A Man Seeks The Perfect Shoe – Asking Too Much Of Your Footwear – Men’s Style Advice

A Man Seeks The Perfect Shoe – Asking Too
Much Of Your Footwear – Men’s Style Advice Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, we’re going to be talking about a man who is asking a little bit too
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to it is right down there. This is the question that came in, “Antonio,
thank you for all of your emails and videos.” You are welcome, sir. “My dressing has improved
so much and people seem to compliment me a lot more these days for looking dapper. I
really appreciate all your help. My question is I’m looking to get a good pair of black
shoes that I can use for work and for dinners. I need them to be comfortable because I’ll
be spending a lot of time at work, but they should also be classy because I’m going to
be wearing them out to dinners, weddings, and I would like to be able to wear them to
more casual events as well. Do you have any idea on what I should be looking for?” Well, the gentleman, in my opinion, he’s asking
too much from one pair of shoes. Let me use the analogy of vehicles. I used to be a motorcyclist.
I’ve ridden my bike all over the place and I loved my bike, but whenever I travel to
India, I saw people doing things on motorcycles that I didn’t know could be done. Literally,
I would see like a family of five on a motorcycle, stacked up, and it just blew me away. This
is like a little 75 cc bike and they’ve got kids on the front bars. In any case, they
were doing more than I thought a motorcycle should safely be able to do. Now, they were
getting it done. It was working, but I had my reservations of the safety of having a
family of five on a motorcycle. So let me go back to shoes here. You’re asking
too much from one pair of shoes because what you’re going to have to do in order for it
to be both comfortable and dressy, you’re going to need to go for a well-fitted pair
of probably, I would say Oxfords, but they’re never going to be casual enough to wear with
jeans. It’s just you’re not going to be able to take them down that low. And it sounds
like you would be just wearing these and wearing these, and you’re going to eventually — you
need to be rotating through shoes, and I would say any well-dressed man should have three
pairs of nice dress shoes. So at the higher end, you’re going to want
your pair of Balmoral Oxfords. If you don’t wear suits very often, you can look to bringing
a pair of Bluchers, but I would go with the Oxfords because those are going to have close
lacings and are always going to be appropriate for a suit and you just want to have something
at the higher end level. Now, in the medium level, you can start to
bring in a dark brown. You can even have a black and you can look at a Blucher. You can
go with a little bit of a cap toe or perhaps even go with a little brogueing, which is
the design, the ornate design in the carvings in the leather. You can even go with a really
nice slip-on or maybe a Chelsea boot. And then at the lower end, which is still
going to be a pretty dressy shoe, you can then start to bring in any type of casual
leather shoe that’s not a sports shoe, but is something that fits you well, is very comfortable.
I actually own a pair of ECCOs. I know they don’t always get the best rep, but I love
them simply because they’re incredibly waterproof. They’re not water-resistant. These things
are waterproof. Here in Wisconsin, when I’m going through
the slush, I just slip those things on. Yes, they’re not as dressy-looking and I probably
could go with galoshes, but when it comes to doing things around here in a small town,
these shoes are plenty and they still look dressier and they perform better than any
type of running shoe, and they’re a lot easier to put on than any type of work boot. The point again is that don’t ask too much.
I have a family of five. I don’t have my motorcycle anymore, but if I did, I would still — I
wish I had my Sprint ST Triumph, beautiful bike. I’ve got my truck and we’ve got a minivan
because those two vehicles suit our family’s needs. And with you, think about that with
your shoes. I realize that you may have to bring down the price. If you could only afford
one pair of $300 shoes, I would say starting off and maybe look to pull back on the price
and start with — there are reasonable shoes in the $50 to $100 range. And if you can’t
even afford that, then go look for second hand thrift stores, find a pair of shoes that
you can get for a few bucks that has been gently worn. All right. This has been Antonio Centeno with
Real Men Real Style. I will see you in the next video. Bye-bye.


  • I want a shirt that i can go to work in, come home, do some housework in, and then go out to dinner……

  • Regular santoni shoes, plain black ones go great with everything, the thing about shoes of that kind is the quality of their leathers, because it is really great quality leather they will look great with anything 🙂

  • Another awesome video! I'm a college freshman and I've been slowly integrating your advice in to my lifestyle 😀

  • what formal shoe would you recommend that i can wear with a suit to weddings and work but is also suitable for hiking and soccer on the weekends/evenings?

  • @aedsy Hahaha! Just wear soccer shoes with your suit.

