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It’s fucking cold! I will see if I go down to Middagsvantet here and then I will try to warm up a bit. It’s so slippery, the rock with the snow. So I will try to warm up a bit and look at the weather forecast and decide, because it’s already super challenging in good conditions and like this, it’s just taking forever It’s super slippery. Many times we need to go far away to find great adventures. And we don’t realise that just by opening the door of the home, we can just go out there and find great adventures in the backyard. So, I think. I want to start running here, from home, and go to the first summit, and then just keeping on the ridge all the time, enjoying that it’s the midnight sun. And just keep going, keep going on the ridges until my legs say: ok, no more energy, I need to stop. So, let’s try that. So now I will pack a small harness, 50 meters of dyneema rope, if I need to do some abseils, poles, this small ice axe, gloves, pants, an extra pair of socks, sunglasses I will put on a bunch of gels and bars here, a down jacket, and a soft flask. There’s a lot of water in these mountains, so I just need to carry a soft flask for when I’m on the ridges. So I think with this I can spend… I don’t know… two, three, four days running. Let’s see that. I will try to stay on the ridge for about a hundred miles. So it will be fun. I really don’t know how long it could take… if it will be 50, 80, 100 or 150 hours. So, let’s see. So now all this long ridge there. This will be the first quarter. The first 40 kilometers. Narrow and very, very, very bad rock. I need to be super careful here. It’s so hard these hours. I’m so looking forward so much for some… hot chocolate, or coffee and a sandwich, or a piece of pizza. Maybe actually… When the sun appears, I stop for one or two hours to sleep and recover a bit, Because now… Fiuuuh It’s not easy. Almost 80 kilometers when I will go down. Now I feel better I think, with the sun, a bit of food, and going down. But I think I will anyway take a one-hour nap. I need a lot rest there. So, after 25 hours without seeing anyone, now super busy here. And now refuelling my energy… I will try to sleep for one hour, which is good. Mmmm… I feel good, I think. That’s nice. I go for a second night… outside. Interesting to see how it feels After the power nap I was feeling so, so, great actually. So I think I will do that when I start to feel tired. I will just stop a second, taking a 40 minute nap. Run again. Juratin. Full of crampon marks. Classic winter road up to Juratin. And the last… the last summits. Tack, tack, tack. Yes 54 hours! 54 hours The last hour The last summit now Great. -Feet are tired.
-Yes Mind is tired. Time to sleep. I’m a bit dizzy. And now down to the clouds. Yes And now just downhill, on the snow. Do you want to drink some water… or eat something…?.


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  • This is crazy!

  • E X C E L L E N T J O B, K I L I A N

  • Insane and beautiful <3

  • I wish my backyard looked like that! Wow! Kilian is an amazing athlete.

  • Amazing

  • Amazing!!!

  • Salomon guys : "How long do you want this trail ?"
    Killian : "YES !"

  • Voir cette vidéo me rappelle le trail de l homperokken que j ai couru en juillet en beaucoup moins difficile bien sûr mais c était juste derriére chez toi à Tromsø..bravo.. impressionant

  • Do you know what class terrain the "hard sections" would have been? 3rd/4th or low 5th class?

  • super man in mountains

  • Some people live other people's dream! Thanks for sharing! I'd love to do this kind of thing even if I knew I would die. But I don't have high peaks and snowy mountains in Brazil.

  • 5:55 – great lesson from a pro here boys and girls… no device? no problem!

  • 3:07… yep nope… nah. no. no thanks.

  • Was this filmed with a GoPro? If so which one? Was it filmed with a normal head mount?

  • He did change the shoes while on the way so he was not completely alone after all. Also not everyone's backyard is this !
    Great video nevertheless !! Killian is a monster !

  • Superhuman

  • Tout est hallucinant dans cette "sortie" : les paysages, les passages vertigineux, le D+, le temps de sommeil, l'alimentation, l'eau (2L en 15h !!!)… C'est juste ultraterrestre !

  • Amazing adventure! Killian you are the best! , thank you for sharing Salomon, you inspire to go out and explore. 😀

  • This is almost unbelievable. What a superhuman, thanks to remember us anything is possible

  • Wow!

  • 56 hours and no headlamp???

  • No tent? Just sleeping outside? Edit- just finished watching..the little shit only slept 1.5 hours. Bravo

  • Impresionante, me quito el sombrero ante éste fenómeno, eso solo puede hacerlo alguien grande, que crack!!

  • What's the little ice axe brand I need me of those!

  • wow – Kilian is a beast.

  • Machine.

  • Love you Kilian. Boss

  • Impressive…

  • Who makes the 5mm rap cord? What’s that rated to?

  • does somebody know what are the bunch of gels and bars he's using??

  • -:))) Time to Play ?!? K. jornet look likes at the Top after 56Hours :)(: totaly'sad .. He need to PLAY = 😉 = Time is an Illusion 🙂 Keep'Cool / @micalement votre !

  • Crazy man !!!

