Adidas Outdoor AX 2 Mid GTX Hiking Boot

We are taking a look at the men’s and women’s
AX 2 Mid Gortex boots by Adidas Outdoor. These are recommended for hiking and lightweight
backpacking. And the first thing that struck me about this shoe is just how light weight
it is for the amount of support and for the amount of cushioning that you get with this
shoe. It is the mid so it does come up a little bit above you ankle, but, like I said, it
is meant for day hikes, light backpacking. So under the weight of a heavy pack on long
miles, you know, this might not be as supportive, but, you know, definitely a light weight option. This is a Gortex lined boot so you do have
waterproof protection all the way around. And the waterproof liner does come up right
to about the second eyelet there. So you do have pretty good protection on event through
the tongue of the boot. You have got synthetic materials in the upper. They are really light
weight and breathable so even though it is a waterproof shoe, it is light weight so you
do have that breathability. And you have mostly fabric eyelets here. You have got one metal
eyelet at the top, but, all in all, that just really keeps the weight of the shoe down. There is a lot of cushioning in the midsole,
with Adidas Adaprene EVA cushioning here and that runs all the way through the midsole
of the shoe. When we go to the outsole a unique feature about the Adidas outdoor shoes is
this detached heel, one, that gives you really good traction on ascents and descents, but
it also dampens the shock as well. So lots of cushioning in the heel there. And then
as you work your way up, there is just some really good traction lugs, pretty deep lugs
here for mud or loose gravel and you do have just recall sticky rubber on the bottom of
the shoe. Quick last feature, it does come with a removable
sock liner in there. So if you have your own insoles that you prefer to use, you can certainly
take that. It has got some nice cushioning and just gives a little more comfort inside
the shoe. All in all, this is a really light weight,
well cushioned, light hiking and fast backpacking shoe. It is the Adidas Outdoor AX 2 Mid Gortex
hiking boot.


  • I hope these are as nice as they look  I have a pair coming.

  • My mom didn't believe me that they are waterproof at all, so she put them in the kitchen sink and after hardly rubbing the water on the top of the shoe and trying to feel the water inside for more than one minute she didn't succeed. I didn't try them on snow which is my main purpose of buying these since they are light, waterproof and good isolated because of GTX, but they look minimalistic on me so I can even dress casual with them and feel comfortable running around to school, house and everywhere. I'll post back as soon as first serious snow comes to my town. 

  • how much?

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