adidas Originals | Donald Glover Presents | Timber

Aye old John Henry now I know you ain’t
never heard of a phone before but I’m gonna need you to keep it down over
there. And you know what happened to him Why are you walking around like you from
the 70s with your chest out, showing you little baby hairs, looking like a little
booty baby. No, no, sugar don’t get that on the carpet, but you go ahead and drink
that up drink it up that’s that belly tea and
then little girl on the internet when she said you looking like a whole loaf
of bread she wasn’t lying look at it you see it, you see all of it, so you’re gonna
start getting your feelings now baby the truth is the truth but you’re gonna be
all right goin’ get that in your system come on yep, Hey yes, yeah baby you keep sending me the wrong size she keeps it. in the small I need that double X small
yes I need the grip is what I’m looking for


  • The grip is what m lookin' for

  • Cool ✌??

  • He gave Monique a role when nobody else in Hollywood would

  • bino looks hot as fuck here oh my god

  • T.T he wasn't even that out of shape!!! He still looked great!

  • WTF This was amazing

  • Y'all, Donald Glover can even make a commercial you want to watch.

  • ontas?

  • it doesnt work mallar !!!!

  • Gambino is like Randy from trailer park boys- he never wear shirts

  • boy… still failing massively

  • Is this a hint about him playing John Henry????

  • I LOVE Mo’Nique ! I wanna see her in more movies. She’s hilarious

  • The whole dialogue had me in tears and he didn’t even have to say a word…????

  • I need that XX Small. ????

  • ??

  • WTH? I truly don't understand the message Adidas is trying to convey with these commercials.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ great combo!

  • Notice his sneakers ? are the same pair from the previous commercials. (Paint platter etc). The journey of his kicks tells the story. Reminds me of my journeys with my vans or chucks. Definitely gotta add these to the collection ??????

  • Thank you for having Monique in this commercial. Black Queen. PERIOD.

  • Gotta go cop some Adidas

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