  • @CSABROOKS Great to hear sir!

  • @avenancius Good suggestion – I'll have to look at these.

  • Excellent conclusion. In fact, it's one I came to myself, recently. I bought my first nice pair of dress shoes a few weeks ago (nice = cost more than $20 and isn't velcro), and began planning my future shoe purchases. I realized that like other aspects of clothing, they are only interchangeable within their formality level. You wouldn't wear a tuxedo jacket with jeans. Likewise, you need shoes at each formality level.

  • You talk about a "nice slip-on" doing the job fine, but could you elaborate on that?

    What makes a good slip-on? What makes a bad one? I've always been told that slip-ons are something to avoid as you get older, but you mention them quite a bit.

    Would be interested in hearing a bit more about them specifically.

  • Lots love Allen Edmunds Park Ave, but im a fan of Alfred Stargent Monks and Plain Toe's

  • @ashlandhockey Good advice! I'm always particularly partial to Allen Edmonds — one of the last high-quality men's dress shoe companies that still does its production in the USA.

  • @Grarrgle Think "driving shoes" — flexible-soled laceless leather dress shoes. They can look good at any age, but I could see older folks preferring lace-ups so that their shoes can't be mistaken for "orthos." Once you get over 60-70ish there's the worry that laceless shoes make you look infirm when you're not.

  • @AnomalyTea Takes a minute or two to get over the "dang it, I'm a man, I don't need more than two pairs of shoes!" mindset, doesn't it? But once you start really thinking about it you realize it's a collection worth expanding over time.

  • @TheMax8900 Oh good 🙂

  • @stemcgolf Well, can't go wrong with a pinpoint cotton in white or blue for starters.

  • @RealMenRealStyle It certainly does! Throughout my life I've generally had 3 pairs of shoes: Casual, dress, running. But then I look at the rest of my wardrobe: I can't satisfy all occasions with one pair of pants and one shirt… or even 3 of each… why the heck should I expect the same from my shoes?
    I may be an efficiency nut, and have my purchases planned out in the most useful order possible, but I've discovered that without multiple pairs of shoes, you're only "scraping by".

  • Great advice.

    I love my black Oxfords but they simply don't go with everything in a modern man's wardrobe.

  • @misteroz They're a great starting place — just not the whole story! But certainly one that no man should be without.

  • I'm probably crazy, but I have ten pairs of shoes (and I cut back). Six are dress shoes. A few black and a few brown. Most were picked up at thrift stores. I like to rotate the shoes, along with what I wear so my look isn't stale, nor my feet. Ever since I started doing this a year ago, my foot odor and fungus problems disappeared. You can scoff at 10 shoes, but at least my feet don't stink.

  • @therealgarygnu Hey, I'm all for guys owning enough pairs to keep their shoes rotated. A couple days off after being worn really does wonders for extending the lifespan of anything leather.

  • Hey Antonio, I am going to be visiting Chicago next weekend (March 29th), and will be taking advantage of the fact they have an Allen Edmond's. I'm from a smaller city so this is great for me to try shoes on, in person.

    My question is what you would recommend as a nice pair of brown oxford's that are versatile enough for suit-wear and casual wear. I was looking at the Fifth Avenue (if you know them), but wanted to know what you may recommend for my needs.


  • Too many to choose from! Allen Edmonds has a big collection. If you're planning on something that you'll be wearing with suits (as opposed to trousers with an unmatched jacket) keep it fairly plain, though, and avoid anything with lots of brogueing. A darker brown will also help keep it dressy.

  • To the gentlemen asking the question. If you want a shoe that does it all its going to cost a lot. My favorite shoes are Wingtip Oxfords aka Brogue in black. A high quality one you can wear to work, since its black and heeled and their still sleek and nice enough to wear out to drinks. For comfort you going to have to go full bespoke or high end ready to wear. Craftsmanship= Comfort. Calfskin is my favorite its breathable and soft. Shell Cardovan is nice too, thicker and wrinkle resistant.

  • Antonio, I was wondering, could you tell us what causes heel blisters? And also with these dress shoes, how much does your shoe need to "break in" the line between not fitting right and "breaking in" is quite thin.

  • 2:12 I think that oxford shoes can work with the right pair of jeans, if it's a slim-fitting pair of raw denim, and paired with a more casual collared shirt rather than just a t-shirt, possibly with a nice sweater worn over the shirt as well.

    I think you should have touched a bit on shoe care, proper care can be the difference between needing new shoes every 6 months or being able to wear the same pair of shoes for many years.