  • which backpack/vest did he use? amazing work kilian!

  • Barbaro Kilian👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Underrated af! Super motivating, thank you!

  • https://www.zapasdepor.com/zapatillas-salomon-xr-mission/

  • did he leave the rope?

  • Wow

  • The beginning sounded like the Adventure Time Intro! Awesome!

  • Plus c'est exceptionnel, et plus ça parait facile ! ALORS QUE C'EST TOTALEMENT INFAISABLE !

  • 80 people are either jealous as hell or do not fully comprehend what this man just did….
    Yeah it's marketing for Salomon but put that aside and look at what a stoic that guy. It shows what a human can achieve in a short period and for very little expense, not only physically and mentally but spirituality as well, by connecting with yourself and nature without the bells and whistles.

  • Kilian, would you make any changes to the kit/equipment, if you were to do the same run again?

  • This is insane! Wow!

  • Very inspiring. Thanks for great video and to this great athlete

  • Tell the wife I’m away for a run, only to find her on the top of your last mountain, everyone else’s wife you’d expect an argument.. she tells you your going well!! She’s a keeper 🤭.. your nuts by the way and amazing..

  • makes me dizzy

  • Right when I was feeling all good about my 5 mile run today, I watched this!

  • Thanks Kilian, the Best

  • Only 54 hours? What a wimp. /s

    He must stink to high hell. Hell would evict him probably.

    Salomon, if you're reading. Make some wide toebox shoes. Snug in the heel and midfoot but wide toebox, like Topos. I'll get on board.

  • Hi..im new friend here..ohh my goshh how long you need to walk there so danger i think..takecare and goodluck😊

  • Hola Kilian, durant el recorregut quantes vegades has cambiat de sabatilles? salut des del Pirineu de Lleida!!!

  • Kilian👍🏻 best trail runner in the world . Keep on running ⛰

  • Legend. GOAT

  • entrevista a grison ….. ESPERA KHE me he equivocado de video

  • I wish i could hace this backyard

  • That doesn't look safe…

  • I wish Kilian would come to the 100 miler I put on. He would love the course. 63,500 feet of gain with about a Marathons worth of class 2 & 3 scrambling.

  • Pura LIBERTAD!!!! muy muy muy bueno

  • Does anyone know the shoes which Kilian used for this?

  • Love the video, Killian doing his thing as usual, by himself, because no one can keep up for that long and that far 🙂

  • Great training, love this long endurance, respect🙌👍

  • Which shoe is this and how can it change colour during a trip? ;D

  • Budget in this video is so funny 😀!

  • 'We can just open the door and have an adventure' – does help when you live where kilian does


  • I bought a pair of Salomon's which, once wet, came unglued all over each shoe. Never again!

  • If you pay me £1m I will NOT do this. Omg 😲

  • I´m looking for some 3 section poles for running. Salomon MTN Alu S3 poles are really 3 section poles? Doesn´t look like at Salmon e-shop. 🙂
    Thanx for your response.

  • jesus thats crazy what he is doeing but with salomon products its easy👍okay easy is something else respect from him😵

  • He is a weak man, returning home by car…

    It´s Irony

  • wow, the exposure my legs turn to jelly. Nice work.

  • Trying to watch this video, but all I could see was this enormous pair of bollocks 🤔

  • This is so awesome. Just take care out there. I'm still dizzy from just watching the video.

  • hey guys its me extreme athlete nathan fielder

  • This guy is gnarly!!! Sketchy climbs, no doubt! Way to go Kilian!

  • I saw him walk, that makes me feel better 🤔

  • Mmm. 56 hours. That gives Killian a 4 hour cushion to finish Barkley 😉

  • Can i just ask? Who are and why are there people that dislike this? I dont get it?;

  • Que pantalon corto lleva kilian ?

  • These videos need to be UNCUT full length. We want to see every bit..

  • Do you have 24 hours of daylight in the summer where you live?

  • Énorme !!! Mais comment il fait pour changer de chaussures semelles bleue puis rouge sur la fin??. Ou alors ce sont des guêtres ?? Mais enormissime quand même 👌

  • Ran and jogged 4.5 miles… I am pol·troon. Lol! Love the video footage! Can I work for Salomon? Lol!

  • Kilian needs to visit Pakistani Mountains they are almost unexplored. If he wont due to security reasons then I MUST.

  • I was wondering – does climbers get their rope after.
    … or they have to include that in their budget 😉

  • Kilian can endure the most extreme. €15 for 2 sandwiches and a soy drink.

  • This is inhuman.

  • btilliant

  • Is not human Kilian

  • The 'budget' section at the end was a stroke of genius 👊

  • i wish i can be like you kilian.

  • That's a nice backyard, our whole country is flat.

  • Amazing

  • Outstanding production about an extraordinary guy

  • 6:40 wasn't that just the smoothest transition lol

  • This is true inspiration

  • For the craic like

  • BAMF

  • Sorority girls: I love hiking!

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