just use this toggle here to loosen it up. Very easy, very simple and very clean.
And these laces are extra durable, so they are very nicely stitched very burley laces
even though they are very lightweight and nimble. You have also got this little bungee
tie off here so you can actually, you know, keep the laces held without them snagging
or pulling on something on the trail. So a nice addition there. And around the heel of the boot you have got
a nice reinforced heel. But something that comes up over the back of the foot is this
really nice stretchy, almost neoprene material. So that seems like it would be very comfortable
to sit against the skin and kind of provide a really good hold, but also allow for a lot
of movement, so a nice addition there, nice comfort option with the boot, so good features
in the upper of the boot, a really nice con-struction all around. Moving down to the midsole we have got Adidas
Adiprene in the forefoot, which is a nice cushioning that is going to allow for a lot
of comfort and shock absorption on the trail. And there is also an outdoor specific four
motion unit there for enhanced comfort, enhanced durability and pronation control. So you have
got a really nice Adeprene foot-wear here and kind of the density changes as you get
to the mid section or the arch sec-tion of the shoe. And you get a little bit of a stiffer
density. That is going to help to keep your foot in place, keep everything where it is
supposed to be and prevent any overprona-tion or supenation, so a really nice structure
in the midsole of the boot here, really com-fortable and really just smart design. Moving down to the outsole, we have got Adidas
traction outsole with continental rub-ber. So continental is well known in the market.
They make all kinds of bike tires, car tires and even shoe outsoles. So this is a really
nice, grippy outsole. You have got a lot of lugs here. I could see it being really good
on some smoother surfaces like slab or kind of smooth rock surfaces, because of the surface
area you get, but you do have some toothy lugs here if you get on some more rugged trails.
And that continental rubber is really sticky. So it will provide really good grip on wet
or dry surfaces, in warm or cold cli-mates. So you have got a really nice system with
that continental outsole. And the heel is really grippy so you get good stopping power.
You have got good grip all throughout and just excellent protection from that outsole. And there you have it. It is the Adidas Terrex
Fast R Mid GTX, a great option for those fast and light backpackers or lightweight day hikes.


  • Who is the noob that dislikes every video?

  • I have exactly the same, however when i wear them my feet are cold, i expect since they are gore-tex should stop the cold air/wind to come through the material, i get this especially from the upper part of the boot is it because of the material of the socks that i am wearing, i don't understand really, however when i am in the office they become unbearably hot, i simply don't get it, is it the fact that maybe there's some hole and getting through the air ?!

  • what is the difference between adidas terrex fast and swift?

  • NOT waterproof. Lacing cuts through the eyelets. Comfortable to wear though!

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