  • question for you guys, are perforated cap toed shows ok as business/interview attire? or should i just stick with a regular plain cap toe?

  • Can anyone help me what is that 3 types of shoes again?

  • I bought a pair of Broad Street Allen Edmonds, the black and white. I just liked them and my wife is so mad because I dont' even have a suit. She says I don't have anything to wear them with so there they sit in my closet. Are they to fancy? I thought people in the 20s wore those with everything…

  • Hey Antonio,

    I have seen most of your videos and I really like them. In this video I really like that 5 people on one bike part. I am from mumbai and I know it really happens only in India.

    I wear Bata oxford shoes with formal. Don't know whether they are balmoral oxford or not?
    I am a college going student and want to know what shoes to wear with jeans? Mocossins or loafers or something else? Also tell me which brand should I look for. I'm looking for durable ones.
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • would been nice to see you show them shoes awhile explaining about them..

  • shoes are often times the thing me and I'm sure many guys think hard about and often look forever in a shoe store for the "perfect" shoe but many good shoes can go with many outfits

  • not your best video this time.

  • Beautiful bike

  • I think you should do a video on casual leather slip-ons, you mention them quite often but you never go into detail.

  • In Japan, the teachers don't wear their dress shoes inside the school because it's a tradition that they take off their outside shoes. So all of the teachers will wear tennis shoes! It's funny to see some teachers go around in a suit and tie with tennis shoes.

  • That's interesting.

  • I think it's also an excuse to wear something more comfortable! I knew what I was getting into so before I came, I bought a good pair of tennis shoes with the right support, so my feet don't bother me from standing.

  • Heck ya love my ecco's. Also the styles cover from proffessional and sports to everyday. Great brand.

  • great analogies !!

  • You were already awesome, but now even more so that I know you're a motorcyclist. Great videos man!

  • What is the best suit for me. As I have red hair because I just do know. Thank you 

  • Rockport is quite comfortable and still classic. They are cushioned like trainers. But they don't last long.

  • cowboy boots are verry versitile

  • I work as an executive protection agent and the job requires me to wear a suit and also to be on my feet for long periods of time. which shoes do you recommend for me. Thanks.

  • I used to "just like" this gentleman's advice, but since I found out he ALSO loves Triumph motorcycles, now I'm a disciple.

  • What about loafers they are made for driving and looking good

  • I love all of your videos. I'm very young, but this is super helpful. I may be young, but I really care about my style. I go for trends, etc. thank you Antonio!

  • Oh yeah I'm on someone else's device don't get me confused on my gender!?

  • Hahahaha welcome to India

  • How about monk straps? Are they suitable to wear with a suit?

  • Pictures/photos of the shoes you while you are talking would be very helpful.

  • I've had the misfortune of both my dress casual (looks nice, but not enough for a fancy dinner or full suit) black and brown set of shoes going bad around the same time, and sadly I can only afford at this moment to replace one set.

    I was looking at Eccos since they look nice but not too formal, plus I live in Minnesota and the waterproofing would be good for winter and spring.  Just unsure if I should go with black or brown at this moment.  Most my shirts are darker shades, even if it is color, with only a few lighter colored greys or tan, and one brown while pants I own 1 pair of jeans, otherwise they are khaki or black.  My current shoes (minus the two that fell apart) consist of black work boots I got while in the service, black dress shoes, and running shoes.

    My guess would be black as I think they would be a bit more versatile and go with more of my wardrobe, but I figured asking for your expertise before committing would be smart.

  • Monkstraps are honestly quite good

  • Hi Antonio, what is your opinion is the best option to wear with jeans on say a normal day out shopping or meeting a few friends for a movie night? Is one ever 'too old' to wear canvas shoes?

  • Hi Antonio, Really love your videos. i have a question regarding Dress shoes.  Round Toe Vs Chisel toe Vs Pointed toe which is more dressier and which more casual?

  • black or brown boots for casual use?

  • When I worked at a 4 star hotel my boss used to wear light brown shoes with a black suit…

  • Check the thrift store first, always amazing deals to be had.  For me, I picked out a pair of Clark's dress shoes over a year ago.  Keep em polished and they'll work just fine for all but the most formal occasions.  A mirror shine turns a 40 dollar clearance shoe into a subtle jewel.

  • bro, you kept it so real, especially as you drew nigh to the ending.

  • Cool, thanks for video, I watched a video Aaron did and aftter I bought the brown monkstrap shoes. I have only wore them with dark wash jeans. Question are they good for any other style than semi casual?

