A Building on a Flip Flop on a Water

So I’m going to put on my safety glasses and see what happens If you put a flip flop On a water and the building on the flip flop [Barnyard sounds from toy] [Bubbles] Ugh, that doesn’t work Does it? [Water splashing] So two flip flops Because the next one Didn’t work [Exhales] Even this doesn’t work [Water splashing] The building falled down Let’s do them upside down Yeah, that looks better [Bubbles] Wait! The house still sinks?! [Distorted toy sounds] Thanks for watching! Oh this is wet [Distorted toy sounds] [More distorted toy sounds]

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  • Hey lochologist thanks for the videos! I have a question. What do you think would happen if you added yellow and blue food coloring together in water? What about if you added every color together?
    Keep up the good work.

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