Adidas Boost Vs Nike Lunarlon

when you buy a pair of sneakers you want a
few things. You’re looking for something comfortable,
light weight, and supportive for when you workout. But then you have these huge companies that
keep innovating to create a far superior product. These days Nike has Lunarlon while Adidas
has boost. Is one better than the other? how are they similar and most importantly
how are they different? First up we’ve go the older of the two. Nike’s Lunarlon technology debuted in two
new shoes in time for the summer olympics of 2008 in Beijing, the Nike Lunaracer for
the marathon and Nike Hyperdunk for basketball. After Athletes of all levels loved the way
Lunarlon minimized impact while providing both spring and support Nike’s designers
began exploring how the technology could benefit athletes in other sports by adapting it for
sport-specific needs. Lunarlon itself is a fusion of lightweight
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) with the bouncy ball-like spring of Nitrile Rubber. The result is a light foam that reduces the
amount of impact each time your foot hits the pavement by evenly distributing the force
through out the mid sole of the shoe. On the other hand we Adidas’s Boost technology
which is much younger than Lunarlon. Adidas’s boost technology is a highly elastic
thermoplastic urethane that is formed into individual foam pellets. these pellets are super soft, yet very springy
which are characteristics that are usually never found together. The pellets are then molded into the shape
of a midsole through the use of steam. The Soft and springy characteristics of boost
results in a material that has far superior energy return than anything else on the market. When it comes to being used in the final products,
each company’s approach is very different. In the case of the Lunarepic Low Flyknit one
and two, the lunarlon is encased in an outer foam layer with flex pods built into the lunarlon. This gives the shoe a very distinct feel and
makes them extremely supportive. Adidas on the other hand uses boost as the
main component of the mid sole, throws in a torsion system for arch support, and wraps
the boost in a continental rubber outsole. the result is a very soft ride with a lot
of traction. But if you’re trying to decide between getting
Adidas Ultra Boosts or Nike Lunarepics there are some key differences to consider aside
from mid sole technology. Although both shoes have knit uppers, they
also have very different characteristics. Sure they’re both breathable, but the prime
knit is far more elastic and comfortable to wear. The soft prime knit upper and the comfortable
cushioning of the Ultra Boost is why its also a popular casual slash lifestyle shoe. On the other hand the Nike Lunarepic flyknit
2 is a better training shoe than the Ultra Boost for a few reasons. Since the Flyknit on the Lunarepic isn’t as
elastic that means your foot stays in place better inside the shoe when working out. The Lunarepic also has a firmer feeling mid
sole. and finally the lunar epic also uses Nike’s fly wire system. The flywire system really helps with lock
down when you tighten your shoes. and when you tighten your laces it feels like
your whole foot is being compressed. Where Adidas’s cage dosnt really do much
when you tighten your laces. All you get is some compression near the instep
of your foot. Over all both shoes have some cool technology
in them that have helped drive innovation. Nike has been working with lunarlon for years
and they have developed many different techniques to utilize the material. they tweak their midsole design depending
on different sports to meet sport-specific needs. Yet, Adidas’s Boost technology is fairly
younger and has some growing up to do. Boost is an amazing material that I’m sure
will evolve as time goes on. Neither shoe or technology is better per say,
they just have different characteristics that are advantageous in different scenarios. Personally, if i were looking for a training
shoe id pick up the Nike Lunarepic. But for all other situations or long distance
running I’m definitely going with boost.


  • Boost is better because it has boost technology

  • cant beat the boost

  • I have both exact models. I don't think boost is better. they feel basically the same but the lunar just feels taller

  • thoughts on lunarepic for casual?

  • Great comparison what I have been looking for

  • I love both boost and lunarlon they are both super comfortable but I would go for boost any day since Lunarlon just doesnt last for me.

  • It's called Lunarepic Flyknit low 2

  • boost is a cushier feel than lunarlon, so it's better for super high impact sports like long distance running and heel strikers. I do like knit upper tech better on the nike. I chose boost because lunarlon just felt too hard for me during any impact activities…including walking. However, if I didn't mind a harder sole shoe, I'd probably go with alphabounce (adidas)…if nothing else, just because they look so damn good!

  • What if… Both technologies were combined?

  • Nike LunarEpic ?

  • Adidas is more stylish and looks good on casual dress…

  • I have both too… I'ma go with the lunarlon… they bounce when you walk.. crazy impact protection

  • Boost are a peace of plastic

  • I’m trying to decide between the Off-White murcural and Yeezy beluga, any opinions?

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