A Journey Through Marine Corps Boot Camp – Week 12

Final VFT was, it was fairly simple. It was a lot easier than the initial. We got a lot of extra work in and cut a lot
of our run times down, and boosted up our crunches and pull-ups. – I was able to do 21 pull-ups, 125 crunches,
and my run time, was probably like 22 minutes, so it wasn’t that bad. The importance of Final Drill is always being
a team, being better then others. Everything’s just a competition, and you always
wanna be the best. Overall, Final Drill was probably one of the
funniest parts of the last week. The Crucible was more of like a team work
based thing, and if you didn’t have team work communication, it made it a lot more difficult. The most challenging part about the Crucible,
it was combating the heat, and the lack of sleep, and the lack of food, really. All that was going through my head was, I
wanted to drop, I wanted to drop. And then I just kept thinking was, like dang,
this is gonna be the last nine mile hike I’m gonna do. I wanted to meet my family, I wanna see my family, so I’ma keep on going. Over the top with everything happy, very happy,
because not only do I become a Marine, I get to see my family. Get handed that EGA by one of
our drill instructors, and then congratulating us, it was a very, very emotional moment. Probably the proudest moment of all of our
lives so far.


  • Psh, I got my EGA on top of a mountain, not a parking lot.

  • 22 min for HOW far a run?

  • 9 mile walk ….? Lol in our jrotc class in high school we had to walk 14 miles for a death march

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