A Too Cute 2-Year-Old Bottle Flipper!

Last week,
I showed you a video of Sammy Rogers. She’s an adorable 2-year-old who
loves to flip water bottles. Take a look. [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yeah, you did it. Dab it. Boom, yeah. [APPLAUSE]
>>I saw that and I said bring her to me. From Nashville, Tennessee,
please welcome Sammy and her dad, Matt. Hi, Sammy.>>Hi.>>How you doing?>>Hi.>>I love your outfit, you look adorable. So I saw you flipping bottles,
how long have you been doing that?>>How long have you been
flipping bottles, baby?>>I mean, you’re two years old. It can’t be that long. Have you done it before that night,
when they recorded you doing it?>>Yeah.>>You had.>>For how long?>>Yes.>>Her brothers actually
had just taught her.>>Do you want some water?>>Yeah.>>Okay, here you go.
>>[LAUGH]>>Is that good? You want anything else?>>[LAUGH]
>>All right, so you record this and how many, I mean, it has so many views. How many views does it have already?>>It was unbelievable. We-
>>30 million views.>>30 million views,
my dad, he’s 72 years old. And we just got him on Facebook,
he was excited.>>What’s this?>>That’s also water.>>[LAUGH]
>>Do you want my water as well?>>[APPLAUSE]>>Good thing it’s water, isn’t it?>>[LAUGH]
>>Well, I was gonna say we posted the video
just to kind of share with my dad and friends and family. And I actually tagged my dad who’s 72 and we woke up the next day to
30 million people knowing.>>Cuz it was just supposed
to go to your dad.>>Yeah.>>She’s just gonna walk around now. Do you wanna flip some bottles?>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]
>>All right. Here you go.>>You go show Ellen how
to flip your bottle. Use your left hand.>>And then you’re gonna
dab as soon as you do it.>>This one?>>Yeah, you can do that one. [SOUND] Almost, almost.>>One more, higher. You can do it. Here we go.
This is it.>>Do you have one?>>Yeah, for me or for you? Are you trying to challenge me?>>[LAUGH]
>>Here.>>Do you have another one?>>Yeah, she’s got one right there?
>>Here, do you want some more or do you want me to do it?>>You do it and then I’ll do it. Yeah, this is it.>>This is the one, I can feel it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Keep clapping.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Dab it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hey, show Ellen how you do your slow dabs. [APPLAUSE]
>>Slow dabs.>>That was so good.>>[LAUGH]
>>That was really impressive.>>[APPLAUSE]>>It’s so good, it’s so good. So she’s adorable, and let’s talk about her health issues
because I know we wanna help with that.>>Wow. Yeah, my wife and I,
we both carry a gene called Delta-F508. Basically every time we have children,
there’s a 25% chance that they’re born with a genetic
disease called cystic fibrosis. So we found out with our second son,
Mason. We have two older boys and
then obviously, our baby girl. And we found out our second son,
Mason, when he was a month old. And we knew that there was a risk. And with Sammy, it was always
our dream to have a baby girl. And, come here. Sit over here.>>It’s okay, she’s about to do it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You gonna do it? It was always our dream
to have a baby girl. And the doctor told us when Terri was
pregnant, hey, good news, you got your baby girl but unfortunately she’s
gonna have the same diagnosis as your son. So it’s been challenging. She does a lot of breathing treatments. Right now there’s currently no cure for
cystic fibrosis. But we do a lot of preventative stuff,
and the response, it’s just has been hailing in for
crying out loud. Just the response from people,
just like my employer, my boss, Woody, he helped us start
a water bottle flip challenge. And people have been taking the bottle
flip challenge, and it’s been phenomenal.>>You didn’t got it.>>I didn’t get it.>>[LAUGH]
>>I’m gonna take a break, though, and when we come back, maybe we have a little
gift that we wanna help you out. We’ll be right back, okay? This is-
>>I do the bottle flip and you talk.>>[LAUGH]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>We are and we wanna help you out, and so Shutterfly was inspired by your story. They wanna help, they wanna give
$10,000 to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And you can go to our website to find out
what you can do to help to find a cure.>>[APPLAUSE]

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