“Accents” | Russell Peters

>>Russell Peters: I’m gonna let out a secret about Indian people, for all the people here, or all the people watching, or wherever you are. If you’re not Indian, this is a message to you, on behalf of all Indian people. Hope my brown people don’t get upset, that I’m letting out our secret, [Laughter] but just so you guys know; Indian people are fully aware of what their accent sounds like. [Laughter] We don’t actually need you– [Laughter] We know exactly what it sounds like. We know it’s not the coolest accent in the world, you know? You’re never gonna see two Indian guys in a club standing around going, [Indian accent] “Hey man, aren’t we cool?” [Laughter] [Indian accent] “Don’t we sound really hip? We are going to meet all the bitches tonight.” [Laughter] [Indian accent] “I’m pimping!” [Laughter] It’s not gonna happen. We know what it sounds like, you know? And don’t think, for one minute, that we don’t know that you’re mocking us, when we’re not around. It’s an accent, we’re not deaf! [Laughter] Don’t think when we walk into Home Depot and go, [Indian accent] “Hello, I am looking for paint.” [North American accent] Yeah it’s right down that isle, over there, sir. [Busting out laughing] [Laughter] “Hey Jim, did you hear that guy? He’s looking for ‘paynt!” [Laughter] “Paynt!” [Laughter] “PAAAYNT!” [Laughter] “Hey, let’s go have a cigarette, and talk like this, for half an hour.” [Laughter] We know you’re doing it, you bastards! But Indian people know what their accent’s good for, and what it’s not good for. We know it’s limitations. You know what I mean? We know it’s not good for– for getting laid. It’s not gonna help you. [Indian accent] “Hello baby.” [Laughter] Nothing’s gonna happen for you. But you know what the Indian accent IS good for? Cutting tension. You got a tense situation? Pop in the Indian accent. Tension’s gone. Picture a serious courtroom drama. [Laughter] [North American accent] “Your Honor, my client… [Cheerful Indian accent] Would like to plea guiltyyy!” [Laughter] Tension’s gone! [Laughter] But white people, let me talk to you for a minute! White Canadian people, especially. Canadian white people, when I say Canadian I mean, you’re Canadian, your parents are Canadian, your grandparents are Canadian, you’re REALLY Canadian. Canadian white people – you have an accent. and they’re completely oblivious to it. You do! I don’t know if you’re aware of it, sir. [Laughter] You may not have it. You look like a rich, Canadian white guy. I don’t know, you know what I mean? [Laughter] You’re a minority. [Laughter and Applause] But Canadian people have an accent, and it’s funny when you watch white Canadian people talk. Especially white Canadian guys, they have this funny ass way of talking. They talk– the way they speak, they make everythings sound like it’s the most matter-of-fact thing you’ve ever heard in your life, and when they talk to you, it looks like they can’t control their head. [Laughter] It looks like they’re part bobblehead, when they say stuff to you. Some will come up to you and they’ll go, [Canadian accent] “Jesus Christ!” [Laughter and Applause] [Canadian accent] “Did you get a load of the jugs on that one?!” [Laughter] [Canadian accent] “Uh yeah, uh yeah!” [Laughter] They do, and it’s funny to watch! And white people are sitting there going, “No, we don’t have an accent, what are you talking about?!” I can prove to you, white folks, that you have an accent. That’s a pretty bold statement, for brown man, but I can prove to you. White people, when you swear, you sound like donkeys [Laughter] You do, ’cause you’ll say stuff like, [Mimicking braying donkey] “Fuuck Ahhhhhhff!” [Laughter and Applause] [Mimicking braying donkey] “Buull shiiiit!” [Mimicking braying donkey] “Hee-haw! Hee-haw!” [Laughter] You talk funny, man, it’s okay! [Laughter] ♪♪


  • Hey look. Its mister peedurs

  • 2020 anyone

  • I died at rich Canadian. O your a minority.

  • I'd love to here Russel peters doing and English accent

  • That white Canadian head moving about and swearing like that happens in Ireland too

  • Skipped us Asians ?

