Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Race Review (3 Months) and Unboxing – VLOGMAS 2016 #6 vlog 93 / Shoe Review

this is my review of adidas cloud foam race I’ve had ’em for about three months and i’m also going to unbox another pair right now this is the running shoe they have other models for basketball and all types of stuff so you might be wondering if this has anything to do with vlogmas and you know not really but i thought if I put this review out now someone might be thinking about getting these shoes for the holidays maybe thinking about putting them on their wish list or something like that this way they’ll have like a straightforward regular guy’s take on the adidas cloudfoam race. shoes are something that a lot of people ask for the holidays and I thought maybe sharing my knowledge might help somebody so quite a while ago I said I would do a review of my shoes just randomly in a video and i think i’ll do that right now I’m not really a sneaker guy but I tried on a lot of shoes and ended up with these because they felt soft like walking on a cloud I tried on nikes and new balance new balance are pretty good the nikes weren’t good at all like for comfort they look cool asics felt good but they didn’t look good to me I don’t hate him but i’ve been wearing this paris in September there is some wear they wore quite a bit right here this white right here it cleans up really good and I haven’t cleaned them in over a month now maybe longer.. the stripes the materials they’re made of is pretty durable.. I thought the stripes would just get scratched up the first week it’s all pretty cleanable too… i’m not sure if they feel the same as when I got ’em .. I sort of feel like they were softer when i first got them.. what’s cool is when I bought this, I bought an extra pair We’ll compare three-month-old shoes with brand-new shoes… I’ve had these on at the mattress store almost every day that I work … every place I went shopping… I mean this has been my main pair of shoes… all around dallas and fort worth on the stages of all the bars… it’s kind of gross now that I’m talking about it … they’ve been to the Rocky Moun tains … I actually hiked in these which I wouldn’t recommend… like they did the job but i had to tread lightly … hiking in these, the soles are too soft which is what i love about them but it’s also why they’re not good for hiking it’s easy to have a wobbly footing in these shoes so don’t hike in them if you’re going to high get some kind of trail runners or something that’s made for hiking I picked these because look either on the pair of crocs I don’t expect you to born Crocs out into the world but if you’ve ever worn a pair of crocs they have a really soft foam sole… I picked these because they basically have memory foam soles … I’m gonna get out the other box now all right unboxing a brand-new pair of adidas cloudfoam race… I bought them three months ago i’ve never worn them … they looks so good … first off let’s just compare Oh, check it out, they still have the paper… sticker… stickers coming out oh here’s the little case candy cloudfoam sample … alright i put them on my feet and to be honest I think they feel the same … I think my my 3-month old ones are holding up and feel just the same … try it out alright this is just the new ones but let me put on the old one … on one foot and the new one on the other foot ok ok there’s a difference after trying one on each foot … I realized the three month old ones have softened up a little bit … they compress under your weight a little bit easier… just like the way a mattress breaks in after you’ve had it for a while … the brand new pair feels more sturdy under your feet but at the same time it stays softer because the sole is not broken yet… i may just do another cleaning on the old ones because they’re still lookin pretty good when I put up against the new ones, if I can get a little bit of bleach action on the foam get a really white, I might stick with the old pair for even longer aw 5327 the actual mode… I think the new ones are gonna go back in the box… i’m gonna try to clean up my old ones again before i actually switch because the old ones are still totally comfortable they looked dingy but I think I can clean em up… I think I give an honest try too… I mean three months is a good ammount of time to wear a pair of shoes… I’ve been waiting to make this video just trying to make sure I wear the shoes for long enough to really give a good review … let me tell you, they are soft… they feel good like it’s the most like walking on a cloud of any shoes I’ve ever owned … work sh** is happening right here fantastic shoes .. the arch supports okay but it’s not like crazy but my feet don’t need like a big bump in there so it was perfect for me… there is some arch support but it’s not a ton… it’s in there but there’s a lot of cushion in the heel which is really comfortable for just …. there like having some killer, killer house shoes that you can wear out into the world … so, can’t beat that … immuh paper these things back up and hang on to them for a while… keeping em new I’m even gonna put the little… so give me a thumbs thumbs up for having the foresight to buy two pairs of the same shoes and also please subscribe I don’t do reviews every day this is the only video of me you’ve ever seen because you’re looking for information about these shoes i just vlog and talk about what I’m doing every day pretty much so anyway I’m Birdsnake, thanks for watching


  • Are those running shoes?

  • How do u take off the cloud foam keychain

  • Keep doing what u do u deserve more then 500 subs

  • Keep doing what u do u deserve more then 500 subs so

  • this vid is high guality u should have about 300k


  • My dude u heard of boost?

  • They support well?

  • i compared the neo cloudfoam to ultraboost, and surprisingly the cloudfoam was soo much more comfy

  • Got them from Ross for 30 bucks

  • Nice I'm from Dallas too

  • Dude can you please make a video on how to clean these adidas shoes because I got them recently, the red color, and I might need to clean them after 3-4 months..thank you 🙂

  • is this Even a flipping unboxing

  • YOu need to fix your beard pleyer

  • ?????

  • Do people keep the key tags on the Adidas Cloudfoams?

  • I bought some and I’m freaking out because I think they’re fake…FML

  • Don't bleach. The sole of your shoes because it will turn into a yellow white not a clear White plus you have a chance of getting the bleach on the uppers and stain the uppers

  • I have Nike tanjun shoes

  • Dallas!!!!?‍♂️

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