  • Black Sketchers shoe is the answer 🙂

  • what can you do with a canvas boat shoe? would that be best fit for chinos and going downtown

  • Haha, your reaction to your lack of bike was priceless.
    I will get one for sure in the near future, and I understand the feels.

    Thanks! Great content as always!

  • I love my hushpuppie slip ons. great for my maccas job, dinners and casual gatherings.

    saving up for hushpuppy lace dress shoed

  • Main colors for mens shoes are brown, black and used to be dark blue although the latter is somewhat less common. Whether or not I prefer brown or black is relative – I suppose the color of your trousers play a role. Black is elegant although too much of it in ones dress may not leave a good impression. If you are wearing a lot of it otherwise, go brown. If not you can go black. It is a good color for accessories

  • Hi Antonio

    I was wondering if you had any tips/tricks on shoe polishing/dyeing?

  • Hi Antonio, What about moccasin shoes?

  • Hi
    I wear runners at a ware house. I get foot pain most of the time. I know that I need to wear a safety cap shoes but items that I load or organise them bare not heavy , so what do advise for me in this situation ? Plz plz help

  • you have understood India very well….. 😛

  • If you have dont care ( you should) about formality, Black chelsea boots. Other than that, black oxfords and brown semi brogues

  • I also have a similar question. As a college student I had been wearing a outdoor leather boot with would fit perfectly on all my outfits. But this year in rain they boots got wet and are squeaky now. Can you recommend any waterproof boot (great if it is leather other will also do) which are rigged, water proof/resistant and can easily go on casual dress ( jeans and shirt)?

    Your videos and articles have been a great help for me over last few months in changing my dressing style.

  • Please advise us on winter boot

  • hey Antonio.. ive been watching your videos from couple of months..and they are of great use to me . thank u?
    but i always had this on my mind that is it okkay to wear brown leather shoes on black suits and black shirts?

  • Mr. Antonio, help me out here. I am sort of stuck between purchasing a pair of black duke from Thursday boots or a pair of ox blood/brown brogue monkstraps from Paul Evans? Please answer my question only on the basis of versatility, not price.


  • Hi Antonio,  I have a
    question related to this one I think.  I
    am a Benedictine monk who is going to be ordained a Catholic Priest in July. I
    work in a parish but also as a teacher in
    a High School, so I plan on investing in a few pairs of good dress shoes because
    of a large amount of time I need to spend
    on my feet.  I am thinking of doing both the
    Allen Edwards Park Ave and 5th Ave in black because of all the time I
    am in black between my Habit and Clerical Collar. Do you have a suggestion for
    a less formal type of shoe that will work with casual attire, khakis and a button down or say with slacks and
    a sports jacket, for when I am out with friends and not in my clericals? I am
    looking for a shoe that is not black, but that would work with my clerics if
    they needed to, even if it is a slight stretch. 
    Thanks for any help. God Bless, Br. D. OSB

  • To be better dressed than 75%.

    I asume that a very dressy choclet darkbrown chelsea would be the most versetile shoe ever for like 75% of the times.

    Black plain oxfords at wedding is very booring. Most normal wedding and especialy in the summer, a medium brown brouge like some C&J is moore exiting. In a dark crouded roome you dissapare to like 90% in black shoes and dark grey suit, you become moore a shadow and loooking like everybody else. The goal is not to be a flagpost but not to dissapere either it is a party.

  • Very good advice

  • I have a black oxford, oxblood double monks and a pair of dark brown dress loafer also a casual boot is that good

  • What's a "PERFECT" shoe for you?

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  • Monk straps??


  • I am almost afraid to buy shoes. How many times have I paid over $200 and find that the top layer of the shoe gets scuffed and it pulls free like paper, completely ruining the shoe. What type of construction is this so I can avoid it in the future?

  • AWESOME video. Is the left cuff(?) of your shirt monogrammed? If so where is ok and not ok to have a shirt monogrammed? Thanks and God Bless!!!

  • I'm reticent in buying shoes over the internet only because I worried of the fit. Normally I'm a 9.5 Wide but a 10 D is the normall substitute . I haven't found a shoe store. that carries good quality men's dress shoes in my town. To jog your memory. I live in a mainly blue collar town that manufactures various parts for the auto industry. What i is the name of the shoe shop you mentioned in one of your youtube presentation.

  • ? I had that same question ‼️??‍♂️??‍♂️

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