adidas Iniki Runner SKU: 9127084

What’s going on everybody, it’s Clayton here at And today, checking out the Iniki Runner from adidas Originals And this bad boy giving me all those vintage 70s vibes It’s got tons technology in it to keep you comfy on your feet So let’s go check it out This sneaker is paying homage to those 70s runners with that super cool classic timeless silhouette But it’s got all those modern technologies to keep it lightweight and super comfy You’ve got a combo of neoprene and suede here built into the upper The neoprene is giving you that super sock-like fit Gonna be really soft and stretchy While that suede is giving you that
timeless feel at the toe and at the heel Even around the eyelets there which give you that perfect hybrid That tongue it’s actually sewn in there to give you a sock like fit gonna give you super comfortable in shoe feel And it keeps that tongue up to keep it classic in retro On the inside of the heel here, we’ve got tons of cushion and combined with that leather patch with the adidas Original logo You’re going to be feeling super fly super comfy We’ve got that breathable mesh in there give you tons of breathability all day And combined with that insole some light cushion in there You’re gonna have all day energizing comfort Speaking of energizing comfort that boost technology in the midsole Got thousands of little energizing pods which are going to give you tons of bounce back and lightweight flexibility and cushion And all that good stuff sits on top of that gum rubber outsole to give you that classic vintage vibe and tons of modern durability So vintage and comfortable are not always synonymous but with the Iniki Runner from adidas Originals It is! So go pick yours up today See you guys later

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