adidas Originals Superstar 80s 3D SKU:8972651

Hey guys Autumn from Zappos here and today I’ve got the Superstar 80s 3D from adidas Originals These sneakers are so awesome I love that they have the classic look of adidas of course Check out that toe cap got that beautiful rose gold shade It’s got great shine to it, tons of texture I mean I’d want to wear these shoes in case I‘ve got into some trouble and needed to defend myself let your imagination do the rest There full lace-up closure, has that logo printed on the tongue, really soft interior It’s got some light padding in the footbed as well just has a great look throughout Tons of flexibility on top of durable rubber cup outsole If people don’t stop to look at your shoes as they pass you by something’s wrong with them or they’re really just not paying attention because and I’m not saying that in a bad way because these are awesome if I saw someone wearing these I would totally want to like just stop and stare because they’re so pretty and sparkly just think of how many things you could wear this with It’s from adidas Originals

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