  • So many indians in the chat still in denial. Blaming south or north indians but in reality, they all have that same accent. Maybe use a voice recorder and you ll know how indian you guys are ???

  • im canadadian

  • This dude is a fucking madlad

  • 0:40 I repeat this “aren’t we cool” all the time it makes me laugh

  • 2019 people where you at?

  • U one hunnid % of an amazin' comedian..big fan man..all them dumb mf comedians should learn from you how to make anyone crack up.

  • Kicks like what? He is great in expressing what lied ahead within culture n people. it's sweet though I don't think it is offensive.

  • Dude jesus Christ part is the best ???????

  • Who wants to argue Russel is not the best in d world

  • Russel, you are wrong, there are tons of Indians who deny that they have an accent,
    especially those Indian scammers who call you on the phone and talk like apu from the Simpson and say "Hi, my name is John, and i am from the income tax department, and you are being fined".
    They pretend to be American Government officials, but then their accent easily gives it away, and yet, they continue to call like idiots.
    Btw, i'm also Indian, living in the US, and i have met quite a lot of Indians who talk English with the Indian accent and think they sound just fine.

  • My wife and me had an argument, she left the room with anger and came back when I was watching this video!

  • This is so funny love from Nepal ?? ?

  • The indian accent must be good for getting laid because they're the largest population in the world now ?

  • This is 1080p


  • 2019 and it’s still epiiiiiic ?

  • I couldn’t speak English, but after I watched Russell’s stand up shows, I can now even Indian accents!

  • He knows white people are not only canadians and americans?

  • Hispanic and Indians
    Both brown
    Both have a blend of spices in their foods
    And most importantly…

    They'll beat thier kids if they'll act as a white kid brat ?

  • It only short time then nothing else to joke any more ,so hurry before out of stories

  • Hey man
    Aren't we kuul ?

  • Indian accent and filipino accent is almost the same, very dorky

  • 2:24

  • 3:24

  • Russell is the best .

  • 4:01 lol

  • Anyone in 2019

  • I’m happy you acknowledge your accent sounds like dog shlt.

  • I’m indian

  • Who da fuck is this?

  • which accent do you have?

  • Indians in the comments who say they can speak in different accents are the ones who do those scam calls for taxation departments

  • $40 million, goddamn

  • indian accents are not good for tech-support guys

  • underrated. better than trevor noah

  • Hey Russel……… We have a variety of accents from north to south…… And west to east

  • only North Indian people have that kind of accent I am not being racist but that’s a fact and South Indians sound different except few temilians who sound a bit different from other South Indians and I said few and again it’s a fact I am not being racist

  • Love the Canada accent!! Jesus christ. Lol
    You sound like donkeys! FUUUCK OFFFF

  • The Navajo Indians have Spanish accent.

  • Watching 2k19

  • 2019

  • Gabriel is much funnier

  • Hi Bro.just came to know about you n following now…would like to ask just one thing Americans making fun of English accents of Indians,can Americans too speak 2,3 languages just like us?Whats so proud of speaking your own mother tongue don’t even need education.And btw the accent you represent from India doesn’t belong to the whole of India.

  • I can’t laugh ?

  • 2019 anyone

  • it's usually the south indian accent

  • Lmfao…he said you sound like donkys????

  • The Canadian "Jesus Christ" is so spot on hahah

  • That so true I never realized that about white people ?

  • I’m supposed to be asleep

  • My brother does that donkey swearing it's fucking hysterical funny. Dead ass he doesn't even try

  • 2021 anyone ?

  • Russel don't fergot ur roots u know it very well!

  • Is this true India ?

  • October 2019

  • You looked like popoye the sailor when you said Jesus Christ

  • நாங்க தமிழ் பீட்டர் மாமு, இந்தியன் இல்ல…!!!! நீ பேசறது பூரா பானி பூரீ காரனுங்க…!!!!

  • Anyone else from 2019

  • 2:00

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